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2/25 nw9

世界一の鉄 記録達成へ
Around that time Japanese petrochemical plants mainly used imported steel
from western countries. It was difficult to use Japanese steel because
domestic steel makers didn't have data to support the durability of their
heat-resistant steel.

Metropolitan Police have arrested celebrity Minako Komukai on suspition of
receiving illegal drugs from a smuggling group. The TV star is believed to have
accepted stimulant at a hotel in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward in May last year.

The cabinet of Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan appears inconsistent in the
view of a pension system for full-time homemakers. Some people may receive
pension money even without paying contributions. The problem involves
homemakers whose husbands are company employees.

An estimated 714,400 foreign tourists visit Japan last month, 11.6% more than
a year ago and the largest number ever for January. One fact behind the strong
figures is a recovery in tourism from China.

For Yakult, training pitchers who can join starting rotation is an important issue to address.
The most likely candidate is Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi, a setup man who is in his fifth year
as a pro player.

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逮捕の大学生 就職活動の帰り
A male college student had forcibly taken control of a bus and caused its overturn.
He reportedly told police he was on his way back from a job-hunting trip.
He had taken over the steering wheel in order to cause an accident and commit suicide.

NZ地震 身元確認の進め方
A government official reportedly explained that they cannot let the family see the bodies
before DNA analyses and other designated procedures have been completed.

議員定数 経費削減
The ruling Democratic Party will also come up with proposals to reduce the number of
Diet seats as well as the allowances given to lawmakers. Kan says reform must be
implemented even at the *** politicians. He says the cabinet under ruling coalition
must work together on streamlining the Diet while tacling social security and tax reform.

"*** politicians" の***の部分が聞き取れなかった

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気象情報 春一番
In Kanto we had the first strong souther. Usually next day we have cold weather,
and this may be repeaded tomorrow. And in Tokyo we had the southern wind.
It was the first strong spring wind, and the wind velocity was about 30km/h. And
the temperature rose, reaching 20.8 degrees Celsius in Tokyo, and it was as warm
as late April.


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00:00 headlines
01 entrance exam cheating 京大入試などで試験問題投稿
12 new zealand earthquake NZ地震 日本人家族DNA資料提出 支援の動き始まる
19 rugby national championship ラグビー日本選手権
21 tokyo marathon 東京マラソン
25 baharain libya china ハーレーン リビア 中国 反政府運動
27 weather 天気

12 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/02/27(日) 20:59:57.36

*Some universities have launched emergency probes into entrance exam cheating,
following the revelation that student applicants to Kyoto University swapped
questions and answers online. Similar cases suspected at Rikkyo, Doshisha,
and Waseda universities.

*The families of the missing also provided materials for DNA tests through the
New Zealand government including toothbrushes, clothes and saliva samples.
Some submittedtheir children's notebooks and pencils to collect the fingerprints.

*More than 36,000 people took part in today's Tokyo Marathon, Japan's largest.
Japan's Yuki Kawauchi came third with the time of 2 hours 8 minutes to qualify
for the next world championship. Remarkably, Kawauchi is an amateur who works for
Saitama's prefectural government.

13 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/02/27(日) 21:03:48.30
l.7 explained => explains
l.13 tacling => tackling

baharain => bahrain
ハーレーン ⇒ バーレーン

14 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/02/28(月) 22:05:07.36
l.2 Some=>Several

15 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/02/28(月) 22:27:11.70

21:00 entrance exam cheating 京大入試流出
08 nz earthquake NZ地震 不明者の安否
15 diet budget bills 国会 予算審議
21 libya un sanction リビア情勢 国連制裁
26 nhk cameraman arrested NHKカメラマン逮捕
29 new business overcome japan syndrome 出生率アップ 託児ビジネス
39 marathon kawauchi マラソン 公務員ランナー
40 academy award アカデミー賞
bird flu 鳥インフルウィルス検出
japan china relation 日中関係
jal revives symbol 日航鶴丸マーク復活
42 weather 天気
46 sports mlb nishioka メジャーリーグ 西岡
51 nagatomo okazaki サッカー 長友 岡崎
53 yuki saito 野球 斎藤

16 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/02/28(月) 23:01:43.31

*This is how questions were sent to the site from an examination venue.
I try typing in the Kyoto University English language exam question on a mobile phone.
Of course it needs to be done discreetly so other people don't notice.
It took more than one minute and twenty seconds to type in half the problem.
Looking down and keeping this posture for this length of time would make people suspicious.
if the camera function on the phone is used, the problem can be stored in the camera
in a second. But people would hear the sound of the camera snapping the photo.

17 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/01(火) 20:47:56.99
Mobile phone cameras are designed to make a noise when pictures are taken,
so the others cannot photograph you without your knowledge.

*Japan's birth rate has dropped to 1.37, the lowest among advanced nations.
If the country's birth rate continues to drop, consumption will decline and
economy will shrink. This will hurt the employment situation and household
finances and discourage people from having children, thus lowering the birth
rate even further. This vicious circle is called the Japan syndrome.


18 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/01(火) 22:34:10.49

21:00 Sky Tree has reached 601m スカイツリー
03 Entrance exam cheating: police have begun investigation 入試問題投稿
09 Tokyo gubernatorial election: matsuzawa will run 知事選 松沢
14 NZ earthquake: doubts are growing over the building's earthquake resistence
 NZ地震 耐震性に問題
23 the lower house has passed fiscal 2011 budget, 16members absent
 衆院予算通過 16人欠席・処分
29 Libya: qadhafi group is attacking towns under control of rebels リビア
32 Japan syndrom series: nursing care business in japan ジャパンシンドローム
42 Chinese government blamed the foreign media 中国外務省 記者と論戦
44 Weather 天気
48 Sports: Japan sumo association chairman apologized for cancelling the tournament
相撲協会が謝罪/ The first game between professional and college baseball was played
野球プロアマ交流解禁 52 MLB Koji Uehara interview メジャー 上原/Matsui appeared in a pre-season exhibition game 松井秀喜
/Chunichi and softbank played an exhibition game 中日-ソフトバンクオープン戦

19 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/01(火) 23:20:11.46

*Sky Tree is expected to reach its final height of 634m before the end of March
when it'll become fully operational. Today is March the first, spring is also in the
air near Tokyo Sky Tree.

*People are asking questions about why this building was damaged so much.
It was built in 1975. Prime minister John Key had this to say: "...building was
built in 1975, but Building Code changed 1976." The government changed
construction standards for reinforced concrete buildings to folloing year.
Many buildings that got damaged severely in the latest earthquake are believed
to have been built before the revision.

20 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/02(水) 23:08:55.91

21:00 Police have identified a Kyoto University examinee from the Tohoku region
as a subscriber to the cell phon used for online cheating. 入試問題投稿 持主特定

07 Twenty eight Japanese people remain missing more than a week after
the devastating quake hit Christchurch, NZ. NZ地震 家族ビル倒壊現場へ
12 The confusion in the Middle East is causing the price of crude oil to rise sharply

18 Libya: As anti-government forces gain ground, Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi
is remaining on the defensive, using security forces and military aircraft. リビア情勢
25 A social networking service based in the United States is bracing the tail of
a new and potential lucrative business model. ソーシャルネットワーキングサービス

31 Budget committee meeting schedule 参院予算委開催 見送り
32 Two Chinese naval aircraft flew close to Senkaku Islands 中国軍機が接近
33 The public is now becoming more disillusioned with local city assemblies

43 Welfare Minister Ritsuo Hosokawa says he will consider reviewing the scheme
that helps housewives who fail to switch pension programs when their husbands
change jobs. 年金救済策 廃止含め見直し
44 Weather 天気

48 Sports: In Japanese professional baseball four pre-season exhibition games
played today. And three rookie pitchers are drawing a lot of publicattention
and chance to pitch today. 野球オープン戦
54 MLB Matsuzaka interview
59 Exam cheating 携帯 親名義

21 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/03(木) 23:18:23.55
今日のNW9 ..φ(。。)

21:00 入試問題 19歳予備校生逮捕
A 19 year-old cram school student has been arrested on suspicion of posting
university entrance exam questions online while the test underway.
The student has reportedly told police that he really wanted to pass the exam
and he was sorry for what he did and he says he acted alone.
Shortly after 6 o'clock at the kyoto prefectural police headqurters, this official
says an underage male has been arrested on suspicion of using internet during
entrance exams at Kyoto University.

:08 NZ地震から10日目
On the 10th day after a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch in New Zealand's
south island, New Zealand's goverment has announced that it will shift focus of
disaster relief operations to recovering victims' bodies. The chances of finding more
survivors are now considered very low. The announcement means that rescue
operations are effectively at an end.

:13 民主党に離党届提出
Today a new development has come. Lower House Democrat Yuko Sato says
the party has changed from what was when she was elected because it is now
advocating tax increases. Sato belongs to a group of lawmakers close to former
DPJ leader Ichiro Ozawa.

22 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/03(木) 23:19:45.38
l.6 ...building => CTV building

23 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/03(木) 23:22:39.12
l.6 he was sorry => he is sorry

24 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/04(金) 23:12:00.80
今日のNW9 ..φ(。。)

21:00 3歳の女の子に何が…
Three-year-old Koko, the youngest child of Seiichiro Shimuzu, a nursing care giver,
was missing yesterday evening from the supermarket where she was shopping
with her family. Today her body was discovered in a river. Police say that Koko
went missing after she went alone to the lavatory in the supermarket at around
7:30 p.m. Images of a man carrying a bulging backpack were captured by a security
camera in the store. This afternoon, police arrested Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, a twenty-
year-old university student, on suspision of abandonment of a body.

:15 前原外相 在日から献金
Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara also faced tough questions. LDP Lawmaker Shoji
Nishida reffers to a supporter of Maehara who runs a restaurant and asks if the
person has Japanese nationality. Maehara says the person is a foreign resident.
Nishida asks if Maehara has ever received money from the person. Maehara says
he received donations and he plans to return them and revise his finantial statement.

:29 元気な企業
Now, Anchor Yuko Aoyama has this report on companies fine in a current harsh
business climate. She's going to look at corporate strategies that are succeeding
in this age of deflation and appreciating yen.

25 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/04(金) 23:22:45.17
l.3 from the bottom
fine in => defying

26 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/05(土) 22:05:05.32

19:11 新幹線はやぶさデビュー
And about eight this morning, large crowd was waiting on the platform at Tokyo Station.
That's because a newer Shinkansen bullet train named Hayabusa, meaning falcon in
Japanese, began running on the Tohoku Shinkansen line today. Hayabusa can reach
speeds of up to 300km/h and is the fastest in Japan. It can be recognized by its 15-
m-long front which is designed to minimize air resistance. The train operator is saying
that Hayabusa has a very comfortable to ride, particulary in the most expensive
Grand-Class seat which has been introduced in the Shinkansen bullet train for the
first time.

:16 中国全人代
People in ethnic costumes from around China are meeting to discuss what China should
aspire to in the year to come at the Chinese National People's Congress. With anti-
government demonstrations being called for in China in the wake of protests in the
Middle East, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed the importance of stability.

The Chinese government seemed beginning nervous as the National People's Congress
approached. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson and journalists quarreled over the
detention of foreign reporters. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu blamed
foreign journalists for trying to cover the congress without the Chinese government's
permission. She said this attracted a crowd of people which disturbed public order and
undermined public safety.

27 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/06(日) 10:28:17.25

Hu Jintao 胡錦濤 
Xi Jinping 習近平
Wen Jiabao 温家宝
Jiang Yu 姜瑜(きょうゆ)

Liu Xiaobo 劉暁波

28 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/06(日) 20:18:00.11
今日のN7から ...φ(。。)

19:00 前原外相辞意
News just in. Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara, because of the receipt of illegal
political donations from a foreign resident residing in Japan, has communicated
his intention to resign from his post. He's now in the prime minister's official
residence. He's talking with Prime Minister Naoto Kan, allegedly communicating
his intention to resign.

:08 仕分け 対象は規制制度
A government panel has begun to scrutinize the nation's regulation systems.
The assesment of not only budget request but also existing systems is the
signature policies of The Democratic-Party-controlled government.
Government Revitalization Minister Renho says the screening of regulations
this time will be defferent from that of budget request. She says the panel
will openly discuss whether the regulations should be reformed, strengthen or
eased, so that the public can join the debate.

:14 スカイツリー
This is the view from the observatory which is higher than the top of Tokyo Tower.
The observatory provides a 360-degree-view of Tokyo. You can see Tokyo Tower,
and Shinjuku. The windows are slanted for better views. The observation deck is
three stories high and scheduled to host shops and restaurants.

29 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/06(日) 20:26:04.56
l.11 policies => policy

30 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/07(月) 22:58:59.15
今日のNW9から ...φ(。。)

21:05 前原外相辞任
Maehara's abrupt resignation has come as a blow to the already shaky administration
of Prime Minister Naoto Kan. While Japan facing a number of deplomatic challenges,
all eyes are on who'll succeed Maehara as Foreign Minister.
Kan says his aim is to establish a strong diplomatic team which is crucial for Japan.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano will take on the duties of Foreign Minister untill
the post is filled. Sinior Vice Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto had this to say.
Matsumoto pledges for support so that there will be no diplomatic vacuum.

:19 東京都心で雪
Spring took a step back today. The Kanto region had light snow earlier in the day,
leaving a thin veil of snow on the ground even in central Tokyo. At around ten this
morning, the rain in Tokyo started changing into snow. This man says he didn't think
of snow so much of this time of year, so he's surprised.

:27 中国 全人代の最中もデモ厳戒
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi says there is no intention in China as far as
he can see. What does the call for rallies during the National People's Congress mean
to the Chinese government? Professor Ichiro Korogi of Kanda University of International
Study says the government is scared because they don't know who is organizing the
rallies and how they are spreading.

Yang Jiechi 楊 潔?(よう けつち)

31 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/08(火) 10:02:37.40
実況スレ、たまに見ている >>1が立てていたんだ

32 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/08(火) 20:17:22.40
Today's Nakarai-san

This week it looks as though winter like weather will continue.
Rain and snow clouds are covering wide areas along the Japan Sea coast.
Some of them are still developing.
It will snow on and off along the Sea of Japan until Friday.
Tonight the snow may become heavier north of Hokuriku along the Sea of Japan.
The snow may ease off by tomorrow morning.
But a low pressure system will bring even heavier snow to the area again in the afternoon.
Some places will be hard hit by snow storms.
Tomorrow it will continue to snow in many areas along the Japan Sea.
Between 30 and 40 centimeters are expected by tomorrow afternoon.
And the forcast every three hours. Sapporo to Tokyo.
Rain or snow is forcast in the afternoon for Sendai and other Tohoku cities on the Pacific coast.
Sunny weather will prevail in Tokyo and Kushiro.
Daytime highs in Tokyo will be 12℃, 2℃ higher than today.

33 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/08(火) 20:48:44.15


34 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/08(火) 20:52:04.63
l.13-14 think of snow... => think of its snow of this time of the year

35 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/08(火) 23:20:39.18
今日のNW9から ...φ(。。)

21:00 窮地の菅政権
Sinior Vise Agricultural and Fisheries Minister Nobutaka Tsutsui says if the
cabinet's approval ratings fall any further, the prime minister may have to
step down along with the entire cabinet. Prime Minister Naoto Kan is facing
dissent within his government. He has just been dealt a blow by the resignation
of Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara over political funding. so Tsutui's comments
come at an unpropriate time for him. Tsutsui is a Democratic Party member
who holds his post as a political appointee.

:16 原油高騰 暮しへの影響
The tense situation in Libya is causing the price of crude oil to soar, affecting
people's lives. Rising gasoline prices across Japan are leading to concerns that
the prices of varioty of other products will also go up. Gasoline prices continue
to go up in many places. At a gas station in Kitami City, Hokkaido, the price for
a leader of gasoline yesterday went up nine yen to 146 yen. This customer says
the nine yen increase (???) since he wheels up his car every day, further price
hike(?) will be hard to bear. Another customer says it's affecting his life.


36 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/08(火) 23:26:24.78
hike(?) => highs 

37 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/08(火) 23:36:44.42
(???)がheart to beatに聞こえる

38 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/09(水) 00:23:39.28

39 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/09(水) 08:57:56.06

40 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/09(水) 20:52:30.34
(???) =>hurts a bit


41 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/09(水) 20:54:56.07

42 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/09(水) 23:18:38.82
今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

:01 東北地震 津波注意報
The 60cm tsunami was recorded at Ofunato Port. The sealevel changed dramatically in
ten minutes even areas deep inside the port protected by breakwaters. So what is the
60cm tsunami like? We conducted an experiment. He says he couldn't stand still. Waves
are strong enough that even an adult can't stay standing. The evacuation advisory was
issued in parts of Ofunato City. About 1,000 people headed for shelters upon point(?).

 breakwaters 防波堤

:18 もうすぐロイヤルウェディング
Britain will have a royal wedding soon. Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting
married in about one month time and there is crawling enthusiasm for the event among
Britons. This travel agency has prepared a tour programs for those who want to have
firsthand exprience of the celebration. The tour offers an opportunity to visit places
associated with Britain's royal family during the celebration. They include Buckingham
Palace and Westminster Abbey where the wedding ceremony will be held. Tourists will
have no access to the service itself, but they might be able to get a glimpse of the new
royal couple.

:33 カイゼンで元気に
The slogan "Kaizen" has supported Japanese manufacturing. It is a Japanese slogan
used for making cost-cutting efforts by enhancing work efficiency. It's a well-known
slogan throughout the world nowadays. The slogan is now spreading to unexpected
areas to help invigorate workplaces. The word Kaizen has been used all over the world
to learn about Japan's manufacturing. These cakes look delicious. Henri Charpentier
sells quality confectionery.

 confectionery (集合的に)菓子類

43 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/09(水) 23:32:10.22
crowling enthusiasm => growing enthusiasm

44 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/10(木) 20:41:37.96
upon point(?) => upland point

45 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/10(木) 23:09:10.77
今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

21:00 菅グループの幹部が…
Doi visited South Korea in late February as a member of the group of the christian
lawmakers from both countries. There he signed a certain declaration. The document
took issue with Takeshima Island which is controlled by South Korea and called on
the Japanese government to renounce its claim on the island. Back then, Doi had
this to say. He says that instead of merely asserting their respective positions the
two countries should promptly study how they can seek concret ways to resolve the
dispute. Yet today he had this to say. Doi says he wasn't able to study with details of
part of the declaration concerning Takeshima. He says he forgot he was representing
the nation during the group's exchanges.

:23 坂上次郎さん死去
Comedian Jiro Sakagami died of his stroke this morning at the hospital in Tochigi
Prefecture. He was 75. Slapstick duo Konto 55 go featuring him and Kinichi Hagimoto
was a sensation. Their physical comedy made the audience burst into laughter, and
this footage is from 1968. Sakagami performed in Asakusa, Tokyo, before he became
popular. This person says she is sad to hear the news, and he says not many people
do comedy these days, so he'll miss Sakamoto. Hagimoto says Sakagami is a great
fool to leave him behind. He says Japan's leading comedian is gone now.

46 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/10(木) 23:12:55.78
a tour programs => a tour program


47 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/11(金) 20:25:19.64

The Meteorological Agency is warning that very high tsunami are expected in the following areas:
The coast of Iwate Prefecture, the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, the coast of Fukushima Prefecture.
The wave can be more than 3 meters high in some of the areas mentioned.
Everyone near the coast must evacuate to higher ground.
The Meteorological Agency is also warning that tsunami are expected in the following areas:
The east coast of Chiba Prefecture, the coast of Izu Island, the central part of the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, the Pacific coast of Aomori Prefecture, the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.
The waves can be up to 2 meters high in some of the areas mentioned.
Everyone near the coast must evacuate to higher ground.


48 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/11(金) 22:35:16.33

49 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/15(火) 06:47:29.20
World newsのスレってここ?
Shery Ahnて人とKeikichi Hanadaって人の発音が酷い。

50 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/15(火) 12:40:12.41
スレチ 海外にもいろいろあるしな
NHK World Premiumを見られないなら、仕方がないね

51 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/25(金) 19:53:43.85

52 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/28(月) 15:47:08.83
Keikichi Hanada(花田恵吉って書くんでしたっけ?)、私はいいと思います。

53 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/28(月) 22:21:04.01

54 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/03/29(火) 08:09:46.60

55 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/03/30(水) 22:25:11.70

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m9(^Д^)ソコノキミ!! 英語板から消えろミュージシャン=>(´・ω・`)

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58 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/01(金) 22:17:16.67

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60 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/01(金) 22:57:36.14

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21:00 強い決意胸に迎えた4月1日
On the first day of Japan's new business year, co-aching(?) tsunami victims pledged
to rebuild their communities. Thirteen new fire fighters began working in Kesennuma
City today. Six fire fighters in the city died while taking people to the higher ground.
Four remain missing. The head of the local fire brigade says he expects the new fire
fighters to come face to face with the harsh reality and go on with the work never
forgeting how they felt today. One new recruit talked about his feeling, saying he wants
to work in such a way that his colleague who lost their lives will never be ashamed of him.

22:00 八百長相撲
Seventeen masters were also reprimanded on the ground of failed supervisory
responsibility. Some were demoted and others were slapped with a halt to promotion
for some time period.

64 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/02(土) 10:38:50.52
ぐぐったところ、リトルチャロのナレーションをやっているのはBill Sullivanという人で、


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67 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/02(土) 10:55:59.43

68 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 11:35:38.80
画面のトピックと全然関係のない物が しばしば間違って挿入される


69 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 11:38:49.62

70 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 11:49:08.87
思われる英語音声が流れるんだよ、 間違いでしょう?

71 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 11:51:37.48
在日外人 EXPAT コミュニティが勝手に作っている?

72 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 11:54:41.64

73 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 12:02:25.69


74 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/02(土) 15:42:57.79
俺は Hanadaの英語は日本人としてはいい発音に一票だな。
第一おまえらで自分の方が Hanada より上手いってのがいるか?

75 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/02(土) 21:15:38.29
今日のN7復習 ...φ(。。)

19:14 放射性物質問題 酪農は 漁業は
Dairy farmers in Fukushima Prefecture are prohibited from shipping raw milk since
it was found with radioactivity exceeding the legal limit. Kenichi Hasegawa raises
fifty cows on his farm in Iitate village. Everyday he milks the cows only to discard all
the milk. His income is down to zero. But he must still pay 1.7 million yen every month
for feed and electricity for the cow sheds.

Meanwhile in Ibaraki Prefecture, three fishing cooperatives in Oarai Town on Friday
fished six types of marin products at a spot 500 meters offshore prior to resuming
full-scale fishing operations. A lab in Ibaraki Prefecture found that the amount of
radioactive cesium in the catch was below 500 becquerels per kilogram, the legal limit
for marin products. The highest level found was 66 becquerels for sandeels, followed
by 30 becquerels for anchovies and 19 becquerels for clams. Based on the findings,
the cooperatives declared the marin products are safe to eat.

  sandeels コウナゴ

76 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/03(日) 10:03:05.74
昨日の復習続き ...φ(。。)

:39 長引く避難生活 ペットと暮らせない
In a petshop in a suburb of Sendai, the people who have been affected by the quake
are asking the shop to take care of their pets. The owner of the petshop says owners
don't really want to be separated from their pets but the people around them say the
pets are not clean so they have been forced out of the evacuation centers. The pet
shop is taking care of over 120 dogs and cats including dogs that have been separated
from their owners. They don't know when the owners will come to claim their pets,
but have managed to pull through with the help of relief supplies from throughout the
nation and assistance of volunteers.

77 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/03(日) 21:35:21.93
今日のN7復習 ...φ(。。)

19:37 支援にこたえて頑張りたい
People are already preparing to rebuild their houses. In Minamisanriku Town, 70% of
houses were destroyed or swept away by the tsunami. People are receiving certificates
proving their lost property at emergency shelters. The certificate is needed to receive
disaster relief benefits from the government or to become exempt from taxation on

:42 各国の原発政策
We now look at nuclear policies in other countries in the wake of the accident at the
Fukushima Daiichi Plant. As of January 2010, a total of 432 nuclear reactors were
operating, and 66 more reactors were being built in 30 countries and regions. What are
these countries doing with these plants after the crisis in Japan.
"From ABC News, live from New York. The first confirmed report that radioactive water
is now leaking directly from that nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean..."
Since the crisis began at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant, four media have been sending
daily dispatches reporting on the struggle to bring it under control.

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79 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/04(月) 21:30:01.48

80 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/04(月) 23:12:50.33
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避難生活長期化へ 課題は衛生
Service provider Akihiko Suzuki says Self Defence Force personnel also provide
bathing services but they are unable to help the bedridden or people who need
wheelchairs. He says he hopes to provide the bathing service to as many people
as possible.

義援金 いつ被災者のもとに
To help people affected by the March 11th quake and the ensuing tsunami, more
than 160 billion yen has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society and the
Central Community Chest of Japan. It is hoped that the donations will be quickly
delivered to the survivors and be put to use for purposes. But the most of the money
has not reached the people who need them.

  The Central Community Chest of Japan (赤い羽根)中央共同募金

81 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/04(月) 23:14:23.20

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84 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/05(火) 23:12:41.10
As we reported earlier, contaminated water from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear power plant continues to pour into the ocean.
Elevated levels of radioactive materials have been found in young sand lances
caught yesterday off Kitaibaraki city.
Fisheries cooperatives across Ibaraki Pref. decided not to fish for young sand lances
for the time being.
The head of one of the local fishing cooperatives says that what they have
feared has happened.
Young sand lances have been found to be contnaiminated.
Ibraki Prefecture revealed that 526 becquerels of radioactive cesium were
detected per kilogram of the young fish caught the day before.
This is the first time radioactive materials exceeding the permissive limit
have been detected in marine products.
Fisheries cooperatives across Ibaraki Pref. have suspended young sand
lance fishing for the time being.

Meanwhile, water containing hight levels of radioactive substances has been
pouring into the sea from a cracked concrete pit near the Number 2 reactor.
Tokyo Electric Power Company suspected that contaminated water was
seeping into the gravel through cracked pipes, and then flowing into the sea
through the damaged concrete pit.
Today it injected white powder into the gravel to trace the flow of the water.
White water was then confirmed to be coming from the pit.
Following this discovery TEPCO injected 1,500 liters of liquid glass into the gravel.
TEMPCO says the volume of water has dropped.
It plans to inject another 1,500 liters of liquid glass.

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89 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/06(水) 23:21:04.03
矢鱈と聞き取りやすい 俺はN79余裕で聞き取れなくなったら首吊るわw

90 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/06(水) 23:58:40.53

91 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/07(木) 00:36:06.03
レベルじゃ無いと疲れるけど 俺は昔一年間みっちりやった

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97 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/07(木) 21:44:08.64
「ミネソパリティー」 てな感じに聞こえる単語のつづり、誰か教えてください。

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100 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/07(木) 22:58:10.36
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21:36 企業も 家庭も 節電策は?
Now, the problem of power shortages. You might think summer still far away but it
seems we will soon have to brace for strict power saving efforts. The goverment's
task force has set a power saving target for corporations and households to minimize
demand. It says large corpporations and plants should conserve 25% their power
demand, medium and small size businesses 20%, and ordinary households 15-20%.
Efforts are underway to explore how to realize this much energy conservation.

避難所の93歳 笑顔のチカラ
At an evacuation center in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, people affected by the
quake are being encouraged by the big smile of an old woman who survived the deadly
tsunami. She describes herself as the smiling old woman. Yoshi Akanuma is 93 years old.
She has now been living in the facility for evacuees for nealy a month. But she is
always smiling. She says that fortune favors cheerful homes and so she wants to cheer
up evacuees with the smile and overcome hardships together to rebuild the local

101 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/08(金) 18:57:09.24

102 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/08(金) 22:53:53.34
:37 サマータイム
Why does daylight saving time help conserving electricity? As people start working
when it's still cool, corporations think cutdown on air conditioning. Employees can
also head home before it gets dark, so corporations can save on electricity for lighting.

今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

21:33 被災地で広域停電 大きな打撃が
One woman is believed to have died due to the power failure. Hiroko Takahashi was
found dead at her home in Obamazawa in Yamagata this morning. Suffering from
bronchitis, she was using an electrrical ventilator.

  bronchitis 気管支炎

22:03 ジーコ ブラジルでチャリティーマッチ
Brazil's top soccer players including some used to belong to Japan's J-League have
taken part in a charity match to support disaster survivors. Former Team Japan coach
Zico was among them. Zico says the whole world is cheering for Japan. Former star
players from Brazil's national team were among the participants. They got together
to send their support to Japan. About 25,000 fans filled the stadium almost to capacity.
Zico scored a goal. So did former Kashima Antlers player Alcindo. 11 million yen from
the profit will be donated to Japanese survivors. Ascindo says he hopes from the
bottom of his heart that everyone will overcome the disaster. Zico says Japan is a
nation of samurai. He says he's sure the country will get back on its feet.

103 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/08(金) 23:03:47.24
間違いなく良スレ 初級者はこういうのを確実に消化すべし

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106 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/09(土) 10:05:38.80
In a gymnasium where 200 evacuees are staying,
the Emperor asked about their health.

He also spoke with children
who started attending a nearby elementary school on the same day,
telling them it's good to make new friends.

The Empress asked evacuees whether they are sleeping well,
and advised them to get a good rest.

107 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/09(土) 20:48:57.10
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19:21 統一地方選 前半戦 あす投票
Local elections will be held in a number of places tomorrow. The political parties made
their last please for support today, focusing on the need for disaster readiness and
the relation between the central and regional governments.
Scheduled for tomorrow are gubernatorial elections in twelve prefectures including in
Tokyo and mayoral elections in four big cities. Forty-one local assembly elections will
also be held.
Candidates fielded by the two major parties, the Democrats and the Liberal Democrats,
are facing off in gubernatorial elections in Hokkaido, Tokyo and Mie, and in mayoral
elections in Sapporo and Hiroshima. In the local assembly elections, 2,330 seats are
up for grabs.

DPJ Secretary-General Katsuya Okada says that the country has just suffered a
major disaster and it is important for the DPJ to work and make every effort to rebuild
the country. Okada says that local assemblies in the regional governments must also
be rebuilt and he wants to see the DPJ candidates lead the way.

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Nobuteru Ishihara says the crisis at the
Fukushima nuclear plant continues. He says in times of such an emergency the
government must make correct dicisions and tell the public what they've done and
why. But he says the government has failed to do this, causing many people to wonder
if the Tohoku region can ever be reconstructed. He says now is the time to save the
nation by correcting what should be corrected.

108 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/09(土) 20:50:13.58
>>107続き ...φ(。。)

Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi says that the government is not doing enough to
help people in the disaster-stricken areas. He says the government isn't making
sufficient effort to determin exactly what kind of support is most needed in the
hardest-hit areas. He says it is the New Komeito Party that has the network and the
capability to extend help to people who needed the most.

Your Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe says the Democrats and the Liberal Democrats
are planning a big tax increase at this time of emergency but his party is different.
He says there are things to be done before raising taxes, such as cutting salaries of
the lawmakers.

Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii says now is the time for Japan to abandon the
myth that nuclear power plants are safe. He says the Japanese must know the real
risk of nuclear power and shift to a nuclear policy that focuses more on safety.

Social Democratic Party leader Mizuho Fukushima says the public should say NO to the
Democrats and the Liberal Democrats who had promoted nuclear power. She calls on
voters to make use of the local elections to show they want more natural energy and
no more generation of nuclear power.

The leader of the Sunrise Party of Japan Takeo Hiranuma says the public must have lost
its trust in the Democratic Party. He says his party is ready to launch a new wave for
the conservatives.

People's New Party Secretary-General Mikio Shimoji says his party has always focused
on boosting regional economies and also called for improving disaster readiness in local
areas. He says voters must appreciate his party's importance.

109 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/10(日) 09:20:12.13
l.4 please =>pleas

110 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/10(日) 16:39:39.03
there are things to be done before 〜ing

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112 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/10(日) 23:40:09.26

113 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/12(火) 23:14:57.33
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大震災から1か月余 瀬戸内寂聴さんに聞く
The disaster has given people an opportunity to review daily life. Novelist Jakucho
Setouchi is......her views. She says the disaster shocked so much that she spent the
past month without thinking of anything else. She's afraid of thinking that the time
will come for quake-affected people to think about the future. She says she doesn't
want to feel disappointed since they could survive and withstand hardships for a
month after the disaster. She wants them to move forward.

Setouchi is a priest of a buddhist temple in Iwate Prefecture, and has had a strong
relationship with people in the Tohoku region for years. The people of Tohoku are
patient and they hardly express thier difficulties in words. She says she doesn't
simply use the word "cheer up" to encourage disaster-hit people since they've been
already batted. So she wants to find... something that makes them laugh from the
bottome of their hearts at least once a day.

114 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/12(火) 23:15:41.87
>>113続き ...φ(。。)

She is also deeply concerned about the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima.
She says the natural disasters are unavoidable. But man made disasters different.
She says people developed technologies and encouraged their use by promoting the
idea that they were safe. She says nuclear technologies are not safe at all. She says
poeple decided to use dangerous technologies for the prosperity of the country, and
blindly persued the convinient use of electricity. She says: if nuclear power plants
stop operating, what can be done? People depend heavily on the use of electricity and
don't know what to do without it. She says people have become arrogant. She says
when she was a young child poeple didnt have constant supply of gas and power. She
says that people must remember the good old days and wear warm clothes in winter.
She says people must save energy and not turn on lights unless necessary. She says
everyone can start today to save energy. She says if everyon tries to save energy,
it can make a difference.

115 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/13(水) 22:23:57.07
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初の小児脳死 少年に心臓移植
For the first time in Japan, a boy under fifteen years of age has been declared brain-
dead. Surgery was performed to transplant the boy's heart into another teenage boy.
The heart taken from the brain-dead boy was delivered to Osaki University Hospital
this morning. Transplant surgery was conducted on another boy in his teens, who
was suffering from a serious cardiac illness. The hospital head says the operation was
successful. He says he wants to thank the parents of the child donor and that the
donor saved a life. Doctors say the boy is in stable condition and he can return to
home in one or two months if everything goes well. The recipient's family members
say they are grateful that the boy could receive the transplant. They say they want to
express their appreciation to the donor's family. The donor's lungs, livers, kidneys, and
pancreas are being transplanted to other patients.

116 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/14(木) 22:38:06.16
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震災の余波 被災地以外の経済に
The March 11th disaster has been affecting the economies not only of the affected
regions but of other areas, raising concerns about employment. Demolition worker
Yoshinobu Nakashima in Yokohama says he has received no contract since the
disaster. He says he can't find business because everything has been drawn to the
disaster-hit areas. He says his regular business partners have shifted to the
rebuilding of affected regions, leaving no work for him. He says he has been living
on his savings and he is starting to get worried.

The disaster is already affecting this lumber dealer in Tokyo. Company president
Atsushi Kaburaki says it's difficult to purchase materials. The shortage of plywood
is particularly severe. Factories in Tohoku which account for 25% of domestic
production have been sevely damaged. He says plywood is essential for building homes.

On this day he was visited by a construction firm manager who was unable to start
building due to the lack of plywood. He says it's frustrating to be unable to work even
though there's an order. He says he's learned that the economy works on the
distribution of various materials and business stops when the system is not working.
Kaburaki has been asking wholesalers about the prostpect of delivery. He was told
that the distribution will be restored at the end of next month at the earliest. He says
that wait is too long and it's creating a tough situation.

  plywood ベニヤ板

117 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/14(木) 22:39:43.68
livers =>liver のはずだけど実際にliversと言ってるのでそのまま。

118 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/16(土) 20:09:48.15

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建物の新規建築 自治体が制限
How do we build houses is a big challenge to the areas devastated by the March 11th
disaster. Iwate prefecture is considering imposing restrictions on the construction of
new buildings in the areas that are at risk of being washed away by tsunami until
restoration plans are drawn up by the municipalities.

Tatsuro Kumagai, a carpenter in Rikuzentakata City, is currently living in a
prefabricated building he himself built where his house used to stand. Kumagai started
to live in this house five days ago with his family. City officials visited him today and
asked him to voluntarily demolish his new house. Kumagai says all he wants is to
continue to live in a place he's familiar with. He says he's baffled and he doesn't want
to go anywhere else because he is comfortable here.

The Iwate prefectural government is considering imposing legal restrictions on the
construction of new buildings until reconstruction plans are drawn up by the
munisipalities. This measure would be aimed at facilitating recovery while averting the
risk of tsunami. In Iwate only at least 18,000 structures mainly in coastal areas were
completely destroyed. In view of the fall in the surface of the land brought about by
the quake, local authorities fear that if another tsunami should hit these areas that
could be more extensive damage. This is why the prefectural government is
considering curtailing the construction of new buildings in line with the Building
Standards Law.

119 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/04/18(月) 10:56:22.83
Gene Otaniのおっさんのことか?

120 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/18(月) 22:53:30.61
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サッカー 被災地への思い胸に欧州でプレーする日本選手
In other soccer news, Japanese players based in Europe have been doing as much
as they can to raise the spirits of people in the devastated areas as the season
draws to a close.

The disaster occured on March 11th. Yuto Nagatomo who plays in Italy has been
wearing a black arm band. The European-based Japanese players have also expressed
their feelings. Nagatomo says there are many people who are suffering pain and grief
and he will do his best to give them energy and strength.

Shinji Okazaki plays for Stuttgart in Germany. He's renewed his focus on launching
attacking plays. This was Okazaki in Stuttgart's match on Saturday. His play didn't
lead to a goal but he played in active part in the match. Okazaki says he hopes that
he's facing up towards challenges and he hopes that means something to people back
in Japan.

Atsuto Uchida also plays in Germany. His thoughts have also been with the people
in the disaster areas. He says there is only so much he can do, that playing his best
is one thing. On Saturdya Uchida created a scoring opportunity from the right wing.
Uchida's accurate cross set up a goal, giving his team a win in a vital away match.

The European leagues saw nearing the end of their seasons. Yuto Nagatomo says
he has to continue playing with pride as a Japanese. For his team, Inter Milan, it looks
increasingly hard for them to win their fourth straignt championship. With just five
league matches to go this season, Nagatomo continues to play hard, while always
remembering the disaster areas. Nagatomo says he wants to show that he's not
giving up until the very end. He says he will go all out so we can give hope to people
in the devastated areas.

  there is only so much he can do 彼のできることは限られている

121 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/19(火) 22:49:25.66
今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

Politicians now have the task of creating a blueprint to rebuild the disaster-hit
regions and to make it reality. We now hear from an academic who has interviewed
many politicians to study the postwar history of Japan. Takashi Mikuriya is a
professor at the University of Tokyo. Professor Mikuriya has been chosen as the
deputy leader of the reconstruction design council, a newly created disaster
rebuilding panel. Mikuriya believes that the latest disaster mark a major turning
turning point in the history of Japan. Mikuriya says Most Japanese today do not share
the experience of war but were suddenly slapped with the triple disaster of the
massive earthquake, tsunamis and neclear crisis. He says the impact of this shock is
enormous. He says most Japanese have never experienced the planned power outage.
He says that what seemed to be abundant was actually not, and that from now on
people will have to make sacrifices. He says the social climate has undergone a
major change and that Japan is no longer in a postwar era but in a post-disaster era.
He says this new era has the potencial of changing just about everything.

122 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/19(火) 22:49:57.02
>>121続き ...φ(。。)

What needs to undergo change? Mikuriya says land development for one. He cited this
politician as a major representative of postwar Japan. It's former Prime Minister Kakuei
Tanaka, who is seen here saying that there is a lot of land left in Japan and that the
Japanese archipelago needs to undergo development. Mikuriya says the time has come
for the country to aim for regional development that takes advantage of the special
features of each affected region. The professor says in the postwar period Japan had
to aim to develop the country in a fair and balanced manner so that no areas would fall
behind, and he says during this time Japan was enjoying economic growth. So various
regions in Japan were expected to develop and grow in the same manner. But he says
in the post-disaster era people have to begin to think about what certain regions truly

123 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/20(水) 22:37:52.12
昨日の復習追加 ...φ(。。)

後藤新平 関東大震災復興のリーダー
Shinpei Goto took the leadership in rebuilding efforts after the 1923 Great Kanto
Earthquake. Mikuriya says we want to have a great politician like Goto, who achieved
positive results through well-established planning at that time. Tokyo was battered
by the massive quake. As Goto thought the concentrated houses would not be
suitable for a modern city, he proposed the rebuilding plan after the disaster that
called for a drastic renovation of infrastructure. His plan created the base of the
current form of Tokyo. Mikuriya says he thinks that it was good for Goto to come up
with such a plan and make a system and recruit personnel to carry out the plan.
He also says he used to make dicisions on his own at an early stage and he definitly
pushed forward with the decision no matter what happened.

124 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/21(木) 22:52:30.55
今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

市川団十郎さん どんな節電を…
The front of this movie theatre used to be lit up. But the light has been off since the
disaster. The entertainment industry is no exception taking power saving measures
ahead of the possible electrical shortages this summer. Many shows have been
canceled since the earthquake.

Leading kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjuro thoughts seriously about how he can continue
performing and save energy at the same time. Ichikawa Danjuro says he may not be
able to do much, but he wants to do what he can. So he says he decided to use fewer
lights on stage. He came up with an idea of cutting down stage lighting by 20%.
The stage is so dark that the audience can hardly see Danjuro making a show-up pose.

He decided to perform a historical play about Akechi Mitsuhide who betrayed Oda
Nobunaga. He thought the audience would feel the mysterious atmosphere of the play
under darker lights. He tried to simulate the theatre of the Edo period. Danjuro says
during the Edo period kabuki was staged by candle light. He says he thought a stage
with fewer lights would make the audience think more about the characters. He says
he thought he could give a stronger message in this way and that the audience would
understand the inner characters of the figures better.

125 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/22(金) 22:50:38.09
Actress Yoshiko Tanaka died of breast cancer at the age of fifty-five in a hospital in
Tokyo yesterday. She was a former member of the famous pop group, the Candies.
The Candies were extremely popular across Japan. Tanaka's nickname was Su-chan.
The news of her death came as a shock to many. This person says she's surprised
and that Tanaka's death is a great pity. Another says he was shocked by her death as
Tanaka was about his age. Tanaka's husband Kazuo Odate supported her during her
fight against breast cancer. Odate says Tanaka committed herself to cancer
treatment with the same sense of pride and responsibility she brought to her work.
He says She was also determined to make a comeback.

Together with Ran Ito and Miki Fujimura, Tanaka made her debut as the Candies in
1973. The group had many hits. Many people liked Tanaka because they felt she was
close to them just like their own little sister. This woman says she adored Tanaka
because she was able to comfort everyone from children to the elderly. Another one
says she liked Tanaka more than the other two group members because she was
sweet, slightly plump, and very attractive even to other women.

126 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/22(金) 22:51:27.96

In 1978, the Candies disbanded at the peak of their popularity. After the breakup,
Tanaka's career as an actress took off. In the 1989 movie Kuroi-Ame, She stared as
a woman whose life was changed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. The
role earned her a Best Actress Award from the Japan Academy. In an NHK's morning
drama series Chura-san, Tanaka played the heroine's gentle but strong mother.

In another program, she appeared as herself. Asked whether she's ever painted a
picture, Tanaka replies No. She says that's because she thinks she has no talent at it.
TV personality Tsurutaro Kataoka, who taught Tanaka how to make ink drawings on
the program, says he was impressed by her honesty. Kataoka praises Tanaka's
remarkable personality. He says she wasn't at all pretentious and that she intended
to draw exactly what she saw and felt. He says she was a simple person and not the
type who tried to stand out by pushing others aside.

127 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/22(金) 22:58:44.10
l.3 stared => starred

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129 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/23(土) 20:13:23.61
今日のN7復習 ...φ(。。)

ローマ法王 被災した子供を励ます
Pope Benedict XVI encouraged young survivors of th March 11th earthquake on
Italian state television on Friday. The pope was responding to questions from
concerned people around the world. This girl says her name is Elena. She is Japanese
and she is seven years old. One video message came from a young Japanese girl who
survived the Great East Japan Earthquake. The girl asked why some of children
have to experience so much terror and sadness. The pope says he does not have
answers, but that he is with all the Japanese children in prayer and wants to help
them through prayer and action.

トキの卵 割れたか
The mating of crested ibises in nature is much anticipated since the birds raised in
captivity were released in Sado City in Niigata Prefecture. Four females are believed
to have laid eggs recently. Pieces of the shell of the broken egg were found attached
to a malebird's belly today. The Environmental Ministry believe the egg broke inside the
nest. Experts say this pair appear to be warming another egg. The ministry says there
is a good possibility the egg will hatch. The same pair threw an eggshell from their nest
yesterday. Experts haven't been able to find out if the shell was a hatchable egg or
an unfertilized egg.

  unfertilized 受精していない

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原発 放射線“汚染地図”を作成 ロボット導入も検討
Tokyo Electric Power Company has created a map showing radiation levels at the
Fukushima nuclear plant as part of its efforts to remove radioactive debris. Initial
hydrogen explosions have left radioactive rubble in some areas. The map was created
to help workers locate and remove debris safely from the compound. Tepco has also
decided to use Japanese robots to monitor inside the reactor building. Hydrogen
explosions at the No.1 and No.3 reactors have left debris scattered around some areas
of the compound. The debris is hampering Tepco's efforts to regain full control of the
crippled reactors. The utility has been using remote-controlled bulldozers and power
shovels since April sixth, but to minimize its workers' exposure to radiation the
company needs to know the level of radiaion in the compound. Tepco has created
this map. This Tepco official says the map has been posted at its offices and
distributed to the teams of workers. The map indicates the number of millisieverts
per hour at each location. Radiation levels are still high in the area close to the
No.3 reactor building. This shows that the radiation level at this location is 300
millisieverts per hour.

131 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/24(日) 21:08:07.07
>>129続き ...φ(。。)

Tepco needs to measure radiation levels inside the reactor building to meet its
timetable for ending the crisis. So the company has decided to use new monitoring
robots. This robot was originally designed to be used in rescue operations after
disasters, but has been modified for use in the nuclear plant. A dosimeter has been
stored one meter from the ground. A demonstration of the Japanese robot quints
was held today. It can move easily over the debris. It can also go up and down the
stairs. ...... three dimensional images. It can help its controllers understand the
situation even in the dark. The robots can operate in pairs. One cabled robot can
transport radio waves to control the other. They are expected to operate in the
basement to upstairs of the building where remote-controlled robots currently
cannot operate because wireless communication is blocked.

132 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/24(日) 21:09:39.62
>>131続き ...φ(。。)

The machines are also immune to the highly contaminated environment. Semi-
conductors and other electric devices can be damaged by high levels of radiation.
A laboratory in Tsukuba City tested the robot and comfirm that it kept working despite
the radiation 400 times higher than the upper limit for human workers. The vice
director of the institute that developed this robot says he's proud of its mobility and
the level. He says Japanese robots are highly agile and adjustable to different
operational environments. It hasn't been decided when the new robots will be deployed.
Preparations are underway for Tepco employees to first train in the Chiba Institution
of Technology to operate them.

 >>131 dosimeter 線量計

133 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/25(月) 22:58:08.55
今日のNW9復習 ...φ(。。)

A jazz concert was held yesterday in an area hit by the March 11th earthquake and
tsunami. The young musicians hoped to revive people's spirits. The concert was held
at an evacuation center in Kesennuma. The twenty-four members of the Swing
Dolphins are local elementary and junior high students. About five hundred people
enjoyed the concert, forgetting their difficult situation for a while. This woman says
the music is wonderful and she is grateful for the concert. And this woman says they
have only had bad news and the music help them to relax.

The concert was held despite great diffculties. Kesennuma was devastated by the
March 11th earthquake and tsunami, and the large fires that followed. The children in
the band were also affected. Their instruments were damaged or washed away in the
tsunami. Aki Ogata plays the trombone with the band. Her family's house was
completely burnt down in the fire. Aki's mother asks where she put the trombone.
Aki says she put it in the alcove in the livingroom. Aki was influenced by her elder
sister who played wind instruments. Aki chose the same instrument as her sister,
the trombone. Aki treasured the trombone and took good care of it. Aki is now living
in the relative's house in the city. Aki says she used to practice the trombone
everyday at her house. She says that when she faced hardships she could forget
about it by playing the trombone. Aki says that it just came naturally to her to pick up
the instrument and play it. She says she wanted to play it often. She hasn't touched
the musical instrument for more than a month.

134 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/25(月) 22:58:56.43
>>133続き ...φ(。。)

On April 16th the band received an unexpected gift. It was a parcel of brand-new
musical instruments donated by a jazz group in New Orleans, the home of jazz. After
the city was hit by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago, some musical instruments were
sent there along with other relief supplies from Japan. The group says it decided to
support the school band to repay the Japanese people for their kindness. The gift
enabled the band to resume training after one month. Sudo says let's pour out what
they have accumulated in your hearts for one month. The band members decided to
put on a concert to express their gratitude to the group in New Orleans, and to
encourage the people of Kesennuma.

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in your hearts => in their hearts


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昨日の復習追加 ...φ(。。)

原発事故の情報 共同会見きょうから
For the first time since March 11th, a joint news conference was held today by the
Tokyo Electric Power Company, the Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency, and the Nuclear
Safety Commission. Senior government reprisentative also took part to ensure that
no conflicting information will be given out from now on about the situation of the
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Goshi Hossono, who serves as advisor to the prime minister attended the news
conference which began shortly after five p.m. Hosono says that holding separate
news conferences has resulted in redundant information and also discrepancies.
He says that basically all information will be disclosed to ensure a high level of
transparency. Hosono stressed the significance of the joint news conference.
Until now, Tepco, the Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency, and the Nuclear Safety
Commission have each provided briefing separately.

From now on, the parties will hold joint briefings on a daily basis to provide consistent
information. Today, officials from Tepco, the Nuclear Agency and the Nuclear
Commison took turns adressing questions.

  discrepancies 不一致、食い違い

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国債の格付け 引き下げる可能性
A major U.S. rating agency has released a harsh assessment of Japanese govenment
bonds. Currently Japan's long-term state bonds are rated at AA-, the fourth highest
level. The agency revised downward their description of the bonds from stable to
negative, which suggests possibility of lowering their rating. The agency cites the
prospect that Japan's fiscal situation will worsen as the government funds the
rebuilding of quake-stricken areas. These bleak economic outlook along with the
possible downgrading of state bonds poses a difficult challenge for the government.

相撲 技量審査場所 無料チケットが転売
In sumo, Tickets for a free tournament held in May instead of the normally scheduled
summer tournament have been traded for up to 10,000 yen on internet auction sites.
Today free tickets began being handed out to people chosen by lottery to watch the
tournament scheduled to open on May 8th. In the afternoon however, some tickets
were put up on internet auction sites. Tickets for special four-seated box were priced
up to around 10,000 yen a piece. Japan Sumo Association is calling on tickets holders
to refrain from auctioning their tickets.

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東北新幹線 あす全線で運転再開
The Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train will resume full service between Tokyo and
Shin-Aomori tomorrow. As the Golden Week holiday season will also start tomorrow,
the Tohoku region is looking forward to recovery of tourism. It will also be the best
season to view cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tohoku.

The newest model of Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train made its debut six days before
the quake hit the Tohoku region. Many tourists have been expected to visit the
region at that time. Golden Week is the beginning of the tourist season in the Tohoku
region. Hirosaki Park in Aomori prefecture is one of the most popular spot to view
cherry blossoms. This year cherry trees are expected to be utter best on May 1st.

Businesses other than the tourism industry have also been waiting for the Shinkansen
servises to resume. This bank based in Aomori has a branch in Tokyo. ...firms in Aomori
were looking forward to expanding their businesses after the Shinkansen between
Tokyo and Shin-Aomori was launched last December. In a questionnaire about
Shinkansen, more than 80 percent of respondents said its launch was likely to affect
local business. Asked if expectations were high, this man says yes, people in Aomori had
been waiting for a long time. The Shinkansen has been reconnected amid an economic
slump in the wake of the March 11th earthquake. People had been hoping that the
Shinkansen would stimulate transportation of human resources and goods and boost
reconstruction efforts.

145 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/29(金) 10:28:50.77
...firms in Aomori => He says firms in Aomori

昨日の復習追加 ...φ(。。)

The National Land Ministry says areas below sea level increased fivefold in Miyagi
Prefecture to 16 square kilometers as a result of last month's earthquake and tsunami.
The disaster caused land to sink in many parts of the affected areas. According to the
Ministry's survey, Iwanumi City and Watari Town used to have very little area below
sea level, but now a large area along their coast has been found to be below sea level.
Watari Town Mayor Kunio Saito says he's surprised at the survey results. He says
this may affect the plan for the town's reconstruction. The ministry is advising local
governments and residents to be aware of the rising risk of secondary disasters
in the event of unusually high tides and typhoons

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ロイヤルウェディング 控えめな式
Britain's Prince William, the second in line to the throne, has been married to
Catherine Middleton. The bride who's now become her royal highness, the Duchess
of Cambridge, looked radiant. The royal couple was cheered by crowds after leaving
Westminster Abbey. The ceremony however was somewhat low-key compared to
previous royal weddings. The marriage of Prince William's parents thity years ago was
a much more lavish appear, called "the wedding of century." Some 600 thousand
people lined the streets, and some 3,500 guests were invited to the wedding of
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. This time, however, only about 1,900 guests
attended and the subsequent parade covered the distance of two kilometers instead
of three in case of Prince William's parents. The royal couple expressed their wish
for more low-key event in accordance with the nation's economic difficulties. Prince
William lost his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, at the age of fifteen. Catherine is
the first commoner in 350 years to marry a prince of the British royal family. William
and Catherine have asked the people to donate the money to charity rather than give
them wedding presents.

147 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/04/30(土) 10:26:15.57
her royal highness => Her Royal Highness
the wedding of century => the wedding of the century
in case of => in the case of
for more low-key event => for a more low-key event
donate the money => donate money
appear もおかしいな appearanceならともかく

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食中毒 守られない衛生基準
An elementary school child died of food poisoning after dining in a barbedcue
restaurant in Fukui Prefecture. The food poisoning is believed to be caused by a
raw beef dish called yukke, a Korean style steak tartare. The restaurant had used
meat that was not supposed to be eaten raw. So why did it take the risk?

This person says he eats yukke very often. This person says she likes very much.
This person says yukke and cold noodle dished go well together. This is the website
of Yakiniku Shuke Ebisu barbecue restaurant chain. Yukke is one of the popular
dishes. Raw beef is seasoned with sesame oil and other condiments, and searved
with a raw eggs on top. The dish costs 280 yen.

Mass food poisoning occured last month in two restaurants in Toyama Prefecture.
A six-year old boy died after being affected with the O-111 strain of E. coli bacteria.
The raw beef used in yukke is believed to be the cause of the food poisoning. In
Fukui City, A pre-school boy died after being affected with the O-111 strain of E.
coli bacteria after dining in the restaurant of the same chain. Fukui Prefecture's
authorities are investigating possible links between the two cases. Toyama
Prefecture's authorities say that the beef used for yukke was not supposed to be
eaten raw. The dish did not meet the hygiene standards set by the Health Ministry.

  condiments 調味料  hygiene 衛生学、衛生

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8行目 dished => dishes
11行目 eggs => egg

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there will be heavy short bouts of rain
torn muscle

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技量審査場所 やくみつるさんに聞く
A test tournament to test wrestlers' skills is underway after the Japan Sumo
Association decided more time is needed to complete an investigation into the
recent bout-fixing scandal. The association punished 25 wrestlers involved in the
scandal. We asked Mitsuru Yaku, who was once a member of the Association, about
the unusual tournament.

Yaku says he feels uncomfortable about the ongoing tournament. He says the
association apparently hastily punished the wrestlers coinciding with the timing of
the regular tournament. He got the impression that in punishing the wrestlers the
association had already decided to hold an irregular tournament like this. He says
wrestlers look tense, apparently sensing that this is not going to be a regular
tournament. He says compared with regular tournaments wrestlers are getting more
applause. He says the spectators may be playing into the hands of the association
and appered to be condoning the wrestlers' bad behavior.

誰が盆栽じゃい(#`ω´) まあこのハンドルの文字列に特に意味ないけど

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震災から2ヵ月余り スポーツ界への影響は
More than two months have past since the March 11th desaster. So far nealy twenty
international sports events scheduled to be held in Japan have been canceled or
postponed. They include figure skating, fencing, and tennis. Japanese triathletes are
training in a facility whose lights have been dimmed to save electricity. The athletes
were gearing up for an international competition that was scheduled to be held in
Yokohama this month. But the event was postponed after March 11th.

The triathlon consists of swimming, bicycling and marathon racing. Yokohama has been
one of the venues. Juri Ide says the triathlon is a sport in which the one who does not
give up till the end wins. She says that's why she wanted people to see them. Mariko
Adachi says she's disappointed because she trains so hard.

The event was postponed after the severity of the accident to the Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear plant was raised to Level 7on par with Chernobyl. News that radiation
contaminated waste water was leaking into the ocean made matters worse.

Foreign athletes were terrified and withdrew from the competition. "My parents
particularly weren't quite happy at first when I said, you know, that I wanted to go to
Yokohama. I think that the main problem is a lot of comflicting information ...always
more tempting them to believe the negative than the positive."

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3行目 past => passed

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Here is the abbreviation which stands for over scale
線量計が振り切れること。音声はover schedule つってるけども

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今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

直球解説 震災で変わる意識
Some say the March 11th earthquake marks the end of life in Japan as it used to be.
Here is a sampling of comments from the public. This woman says she wonders
everyday if they can do something to help. And this man says he feels they are all in
the same boat, they are all the same people, the same nationality. And this woman
says she thinks that relationships between people are very important. More Japanese
People appear to be willing to help others. Today, we take a closer look at the change
in mindset.

So, we interviewed people on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka, and asked about any
psychological change before and after the earthquake. We focused specially on
younger people. They are demonstrating a different outlook which I found to be
encouraging. Young people today have this to say:

This reseacher says someone may have been living in a normal life until the day
before, then suddenly they are no longer able to continue life as he knew it.
Thus you can't take your lifestyles for granted. This non-profitable organization worker
says he doesn't simply want to think all that's so awful from afar, but rather he wants
to actually do somethin for the disaster site. This university student says the
conversations and the smiles might be important for people in the disastered areas.
She says she works part-time in a drugstore and sometimes they run out of items
because of the earthquake. This causes trouble for customers, so she explains why
they run out and the customers tell her that must be hard. So she says that everyone
has a hard time.

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Heavy equipment is plowing away the surface soil.

rock cod メバル、カサゴ

Hiroshima manager Kenjiro Nomura praised Yoshihiro Maru, who got the winning hit.
Nomura said Maru had struck out in the previous at-bat, and must have thought he
should redeem himself in his next try.

163 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/05/25(水) 22:20:43.24
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

Under these circumstances, Azumi says it's regrettable that some legistators both
in the ruling and opposition camps are wasting time, wrangling over whether a
motion of no-confidence in the cabinet should be brought.

So we face the challenge of fending off heat at the same time of saving elctricity.
But doing too much to save power can be life-threatening.

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今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

The Group of Eight Summit has just begun with nuclear safety high on the agenda.
Host nation France is a leading proponent of nuclear power.

The delcine in tax revenues in the power generation business has also been a
serious blow. The fixed asset tax has been declining every year in line with the
depreciation of the nuclear power plants.

electric extention cord, multi-point adaptor, power strip

In the first inning, Tony Blanco at bat, vowing to pay back for yesterday's humiliating


166 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/05/27(金) 23:19:21.47
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

Sasaki expressed his feelings on his blog. One passage reads "I'm really tired, truly
tired. I've been trying to be strong, but I'm on the verge of breaking down. I might not
be able to go back to fishing." He received deluge of encouragement.

Shinji Kagawa, who contributed to his team's victory in the German first division league,
was not on this list as he's not in top condition after recuperating from injuries.

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168 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/05/29(日) 19:58:00.89

A subsequent fire injured 39 people who were treated in hospital for burns and smoke

the Yappesi Festival with the help of local people. The name in local dialect means
"Let's go do it."

They also agreed to create a crisis management manual to reduce the impact of
baseless rumours stemming from natural disasters or epidemics.

169 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/05/30(月) 22:37:35.19
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

Miyagi Prefecture is building a temporary levee using larger sandbags.

The March earthquake and tsunami have damaged the sewage system in some
areas, resulting in poor drainage. Other areas have cracks on the mountainsides
and crumbling river embankments. People in these areas should be on high alert
because the rainy season has only just begun.

But it also goes to show that the nuclear energy debate in Germany was matured
enough for the government to be able to arrive at this decision so quickly.

Expenditures are expected to exceed 3.4 trillion yen in the current fiscal year.
This is putting a severe strain on the national coffers and also the finances of local

170 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/01(水) 22:36:16.20
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

13: This quake victim in Fukushima Prefecture says it's only a fight for power. She
says the political parties are locking horns, but only locking horns. She says nothing
gets to stand in the meantime and discussions on key issues such as budhet bills
have been left untended.

171 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/03(金) 22:17:14.16

172 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/03(金) 22:28:45.31

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano says that unfortunately the current situation
is only aggravating the public's distrust in politics.

173 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/06(月) 22:15:29.25
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

01: killed her in a fit of rage

38: I hope that our trip to japan will help alleviate the doubts and the minds of those
artists and performing arts companies and tourists in general.

39: Antirrhinum (or Snapdragon) キンギョソウ

43: dehumidifier 除湿機

174 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/07(火) 22:09:01.72
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

04: He says it is mind-boggling to think about the amount of work required to get to
the root causes of this accident.

175 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/08(水) 22:24:57.61
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

41: Tokyo Electric Power Company says the company gave a verbal caution to the
director of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for filing a false report on the
injection of sea water into the No.1 reactor.

TEPCO says the verbal reprimand is the lightest of the discipline measures that can
be imposed on staff.

176 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/09(木) 19:53:19.14
今日のN7 ...φ(。。)

23: Sixty-five quake survivors in Sendai City have newly applied for welfare between
March 11th and the end of April. Many of the applicants are former non-regular
employees of quake-hit companies who've lost their jobs but are ineligible for
unemployment benefits.

25: Kawashima says he hopes the children will grow up to become leaders of the
Tohoku region. Takahashi says the children were bursting with their energy and she
was touched by their resillience

26: Tsurumi says she wants to perform with all her might rather than being cautious
about making a mistake.

177 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/09(木) 19:55:24.10
bursting with their energy => bursting with energy

178 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/10(金) 14:12:04.44
ベ イカレン トコ ンサルティングは新卒内定辞退強要を行った執行役員を
かくまう、非常に悪質な犯罪企業です。ベ イカレン トを名乗る

179 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/10(金) 22:35:28.67
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

01: Weather officials say unstable atmosphere conditions are causing the gusts and
down force.

33: Japanese standards for office illumination are set to be higher than those overseas.
The Japanese standard stiplated on avarage light level should be over 750 lux.
The Japanese standars were drawn up more than thirty years ago. At that time, there
were no computers, only paper and abacuses on desks illuminated by *** ceiling lights.

180 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/11(土) 20:18:03.35
今日のN7 ...φ(。。)

01: Today marks exactly three month since the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.
In the disaster-stricken areas people mark the anniversary and mourn the victims.
while still reeling from grief, survivors are striving to rebuild their lives.

06: Many people in the quake-hit region continue to hold out hope for the missing
loved ones. Parents desperately comb the area around the scholl where many young
lives were lost.

10: All the remains of the office is the steel structure. A thousand paper cranes adorn
the wreckage.

11: She says these will be the last cranes and that she intends to put an end to the
agonizing weight.

22: One reason that the Noto Peninsula has been chosen is its beautiful scenery of
terraced rice paddies.

181 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/11(土) 20:23:20.48

今日のN7 ...φ(。。)

01: Today marks exactly three months since the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.
In the disaster-stricken areas people mark the anniversary and mourn the victims.
While still reeling from grief, survivors are striving to rebuild their lives.

06: Many people in the quake-hit region continue to hold out hope for the missing
loved ones. Parents desperately comb the area around the school where many young
lives were lost.

10: All that remains of the office is the steel structure. A thousand paper cranes adorn
the wreckage.

11: She says these will be the last cranes and that she intends to put an end to the
agonizing weight.

22: One reason that the Noto Peninsula has been chosen is its beautiful scenery of
terraced rice paddies.

182 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/12(日) 19:03:53.37

183 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/12(日) 20:03:45.22

00: Residents have been told to stay vigilant for mudslides through tomorrow.

17: This man says the staff will continue these visits to let older residents of the
temporary housing units know that they are always tended to by someone.

28: Caution is advised against possible landslides.
29: The mercury will rise to thirty degrees in Nagoya. It will be muggy.


184 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/12(日) 20:21:57.36

185 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/13(月) 17:56:47.37

186 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/13(月) 22:44:31.24
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

28: LDP Representative Ichita Yamamoto says it's detrimental for the Kan
administration to reman in power.

32: This man says successors of the administration have ended abruptly after a short
time. He says there will be no big change no matter who takes office. Many said there
is no suitable candidate and expect little change regardles of who becomes prime minister.

57: She says she would like to improve her overall level. If she is able to improve her
average time and is able to keep that time no matter what the environment or the
situation, that would be nice.

187 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/13(月) 23:01:53.00




188 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/14(火) 03:17:38.46

189 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/14(火) 06:32:01.97

190 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/14(火) 22:36:34.25
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

00: Radioactive substances have been detected in ahe that's left after the incineration
of sewerage sludge.

19: We have to accept seriously the Italian decison to reject nuclear power. However,
it is not necessarily applicable to Japan because the energy situation is very defferent.

27: Kenji Eda of Your Party says the second extra budget bill is too late and too small.
He says his party opposes it because it will just leave things up in the air.

57: Yoda says that after asking various players and top batters they say that Darvish
has solid pitches from both the left and the right sides. He says batters say that
Darvish is not only capable of throwing a variety of pitches but he can also make them
inside or outside pitches and vary their speed as well, so it is very hard to figure out
what kind of pitch will be coming.

191 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/14(火) 23:53:39.62

192 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/15(水) 22:24:29.91
ahe => ash です

今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

03-04: These observations have shed light onto the so-called hot spots, for high
levels of radioactive materials have been found.
A certain spot has been found to be a hot spot, namely roadside drainage ditches.

42: A team of scientists near Tokyo has made a dramatic discovery concerning
elemental particles known as neutrinos. In the world first they have observed
telltale signs of one type of neutrinos transforming into another.

193 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/15(水) 22:29:18.21

[問い合わせ番号 1180189_1180195]






194 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/16(木) 06:35:10.80

195 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/16(木) 23:24:47.04
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

26: Despite his recent announcement that he would step down, Prime Minister Naoto
Kan seems to be full of aspiration to stay in office.

36: A stydy shows that vinegar helps move mora than 90% of radioactive substances
in cucumber. Shiraishi says vinegar increases the acidity of radioactive substances
and make them more soluble.

40: Shiraishi says some people are too worried about radiation and fortet to maintain
nutritional balance and it will be more harmful to their health. He also says if
malnourished people took in radioactive materials they'd suffer more severely than
healthy people.

48: In some places the rain has exceeded the total average precipitation for month
of June.

196 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/16(木) 23:45:05.87
vinegar helps move => vinegar helps remove

197 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 16:10:48.46


198 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 16:36:43.61

199 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 16:50:43.75

200 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 16:57:06.42

201 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 17:02:28.74

202 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 17:09:35.08

203 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 18:38:49.16

204 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/17(金) 19:17:18.38
>>1 どうやってニュースの原稿手に入れてるん?

205 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/17(金) 22:46:56.03
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

06: The problem has been traced to a valve that was mistakenly shut. It is thought
to have caused pressure to build up in a filter, rupturing a safety valve and causing it
to spill out a large amount of contaminated water.

15: Senior Daiwa Reserch Institute Resercher Mitsumaru Kumagai says making rural
highways toll free did benefit the economy before the disaster, but now top priority
should be given to relieving construction projects, which he says will have a greater
ripple effect.

26: Ren was to have gotten the number six. The coach says the number will be retired
in honour of Ren.

52: --Nishioka-san's come back. He must have been so eager to return to the game.
--Yes. Today he was wating on the bench and he was itching to play.

206 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/17(金) 22:47:50.87

207 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/18(土) 01:00:11.25
>>206 simultaniously or in recorded ?

208 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/18(土) 06:38:04.25

209 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/18(土) 11:41:14.15

210 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/18(土) 18:26:24.38

211 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/19(日) 06:26:17.54

212 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/19(日) 06:27:05.65

213 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/19(日) 19:56:52.91
今日のN7 ...φ(。。)

11: This official says it is difficult for the town to come up with their own criteria
without national guidelines.

12: Okada says extension is needed to enact the third extra-budget this fiscal year
and its related bill. He says the bills are vital to finance a full-fledged reconstruction.
But Okada also had this to say. He says the row over whether Prime Minister Kan
should step down must be considered separately from the bills' passage.

18: The government intends to open the bay floodgates to check possible links
between the reclamation project and damage to local fisheries.

214 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/20(月) 06:14:02.63

215 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/20(月) 11:34:55.22
ヒロコ・キタダイ という人は、以前NHKニュースの音声多重でニュースを

216 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/20(月) 11:46:24.09
NHK World English News の podcast を聞いた方が楽だろ。

217 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/21(火) 06:43:39.22

218 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/21(火) 22:21:57.91
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

04: Public opposition to nuclear power is increasing, but things on the ground are
moving ahead regardless of public opinion.

07: The mayor of Kawaguchi says the regulated standard will be provisional until the
state and prefectural governments officially decide their safety limits.

33: The semiconductor sector is very sensitive to voltage fluctuation because
unstable voltage can compromise the quality of semiconductors. The tolerance of
their products is one over a million milimeter.

219 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/22(水) 10:37:01.57

220 :>>326:2011/06/22(水) 19:09:55.59
>>219 そんな事どうでも良い事なんだよ。
そんな事も解らずにドヤ顔で言うそいつは、多分何も勉強しないで遊んで来た奴だろう。NHK も聞き取れない奴だと思う。
NHK world を聞いてる人は、CNN,BCC なども聞いてるだろうから、大きなお世話だろう。

221 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/22(水) 22:56:32.07

07: The prime minister would seem to have few friends. The opposition Liberal Democratic
and New Komeito parties are adamant that Kan should go. Some people inside the ruling
Democratic Party are also upset that Prime Minister Kan has not set a date for leaving office.

11: Yoshimi Watanabe, the leader of Your Party, says he's sick and tired of all the bickering
inside the Democratic Party over whether Kan is going or staying.

41: NHK has selected Yae Nijima, who has been called the Jeanne d'Arc of 19th century
Japan as the heroine of the annual epic drama for 2013.

222 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 06:21:15.25

223 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 19:47:13.57

224 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 20:00:13.42

225 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 22:00:00.49

226 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/23(木) 22:35:36.39
今日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

22: This is forty-seven years old Hironori Ishizuka, who has suffered from kidney failure for
thirteen years. He undergoes dialysis every other day and is waiting his turn for transplant.

24: Horiuchi was introduced to a former crime group member, Fumihiko Sakagami, who had
been Takino's subordinate.

42: Upper House Member Satsuki Eda says Kan began his political career through grass-roots
activities like collecting empty aluminum cans. So the issue of renewable energy fits the
very credentials of Kan as a politician.

227 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 22:37:31.39

228 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 22:42:45.83

229 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/23(木) 22:45:50.49

230 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/24(金) 09:33:22.56

231 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/24(金) 09:51:15.92
テレビ朝日 Oh!どや顔サミット
2011年6月24日(金) 21時00分〜21時54分
☆『Oh!どや顔サミット』 http://asahi.co.jp/doya/

どやがお【どや顔】の意味 - 国語辞書 - goo辞書

232 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/24(金) 13:40:55.36

233 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/24(金) 16:10:31.28

234 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/25(土) 20:20:38.30
昨日のNW9 ...φ(。。)

01: The scorching heat today was almost as harsh as the natural disaster. In the Kanto
region, many people were taken to hospital for heat stroke.

12: The mud flow gushed up near a bridge, coverd a road with mud and rocks in an instant.

32: Ogasawara was selected as a World Natural Heritage Site largely because of its
abundance of rare flora and fauna.

37: terrestrial ⇔ celestial

235 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/25(土) 22:27:58.92

236 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/26(日) 19:45:32.95
14: Poeple in surrounding areas also have high expectations. A ride on a gondola in a stream
in the Geibikei Gorge in Ichinoseki City is one of the areas' popular tourist attractions.

15: Some protesters carried signs, saying "China must stop trespassing into Vietnamese
territory. This man says they will continue the protest as long as China continues to
flex its muscles.

237 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/27(月) 00:15:09.05

238 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/27(月) 22:20:27.59

36: The government says the rail network is essential to narrow the gap between coastal
and inland areas and maintain the impetus of economic growth.

46: There could be some sunny spells.

47: These regions will have sporadic rain. Tohoku will have localized downpours.

239 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/28(火) 22:27:39.51

00: Radioactive substances have been found at another unexpected location. Radioactivity
was detected in ashe from a garbage processing plant which incinerates waste collected
in Tokyo.

05: Appointing a right person could lead to a stronger system, but one mistook process
could lead to mistrust and complaints. Kan's new cabinet appointments last night probably
fall into the latter category.

06: Kan's equivocal statements about when he will step down are also causing confusion
and mistrust in the Diet. He looks tense in the face of criticism even from within his party.
He was met by unrelenting accusations at the meeting.

240 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/28(火) 22:37:32.90
mistook =>mistaken

241 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/06/29(水) 16:38:44.63

242 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/29(水) 22:29:02.17

23: Mihama Town Mayor Jitaro Yamaguchi says the town has been in happy coexistence
with the nuclear power plant for some forty years and the town has flourished thanks to
the plant which bestowed wealth and employment on the residents.

29: She was arrested and indicted based on a sloppy investigation of the fraud case
but later aquitted. The case led to an evidence-tampering scandal involving senior

30: Muraki says she was very surprised to find out that a factitious report can be easily
drawn up and proved within a prosecutor's office.

39: The Moneylending Law which came into force last June set up the credit line of
consumer loans of one-third of the borrower's annual income. Police say the arrested
suspects tried to target people who could not borrow from legal moneylenders because
of this law.

243 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/06/30(木) 22:07:16.83
42: cumulonimbus

244 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/01(金) 01:39:02.69

245 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/01(金) 02:17:19.38


積乱雲 = cumulo-nimbus
巻積雲 = cirro-cumulus
巻層雲 = cirro-stratus
層積雲 = strato-cumulus (cumulo-stratus)
乱層雲 = nimbo-stratus (strato-nimbus)

高積雲 = alto-cumulus
高層雲 = alto-stratus

246 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/01(金) 22:17:16.00
Times have changed. A high-speed train service linking Beijing and Shanghai commenced yesterday.
China is also fitting out an unfinished Soviet aircraft carrier that it brougt ten years ago.


247 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/02(土) 20:15:29.89

23:lump sum payments.

25: NPOs from across Japan have reported the activities of ordinary citizens serving as
legal custodians for elderly people unable to manage their own assets.

248 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/03(日) 14:52:55.35

249 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/03(日) 19:56:11.04

00: Boeing's new passanger aircraft the 787 Dreamliner has arrived in Japan for the first time
this morning. Much of the state-of-the-art eco-friendly jet has been built by Japanese firms.

14: This is the first time that Boeing outsourced the production of the wings, the most
important part of a passenger aircraft. Kawasaki Heavy Industries produced part of the
fuselage and the wheel wells. Fuji Heavy Industries built the joints between the left and the
right wings.

22: In this election, Osawa was challenged by a former prefectural assembly member close to
the previous governor. The focal points of the debate included economic revitalization in the
prefecture and review of anti-disaster measures.

250 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/04(月) 22:37:25.15

45: Companies in emerging markets are building their technological strength.
However, Japanese technology has proven its force. Tenacious R&D efforts
over the years are paid off.

251 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/05(火) 22:31:54.56
07: He says he will continue to help with reconstruction efforts in anyway he can as
a humble footsoldier. His announcement of resignation caught everyone off-guard.

09: When he heard the remarks, he knew that Matsumoto would have to resign. But
Knowing about Matsumoto's usual demeanour, he found the remarks quite unexpected.

11: Matsumoto began making indiscernible comments immediately after his appointment.

252 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/06(水) 22:27:32.86

05: The Genkai Plant was expected to become the first to come back on line after
the March disaster, but the process is gone back to square one.

18 Although Mr. Kaieda says that the national goverment is doing its best, we really
don't know who to believe. And all the municipalities that are hosting nuclear power
plants are all bewildered, I suppose.

41 But in just one case in 2006 a district court deemed nuclear power dangerous.
The ruling resulted in a temporary suspension of the Shiga Plant run by the
Hokuriku Electric Power Company.

253 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/07(木) 05:03:33.99

254 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/07(木) 23:07:51.41

05: How did the e-mail scandal come to light?

10: She says she's very angry at the company for ridiculing the assembly and
Kagoshima residents.

36: This is a matchmaking company in Tokyo. More people are signing up.

50: But Tokyo lost the bid. The British commentator attributed Tokyo's failure to
the fact that it had the lowest support rate among local residents compared to its
rivals. Tokyo's invitation activities also lacked sense of coherence.

255 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/07(木) 23:13:59.11

256 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/08(金) 04:03:13.60

257 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/08(金) 14:08:06.99
■■■ 悪質な派遣会社 ベ イカレ ント・コ ンサルティングに注意 ■■■

ベ イカ レントコ ンサルティングは、内定辞退強要、退職強要等を日常的に行っています。


● 入社 き・け・ん!!! ●

258 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/08(金) 22:40:19.70

05: Many fish caught in this area live on krill. Ishimaru says if high level radiation detected
in krill, it must have an adverse impact on fish living in the same area.

10: His abrupt decision has raised calls for the central government to present a unified
policy on the restarting of the nuclear plants as it's not clear whether passing stress tests
is prerequisite.

14: Shigeki Sato of the New Komeito Party says Kan should step down as soon as possible
before he's branded as the worst prime minister in history who shamelessly sticks to his
position despite repeated blunders.

259 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/09(土) 19:45:06.05

14: Six female junior high school students playing basketball in the gymnasium were
also taken to the hospital due to suspected heat stroke, and some students suffered
from symptom of convulsion, and four of them need to be hospitalized for a while.

19: The captain of the Shibata High School team Yuji Sato made the pledge for fair play.

260 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/10(日) 19:41:56.45

07: He says concentration was the key and that Japan used perseverance to set up a chance
and grab this precious win.

18: The tsunami destroyed the wall, but it helped limit the scope of floods. Houses in the relocated
district escaped unscathed.

261 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/10(日) 20:03:34.13
25: In golf, two Japanese players, Mika Miyazato and Ai Miyazato, are competing for the top place
in the U.S. Women's Open. They both hail from Okinawa but unrelated.

262 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/11(月) 23:35:30.37

06: Construction Minister Ryu Matsumoto was forced to step down over a series of the gas which
angered the people of the disaster-hit areas.His fiasco damaged the image of Kan who appointed him.

12: For most survivors, there seems to be no end to their predicaments.

24: Because the twin disasters, natural and nuclear, occured during the filming, Yamada began to see
a contrast between steam locomotives as the pinnacle of old coal-fired technology and nuclear
power plants, which is the product of contemporary technology.

45: The vessle is capable of firing the Tomahawk cruise missile and can help special forces to make
clandestine landings.

49: Nagoya down to Naha, the bristling hot weather will continue with highs up around 35 degrees.

263 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/12(火) 22:39:42.72

45: Caution is advised against symptoms of heat strokes such as dizziness, muscle convulsions,
excessive sweating and a sickly complexion. If you have one of the symptoms, you are probably
short of water and salt, so the best thing to do is to have a sports drink.

264 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/13(水) 22:33:25.58

20: Here is the mechanism of the tsunami surging high. A tsunami reaching shallow waters tends
to rise higher where the water is shallower. There is more. The speed of the tsunami can change
in accordance with the depth of the water and the waves tend to gather forth in shallower waters.
Waves coming from right and left merge into one and surge in localized areas.

265 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/15(金) 22:21:38.14

30: In lawsuits over the contract renewal fee, tenants claimed that it is a burden unilaterally
imposed on consumers. The landlords augued that the fees clearly indicated in the lease contract
and therefore not illegal. The Supreme Court today ruled that the contract renewal fee is valid
as long as it's clearly written into the lease contract agreed by the relevant parties and on the
condition that it is not exorbitantly high.

266 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/07/16(土) 03:08:36.91
I am sirudanyu.

267 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/16(土) 19:37:07.94

18: Rakugo storyteller Katsura Sanshi is a popular figure on TV. Next year he will assume an iconic
name in the traditional rakugo world, Katsura Bunshi. The name has been passed down from the
Edo period.

268 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/17(日) 20:02:58.45

09: A striker Abby Wambach, who is 180 centimeters tall, is known for her prowess in the air.
"It's not just about me. We're all playing roles here. And as long as everybody does their job,
I believe that we'll win tomorrow."

19: Onodera says he suffered a lot of stress after the disaster, but dancing is a good antidote.
He says people who've lost their houses and boats must look to the future, and he feels
the dance helps him do that.

269 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/18(月) 19:34:11.89

21: Waves will also be high and undulating along the coast of Kanto far from the typhoon.

270 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/19(火) 22:16:26.76

45: Kaio says he managed to come this far thanks to the other strong contenders in the same
age group.

47: As reported earlier, Kyushu Electric President Toshio Manabe has told the company chairman
Shingo Matsuo he will resign to take responsibility for senior officials staging positive support
for nuclear power plant projects at the public hearing.

57: Other regional forecast. Kyushu, Okinawa, Chugoku and Shikoku, torrential downpours are
expected in some areas in the morning. It will be stuffy and hot with temperatures rising to
about 31 degrees.

271 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/20(水) 22:26:08.37

31: In Kamaishi City thieves have targeted homes in the disastered areas. Officials say the SDF
presence prevents crime. The security situation would deteriorate if the SDF withdraws.
This official says at night they don't have streetlights. So if the troops are there, they will
serve as the deterrent.

49: He pulled off a major upset with his chances to promotion still hanging in the balance.

272 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/21(木) 22:25:15.24

00: The murder took place amid this gloomy period and the nation's collective psyche.

20: She had been looking for going back home. But now she feels a sense of futility.

32: Today is the Midsummer Day of the Ox, the hottest day of the year according to the
traditional Japanese calendar.

273 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/22(金) 22:35:42.95

02: A former investigator with the Metropolitan Police says hiring former police officers
brings large benefits to corporations. The former investigator says people with connections to
the police are regarded as valuable assets. He says corporations are visited by various people
including gangsters. And when the corporations meet someone with connections to the police
they make enquiries about that person.

The seniority rules are very strict within the police, and continues after senior officials retire.
The former investigator has had someone ask him for information on investigation. He says he
has been asked about the progress of an investigation over dinner, via e-mail, and often by phone.
He says he has implicitly given some suggestions, but it's unthinkable to hand over actual
invetigation documents because that crosses the line.

42: yellow-tailed anemone fish

274 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/23(土) 19:48:40.61

06: He expressed strong nationalistic ideas in online debates. Last Sunday the man posted on
twetter a quote by British philosopher John Stuart Mill, saying
"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests."

275 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/24(日) 19:57:45.52

00: The deadly crash on China's bullet train has tarnished one of the government's most trumpeted
infrastructure projects.

04: An expert in China says the high-speed railways are supposed to be equipped with an automatic
control system to prevent accidents of this kind. The system is supposed to warn trains when they
come within seven kilometers of each other so one can reduce speed. But the Chinese transportation
officials say the automatic control system may have failed due to a lightning.

26: Attendance during the tourney fell to a record low. This tournament was the first to be held since
the match-fixing scandal that rocked the sport. The hall was full today, the only full house over the
fifteen days, showing that restoring public trust will be an uphill fight.

276 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/26(火) 22:27:52.04

15: Nadeshiko Japan's players were much sought-after in cities throughout the country.
Saki Kumagai visited the city offece in Sapporo, her hometown. she was officialy commended
by Sappooro City. Sapporo Mayor Fumio Ueda thanks kumagai on behalf of Sapporo residents,
saying her play is a great source of encouragement for the children.

277 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/27(水) 22:38:03.56

08: The protesters refused to budge.

28: Osaka governor Toru Hashimoto says simply putting cloths on the statues does not constitute
putting damage on property and in any case he can live with a little bit place on this.
Just who was responsible for the prank?

36: For the next forty-five minutes or so, the agency kept ratcheting up the expected height of
the tsunami waves, eventually more than ten meters.

52: Iwakuma says he was able to pitch in a way to have got the batters off their timing.

278 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/28(木) 22:31:53.33

00: It's impossible to talk about summer season sandy beaches without mentioning watermelon
splitting games.

21: Another says she's breast-feeding her four-month-old baby, so she's made it a rule to check
whether the beef has been tested before buying any.

38: Based on Islamic law, the social system in Saudi Arabia is conservative and dominated by men.
Women are not allowed to vote or take part in politics. Without consent from a male member of the
family, women cannot go to school, go to work, or open a bank account.
Driving a car is only permitted to men. It's believed that for women to drive a car it's disruptive to
the social order. In the past women who defied the ban were arrested or punished with their families.

279 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/07/31(日) 19:52:00.09

10: The number of couples unable to have babies is rising along with the mean age of marriage
and childbirth.

16: Soldiers there appeared more concerned about their paychecks than the U.S.' fight against
terrorism. They asked him if they will still get paid if the government defaults.

24: Prime Minister Naoto Kan has criticised the Nuclear and Industry Safety Agency over a report
that it asked the Chubu Electric Power Company to influence a public forum on nuclear power.
Kan said if true, the problem concerning the nuclear watchdog recalls goverment offices and drug
companies that failed to regulate HIV tainted blood products.

280 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/01(月) 22:27:05.30

10: This firefighter says they realized the embankments would give way, so they decided to evacuate
while it's still possible even before an official order.

32: Out of concern for her special requirements the company has allowed her to work from home on
weekends. Nagai says she feels sorry that she is getting preferential treatment. She says it makes her
feel nervous when the weekends approach.

44: Asked whether revising the Child Allowance Law would be an option, Okada says he has always
insisted that the important thing is the content, not the format.

281 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/02(火) 22:23:28.66

23: The restaurant says the number of customers is unchanged and it can make a big profit
because the cost has fallen. This person says she doesn't stick to Japanese ingredients because
the restaurant she likes.

32: This doctor says Matsuda suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. Matsuda's been treated in the ICU.
He is unconscious and the situation appears to be very grim.

282 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/02(火) 22:36:03.37
52: The Giants failed to exploit the chance and to overcome Nomi's pitching.

283 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/04(木) 22:23:03.97


00: He had been in intensive cares since suffering cardiac infarction on Tuesday during training with
members of his new team.

02: Hayano says Matsuda was a bit wayward, so some people thought him selfish.

10: He hopes municipalities can put the map to good use.

25: The online security firm says anti-hacker measures are lagging behind in Japan due to the small
amount of damage caused until recently.

40: Industry Minister Banri Kaieda is apparently trying to rejuvenate the top lineup. He's also chosen
an official with few links to the power industry to head the Energy Agency.

284 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/04(木) 22:24:16.04
...φ(。。) 8/3分

10: Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda said the Japanese currency is too strong. It seems that the
yen's strength doesn't reflect the country's economic situation. The market focuses on whether
the central bank and the government will take action to curb the yen's appreciation.

25: Soda says ten years is too soon. The cleanup in the decommissioning could easily take double that time.
He says it will have considerable repercussions for the future use of nuclear power around the world.

43: It's the Akita Kanto Festival which has just started in Akita City. The bamboo poles have lanterns
fixed to them to resemble rice. The bamboo poles are balanced on foreheads and shoulders. Some of the
poles are as high as twelve meters. That's very impressive. Carrying those poles must be very strenuous.

285 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/05(金) 22:24:03.94

34: Two giant holes can be seen at the site. Where the twin towers stood there are now two huge pools
with artificial waterfalls. Surrounding the pools are bronze parapets still under white covers inscribed with
the names of all those who died in the September 11th attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington.

55: Hisao Takemoto, who was the head of the now defunct stadium named Hiroshima Shimin, meaning
citizens, has seen many enthusiastic Hiroshima fans.

286 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/07(日) 19:36:02.33

00: It was a scorching day and crowds flock to the beaches to swim.

22: Following the sudden death of Japanese succer star Naoki Matsuda, workshops have been held
around the country on how to resuscitate heart attack victims.

287 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/08(月) 22:29:32.12

13: On the other hand, in the event of poor harvest rice prices will rise and the farmer would make
less by selling at the future's price. But even so, the futures market ensures the farmer has the
certain guaranteed income without fluctuations due to the weather.

Today dealers specializing in commodities futures were bombarded with purchase orders from
investors and rice wholesalers.

59: Ishikawa says he sincerely hopes that he will be in a contention in the near future again.
He says he wants to be a golfer who can win by playing a truly watertight game.

288 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/09(火) 22:21:31.41

02: Britain's austerity policy was introduced in a bid to prevent the country from falling into a debt crisis.
But that policy is facing a strong public backlash. Standard economic models adopted by many of the
world's leading economies for years now look as if they have outlived their usefulness.

03: The effect of the fall in New York reverberated around the world. The key index in the Tokyo Stock
Exchange fell nealy five percent before edging up slightly to close below the 9,000 line for the first time
since March 17th.

289 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/10(水) 22:20:46.88

03: The scorching heat that smothered the Japanese Archipelago today caused many people to become
sick at the series of events attracting the young.

22: Asked if the job requires expertise, the broker says it's a manual job like tightening screws.

290 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/11(木) 22:27:51.98

06: So why does high humidity make people feel uncomfortable? When humidity is low, sweat will soon
evaporate. Heat is lost through evaporation and that lowers the body temperature. But in high
humidity, the sweat stays put, making people feel uncomfortable and hot. Body temperatures will not
go down.

09: The yen's rise just came as companies are recovering from the effects of the accident to the
power plant. They've lost the edging price competition. Many companies feel that buyers are not very
responsive in business negotiations.

34: Kan says that given the magnitude of the risk the nation should aim to create a society that does
not need to rely on nuclear power. He says he believes the next administration will continue to verify
the lessons learnt from the nuclear accident.

35: Speaking in January, Kan described the opposition's lack of cooperation as treason against history.

291 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/11(木) 23:57:19.07
as companies are recovering => as companies were recovering

292 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/12(金) 22:25:55.59

05: Holidaymakers planning to spend their bon summer vacations in their hometowns and resorts are
making an exodus from Tokyo and elsewhere, resulting in congested roads and packed bullet trains.

16: The Radio Kaikan faced a major turning point in the late 1990s. It was the time when Akihabara
was undergoing a sea change from the electric town to the town of animation and video game fans.

37: Members of the platoon were divided on whether to take the boy prisoner or let him go. Some said
since the boy was an enemy he should be taken prisoner. But Fujii argued the boy would be executed
if taken as a prisoner aboard. Fujii as the commander of the platoon decided to hide the boy. He believed
they would be able to harbour him because his platoon often acted independently from others.

293 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/13(土) 19:53:08.10

21: Government organizations have to ask for help from hackers because of the growing threat of
cyber attacks, some of which are believed to be conducted by foreign governments. The e-mails of
several hundreds of people including senior U.S. government officials were accessed in June.
This attack is suspected to have originated in China. The U.S. Defence Department recently
declared cyber space a major operational domain.

23: Prosecutors have indicted a twenty-year-old man for killing a three-year-old girl in Kumamoto City
in March this year after a psychiatric test determined that he is capable of bearing responsiblity.

294 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/14(日) 19:47:35.36

16: In this scene Akagi says art is like magic because once you get absorbed in it you lose track of
what's happening around you. Her impeccable elocution on stage convinced her fans that she's still in
good shape.

17: But when she turned 87 years old this year, Akagi decided to retire from stage. She said she wanted
to draw a line while she's still physically fit.

26: Shirakawa Gakuen pitcher Tsubasa Kawagoe says he's really sorry as he feels his school could have
won the game.

295 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/16(火) 22:12:09.99
12: Stefano says middle-class families like his have already cut their spending to the bone.

14: This woman says she tries to avoid using strollers as much as possible and tries to carry her
child around.

40: For breakfast Shimako sliced a young yellowtail her son has caught.

296 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/16(火) 22:16:42.94
has => had

297 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/17(水) 22:27:32.61

01: The capsized boat was carrying more than 20 people including two skippers.

17: Fish like horse mackerel, sardine and saury contain substances like EPA and DHA in large
quantities. She says she believes the substances act to reduce the risk of diabetes.

22: He says the impact of the disaster was so huge that still difficult to fathom even five months on.

50: His brief loss of control lances him in a spot in the sixth. He allows a hit and walks two and bases
are loaded.

298 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/18(木) 22:25:16.93

07: Asked what the impact was like, he says he had never experienced an accident before.
He says it felt like a thud and he ended up beneath the capsized boat.

08: According to the president, a tour boat normally enters the vortex with its engine running.

09: The whrilpool was apparently a major factor behind the accident, but the president said passing
the spot was part of regular customer survice.

299 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/19(金) 22:46:22.64

02: This year's national high school baseball tournament featured many one-run games and a record
number of extended games. The players are determined not to give up. The final is tomorrow.
Ahead of the climax we talk with a former player of a team that played in what would be called
"the game bestowed by the gods."

12: The hot weather turned cool today. And what has this change brought about? At this store
steamed buns and hot oden went on sale on Tuesday this week. The store manager says sales began
to boost around noon when the temperature fell.

34: Ohara says the government failed to take reconstruction measures to benefit the nation economically.
To save enterprises hit hard by the quake a four-year debt moratorium was announced. But the government
failed to provide enough support to help companies become solvent again. As a result, much credit whose
payments were defered became bad loans, triggering a financial crisis and bank collapses.

52: Soft Bank Manager Koji Akiyama says the team follows the winning formula in which the leadoff and
second batters get hits and third batter Uchikawa drives in a run.

300 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/20(土) 19:48:12.67

03: Former Land Minister Sumio Mabuchi has decided to run for the presidency of his party. He said
that the party should consider reviewing its decision to suspend the party membership of former
party leader Ichiro Ozawa. Mabuchi says it's natural to change decision if there are new facts.

16: A clerk at a local store says Suzuike was very positive about nurturing the girl and always said
the girl was her family. She says Suzuike didn't seem to have a problem looking after the child.
The foster care system is administered by local governments in Japan. The authorities entrust
children who can't be nurtured at their own homes to foster parents.

301 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/21(日) 19:57:55.75

15: Hirakawa says researchers have heavy responsiblity. He says they should use the data from
March 11th as a basis for retriactively investigating past tsunami going back thousands of years.

21: There are also reports that some people took to the streets in an armed uprising and have
occupied a museum in the centre of the capital, showing solidarity with the anti-government forces.
In response, state-run television broadcast an audio massage by Qadhafi. The message stressed that
Qadhafi's goverment had the full control of the capital. Qadhafi says his forces have fought with
what he calls the rats and have eliminated them.

27: Some areas today had torrential rain and gales.

302 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/22(月) 22:38:10.09

03: University of Tokyo Associate Professor Yasuhiro Kato says soil collected off the coast of Hawaii
contains a rich supply of rare earth metals. Kato and his reserch group made the discovery in the
seabed of Hawaii. He says rare earth metals have great potential as a resource. He says it's right to
say that this dirt contains his dream.

34: In the World Cup Nadeshiko Japan climbed to the top with the pack of astonishing perseverance
and cohesion.

35: Sasaki has higher hopes and Nagasato is saying that she has recently been improving in
leaps and bounds.

44: Hiroshi's made it a rule to turn back whenever Setsuko says she wants to go home.
Hiroshi imitates the sound of a bush warbler which makes Setsuko laugh.

303 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/23(火) 22:29:54.14

21: So this is sovereign risk since the example of Greece emerged. This is about the confidence towards
a nation. We must regain the confidence not in our economy but our politics as well.

22: An active stationary rain front has brought heavy rain to places across the country.
Before dawn cars were plowing through the water like boats on a road in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture.

24: This man says that when he woke up with the sound of the downpour. The rain was falling like
cats and dogs. This woman says the rain was pounding very hard. The intensity was unprecedented.

53: Hijirisawa's squeeze came as a surprise to Nippon Ham players. He drove in a run.

304 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/24(水) 22:31:45.46

04: The leadership election campaign will start in three days. Other prospective candidates are trying
to garner support from party members.

12: This resident says that it's good to have power generating facilities as a backup. And this woman
says the plans are conducive to building a community that's well prepared and secure.

16: Over the years the power industry and the ruling government party have nurtured a cozy
relationship. So the power industry was allowed to become a monopoly. Government agencies were
eager to protect their existing rights, so they advocated the continuation of restrictions.

33: Retirement of a popular celebrity has highlighted the ties between the entertainment industry and
organaized crime. This woman says she was surprised that something like this may be common. This
man says it may be just the tip of the iceberg.

305 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/25(木) 22:28:01.37

41: The Osaka High Court has overturned the lower court decision that for first time held the
government resoibsible for asbestos-related health problems.
In today's ruling the court said the state obliged factories to install ventilation in1971, and said
the state's anti-astestos measures were not particularly slow.

56: He blasted a three-run homer reversing the game to 4-3.

306 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/26(金) 22:19:56.72
=> for the first time
=> responsible

307 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/26(金) 22:20:56.55

12: Agriculture Minister Michihiko Kano, a middle-of-the-roader, is calling for reconciliation in the party.

13: Mabuchi says his junior status due to his being elected only three times may be his strength
because he can maintain policies that are free of constraints.

51: Forward Naomi kawasumi says one of Japan's advantages is that the team can maintain its playing
stuff whoever joins the team.

308 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/28(日) 19:47:59.43

08: Kaieda says the next party leader can decide on the election pledges after discussing with the
opposition parties whether to restart the debate from scratch.

20: Asked about plans to move factories out to other country, 27 companies or nearly 30 percent
said they have either decided to do so or are considering it. 21 of those are manufacturers.
This underscores the growing concern about the risk of hollowing out of industry.

309 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/29(月) 22:20:25.98

04: Noda was considered to be out of the running when Seiji Maehara joined the race. But his appeal
for former politics to transcend deep seed of grudges apparently resonated with many party lawmakers
who were fed up with their party's infighting.

09: Another member says many people say they don't want politics to move forward based on
traditional political rationale.

310 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/30(火) 22:30:24.32

00: Japan's new prime minister Yoshihiko Noda has likened himself to a loach, a freshwater bottom-
growing fish. Noda says he will do his utmost in order to make progress in politics with a down-to-earth

24: The company pulled the plug whenever its powe consumption topped its limit. Hirata says this is
the opposite to what a manufacturer is supposed to do.

31: He always pays attention to the angle of the stone. He always tries to put a good spin on the stone.
And he makes it a rule to maintain a 15 degree angle between the stone and the surface of the water.
This is the ultimate technique.

311 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/08/31(水) 22:34:34.57

01: Noda says lots of people, himseld included, want to be a centerforward as it were. But he is
after midfielders who can keep an eye on the whole field.

28; One building owner says the slamp in the property marked its worst in the already slack management
to multi-tenant building.

54: Aoki was tagged out.

312 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/01(木) 22:20:27.44

08: The meeting began in an amicable atmosphere but the LDP wasted no time in trying to keep DPJ
officials in check.

24: Nahomi kwasumi scored the first goal of the match. And with the goal Japan restored its rhythm.

33: He says giving more than ten times of recommended dosage is quite unheard-of.

41: Mitsubishi Electoric says it will raise the price of shipment of air conditioners to be released
this autumn by 5-15 percent due to the rising procurement cost of rare earths.

313 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/02(金) 23:04:42.05

46: --Why is the typhoon moving so slowly this time?
--Well, typoon itself doesn't have any mechanism to move on its own. It is being blown by the wind
that is surrounding it. And there is a high pressure system at sea to the south of Japan, and this is
what is moving the typhoon. If the westerly wind blows, then the typhoon will speed up. However, the
westerly wind is blowing further north, and this situation is not going to change much. Therefore the
typoon will continue to move on only very slowly.

52: The Osaka Regional Tax Bureau says Kansai Electric Power Company has failed to report about
4.5 billion yen in income over the past five years. Kansai Electric allegedly sold iron scrap from the
construction project of its nuclear power plant cheaper than the market price. The tax bureau said
the gap between the actual and market prices was about 1.1 billion yen, and that this amount shouldn't
have been considered as tax-deductable. Including the other items pointed up by the tax bureau Kansai
Electric has already paid the additional and penalty taxes. They said the company and tax authorities
had different interpretations on tax regulations and it's regrettable the tax bureau didn't accept the
company's opinions.

72: Japan's head coach Alberto Zaccheroni says the game was very tough but Japan notched up a beautiful win.

314 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/03(土) 19:57:36.79

The mercury topped thirty-five degrees Celsius in Niigata Prefecture and along Sea of Japan coast
Tohoku region. This is due to what is known as the foehn phenomenon triggered by the typhoon.

Tohoku University Professor Hitoshi Oshitani, an expert on influenza says the fact that the new flu
includes the gene from H1N1 strain means it could be transmitted easily between people. He also says
that because people are not immune to the strain of the virus it could produce an epidemic.

315 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/05(月) 22:26:51.13

29: The clinic says they have developed hypertension and diabetes as a result of stress and lack of
excercise during their prolonged stay in the shelters.

52; Japan ended the first half without being able to capitalize a number of decisive chances.

316 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/06(火) 22:23:01.43

30: Most of its 5,500 residents evacuated the town immediately after the accident took place.
Some of them are now returning, but the community remains desolate with no signs of life
returning to normal.

38: Prime Minister Noda invited top bureaucrats from ministries and agencies to the prime minister's
office today and asked for their all-out cooperation. He says politicians alone can't make society
better by themselves and that the support of all bureaucrats is indispensable. He says he wants them
to work together for the sake of Japan.

56: Nippon Ham Manager Masataka Nashida said it was a heavy loss as he counted on Darvish to win
today's game.

317 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/07(水) 22:29:54.91

25: Sakai says people are constantly expressing concern about the future. They wonder what will become
of them. He says people are managing to scrape by, but a lot of them will find that impossible over the long

35: The exodus of people could create a negative spiral. The situation is casting a shadow over survivors
in the disaster-hit regions who want to rebuild the communities.

43: He says the government should present a more objective view pointing out both the risks and the merits
of nuclear power. He says a good educator should help children grow into adults who can consider various
factors and decide by themselves how they want deal with nuclear power.

44: The Democratic administration has introduced a tuition fee waiver program for virtually all high
school students.

318 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/08(木) 22:29:13.08

04: TheKii Peninsula is bracing for more heavy rain after being battered by record-setting downpours
late last week. Evacuation orders are already in fact in parts of Totsukawa Village in Nara Prefecture
due to fears that a blocked river may burst its banks.

39: Ichikawa says that the Defence Ministry is not really the type of institution that takes an upfront
role. But he hopes his ministry will offer firm support to keep the public truly sefe and prop things up
from below.

43: He says unexpected contingencies must be avoided at all costs.

319 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/09(金) 22:27:51.26
00: Hachiro described the visit at a press conference this morning. Hachiro says the streeets and
the communities around the stricken plant are wholly devoid of people. They are effectevely shi-no-
machi, or dead communities.

30: U.S. media have been reporting credible but uncofirmed information that a terrorist attack is
planned to coincide with the tenth anniversary.

23: The players were kept busy and some players were not in top form as they entered the Asian
qualifiers. But that didn't make them mess up the strategies.

35: But when having a good look at the buoys, Tobita found oyster and scallap shells attached to them.
He soon recognised the buoys once have been used at cultivation farms in the Tohoku region.

320 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/10(土) 20:04:20.89

02: Noda met with city and prefectral officials at a prefabricated two-story structure that serves as
the temporary city office. The officials requested thatample reconstruction funds be included in
third supplementary budget and the fiscal 2012 budget so that rebuilding efforts can be expedited.

03: A tree called "the miracle lone pine" stands in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture whre the
prime minister recently visited.
The tree was close to withering away but efforts to restore it have born fruit. Branches were grafted
onto another pine trees and two new shoots have emerged.

321 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/12(月) 22:32:52.35

41: More than 300 clients were introduced by Saito and others in the one-year period till March
last year. Kondo earned more than 120 million yen. He paid 80 million yen to the crime syndicate
and the consulting farm, and kept the rest for himself. In an interview with NHK Kondo says he is
struggling to make ends meet. He says he didn't think much about the problem when he started this
as he was in financial difficulties.

45: Two former senior prosecutors have pleaded not guilty to charges of covering up data tampering
by one of their subordinates.

57: He says he wants to show the strength of a person who suffered the pain of losing.

322 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/13(火) 22:29:10.73

00: Shuichi Soryo from Wajima Fisheries Cooperative says a local fisherman reported that he spotted
an unfamiliar boat at sea. He says seven local fishing boats belonging to the cooperative kept an eye
on the boat until the coastguard arrived.

05: The extraordinary Diet session convened after haggling between the ruling and opposition camps
over its duration.

17: The projection shows that it would be more than 100 billion yen cheaper to build the dam than the
alternative proposals.

27: He says nowhere is safe and the country is riddled by the explosions, assassinations and roadside bombs.

42: The bureau says its investigation has found that the dam is over 20 meters high and could cause
serious damage to communities downstream if it breaks. But it says it doesn't know how much rain
will cause a rupture.

323 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/14(水) 22:38:47.53

00: There is no laid-up in the blistering heat across the Japanese Archipelago today.

07: A fishing boat skipper who was at the site when the nine were rescued says there was a man
dressed in what looked like a military uniform at the stern of the boat.

31: This student says going to an elite university will help him advance in a society that values
academic achievement.

31: He got hired by a mid-sized company but it went bankrupt in six months. Since then he sent
job applications to six hundred companies but to no avail.

55: SoftBank Manager Koji Akiyama says Matsuda's homer was the only good thing about the game
today. He says he's sorry his teammates made mistakes in putting two abroted sacrificed bunts.

324 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/16(金) 22:29:49.51

00: Yesterday many parts of South Korea were subjected to unexpected rolling power cuts. The
surprise cuts caused widespread havoc. Thousand were trapped in lifts.

01: Roads became gridlocked after traffic ligths went out. The blackout was caused by the unseasonably
hot conditons which caused demand exceeding anticipated levels.

22: An excerpt from Yuta's speach: People are completely powerless in face of nature's furies. People
and things precious to us were taken away unrelentingly. The trials posed by the heavens are too cruel.
It's hard and we're frustrated. Yuta says their mission is to bear their fate without resenting the heavens
even in the face of hardship and to help each other out.

48: Naha will also be buffeted by strong winds and can expect rough conditions.

325 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/17(土) 19:51:32.16

07: The organizeres of the event say the plane seemed to have spiraled out of control without any

10: Many people have been voicing concerns over lack of safety measures at air shows. Accidents at
similar events claimed the lives of four pilots in the two years from 2007.

11: Takaharu Ando, the Director General of the National Police Agency says the fallen officers brave
the threat of the monstrous tsunami and chose not to flee and kept escorting residents to safety.

326 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/18(日) 19:55:40.06

23: In the first set it was neck and neck early on. And then in the 11th game Nishikori finally got a
chance to break. With that shot Nishikori won the first set. And this seemed to spur him on. His
powerful forehands secured Japan a return to the world group for the first time in 27 years

29: Children try to find a way through a maze in a field of two-meter-tall pampass grass at the theme
park in Fuji City. They finally made it to the finish line.

327 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/19(月) 22:31:28.01

01: Three days after the disaster struck, Taiwan dispatched a rescue team to search for victims in
Miyagi Prefecture. Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou calls on the public to do everything to assist
friends who are in distress. TV stations jointly aired a special program to raise donations for Japan.
During the four-and-a-half hour show celebrities and prominent figures urged the taiwanese people
to reach out to Japan. The efforts have raised 18 billion yen so far. Taiwan is by far the largest donor
to the disaster-affected region.

50: Between the matches people in the audience take up their pens to check a list of answers.
This person say it's going pretty well. Another says she feels satisfied. 1,000 questionnaires are
distributed each day. All the bouts in the top Makuuchi division and the Juryo division are valuated
by four levels ranging from "very satisfied" to "dissatisfied." The names of the three wrestlers who
get the best reactions from the crowd each day are posted on the internet and anounced to the

328 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/20(火) 00:53:00.70

329 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/20(火) 01:34:15.60

330 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/20(火) 02:36:57.77


331 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/20(火) 04:53:17.40

332 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/20(火) 22:57:08.57

42: Toshiaki Nakayama is head of the private research firm Tokyo Kantei. He says that as a result of the
March disaster there is little to suggest land prices will recover anytime soon. Nakayama says land
prices will probably increase a start in next year when reconstruction in the disasterphit areas goes
in a full swing. However, he says for the time being the likely scenario is that land prices will contine
to decline at a relatively slow pace.

47: Tohoku University Professor Emeritus Nobuo Shuto says many people claim the scale of the March
tsunami was beyond their imagination, but they will not be able to prepare for major disaster with such
a mindset.

50: Tokyo Police say some of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry servers that came under a cyber attack last
month were automatically connected to websites in China and other nations. The company says so far
no data has been compromised by the attack. Police suspect that someone was trying to steal data.

333 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/22(木) 22:29:15.47
13: Miura says he got up at dawn today and he found that the hill had alomost given way, the entrance
of the housing was buried in mud and a nearby road had collapsed.

24: Japan usually keeps a low profile at the United Nations.

A leading U.S. newspaper says in its editorial that the U.S. is tired of the revolving door of prime
ministers in Japan.

49: Asked how he managed to beat almost invincible Hakuho, he says that it's just the way it happened.

53: Ahead of the game Chunichi announced that Manager Hiromitsu Ochiai will step down at the end of
the season. The club's representative Ryohei Sato says he wants to blow some fresh air to the team.

334 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/23(金) 10:12:27.97

municipal (ミュニシュパゥ) で覚えてるから、

municipality (ミネソパラティ) って言われると?あれっ…てなっちゃう

個人的には eligibility もNHKだと(アレジビリティ)って聞こえる様な気がする

335 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/23(金) 22:34:29.44

16: Markets want the Greek debt to be dealt with in a planned, instructed way including debt
cancellation. Markets want Greece to default in an orderly manner.

17: But this time, the last bastion threatens to collapse, meaning governments cannnot put in
any more money. No one can help, the ailing financial institutions nor the governments, and no one
knows what lies ahead.

41: The United States is continueing last-minute efforts to dissuade the Palestinians from making
their bid.

54: In the eighth inning was a watershed moment.

336 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/09/24(土) 05:47:28.59
ニュースで英会話 2011年09月23日(金)の放送内容

A local newspaper says people are staying indoors as the missing creatures may be hiding in the area.

これのビデオの方 hiding が hygiene に聞こえた

337 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/24(土) 19:58:04.02

02: In a historic move the Palestinians have applied for full U.N. membership as an independent state.
What drove them to sidestep peace negotiations with Israel to take such a bold move.

06: The United States, which strongly opposes the Palestinians' bid, is urging the other counsil
members not to support the move and threatening to veto it if it is approved.

17: Einstein's theory of special relativity says no substances with mass can travel faster than light.
But their results contradict his theory. The findings have prompted a global debate about whther a
substance that can travel faster than light really exists.

338 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/26(月) 22:32:00.44

10: At the same time, lawyers reprisenting Ozawa called the rulling totally unfair. They said it is just
a mishmash of faithless assumptions and they have no doubt that it will be thrown out by the appeals

15: Attorney Masaru Wakasa says the court determined certain facts based not on confessions but
only on circumstantial evidence.

24: But a new development may concern many users. Some U.S. phone carriers are discontinuing the
flat fee rate plan and starting to introduce a pay-as-you-go plan. Some Japanese carries are also
taking measures. They are restricting traffic speed for certain period for heavy users.
SMBC Nikko Security Senior Analyst Shinji Moriyuki says there is a disparity between heavy users and

339 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/27(火) 22:33:04.34

14: The fire department says the structure houses spray cans containing combustible gas. It is
trying to confirm the contents of the warehouse and determine the extent of the damage.

23: His uncle is the third-generation Ennosuke who has had that stage name for nearly half a century.
He is known as the founder of a new genre of Kabuki, known as Super Kabuki, which combines modern
wording and electronic music with traditional theatrical methods. Kamejiro says that he considers the
name Ennosuke to be equivalent to god. He says that whatever he does, he will never be able to depart
from the framework of the third-generation Ennosuke.

340 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/28(水) 22:40:58.87

01: And the plane tilted some 131.7 degrees to the left. This meant the plane was virtually flying

10: More than 50,000 Japanese live in Shanghai, the largest population of expatriate Japanese
in the world.

22: A document provided by an alibi shop was allegedly used in a fraud case. Sixty-four-year-old
construction firm president Mikihiro Sawada in Sapporo has been arrested. He allegedly asked an
alibi shop to fake a withholding slip and othe income tax documents to borrow money from a
housing loan company. Police believe the suspect swindled the total of 250 million yen from the

25: Flogging is the punishment still carried out for various offenses in a nunber of conservative Islamic
areas. In Saudi Arabia a woman has been sentenced to flogging for defying the kingdom's ban against
women's driving.

44: Kotoshogiku says he will make every possible effort to attain the state of banri-ikku, and never
tarnish the title as ozeki. The phrase banri-ikku was used by the Edo-period swordsman Miyamoto

341 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/29(木) 22:26:26.15

04: He apologized for causing trouble, pleading ignorance. He said he'll equip his bicycle quickly
so that he doesn't violate traffic laws again. At a bicycle shop in Tokyo, fixed-gear bikes are displayed
in the best possible spot to catch people's eyes.

28: NHK has fully learned that the cyber attack was meticulously planned and executed.

42: The housewives of salaried workers are entitled to receive basic pension benefits wihout paying
contributions themselves. Some people are critical of the current pension system for non-working
wives of salaried workers because such wives are treated better than those of self-employed people
or unmarried women who have to pay pension contributions themselves. The ministry has been
reviewing this system in response to such cause.

48: It is the tournament that Miyazato won six years ago as the youngest player on record and
gave her a foothold for the U.S. tour.

342 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/30(金) 22:32:26.15

00: Sushi is familiar to people around the world. However, today another Japanese food product wasabi
got the world by surprise. Wasabi, a green paste resembling horse radish, is indispensable in making sushi.
Researchers who studied making use for one of wasabi's characteristics were awarded a prize. The
presentation ceremony for the annual Ig Nobel Prize was held at Harvard University in Massachusetts on
Thursday. The U.S. Science Magagine initiated the annual prize twenty years ago. It's a parody of the Nobel
Prize. The Ig Nobel is for honoring creative studies and achievements that first make people laugh and
then make them think.

44: Food is more savoury as appetites growing. In Akita the local specialty kiritanpo, mashed rice pressed
on ceder skewers and toasted, is being produced.

48: It's maybe time to replace your summer clothes with wamer gear.

343 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/09/30(金) 22:45:09.93
=> cedar, warmer

51: Hirokazu Ibata bungled an easy grounder.

344 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/01(土) 19:57:15.62

15: The head of the hospital Hiroyasu Muramatsu says smoking leads to an addiction to nicotine.
He says whether people are able to quit often depends not on the patient's will power but on how
strong the patient's addiction is.

22: Two Japanese firms have pleaded guilty to price fixing. The U.S. Justice Departmet says Hitachi
LG Data Storage has agreed to pay the fine equivalent to 1.6 billion yen for conspiring with others
to rig bids and fix prices in the sale of optical disk drives.

24: SoftBank won three nothing, securing the Pacific League crown for the second year running.
Manager Koji Akiyama says there were a lot of inuries but the players worked hard to make up for
missing members.

*** => decimated
*** => fluorescent

I feel I have made steady progress.

345 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/02(日) 19:51:50.57

08: This person says the government repeatedly says it is considering what to do, but it is not clear
when or what the outcome will be.

13: The funds can be used to support local tourism, agriculture, forestry and fisheries and used as
the prefecture's own discretion.

16: Even at 69, he is full of life and doesn't show his years. Kikugoro says when people began to perform
kabuki many years ago, it went ahead of its time. He says they shouldn't become conservative or
hesittate to incorporate new features. He says they shouldn't forget that pioneering spirit.

346 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/04(火) 22:31:21.36

01: These high school students caught the eye for inevitalble way of coping with the chill.
It was so cold this morning. This girl left home with a blanket wrapped around her waist.

30: The section chief says that at first the robot was like a child that was just learning to ride a bike.
He says it would advance a little but soon fall over. He says they looked into why the robot was unable
to balance itself and tackled each problem in turn, and then the robot became able to ride longer
distances. But now the robot can do even more. This year the robot is trying more complex skills
such as negotiating curves and slopes.

33: Ministry officials learned that a tsunami of the same height resulted in different fatality rates in
defferent areas. The coast line of Sendai City was compared with Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture.
The map on the left show Sendai, which is flat land and the one on the right is Ofunato, which has a
ragged coastline.

41: The South Korean government says it will interview the nine to determine their identities and the
motivation for escaping. The government will then help them acclimate to South Korean society.

56: Orix starter was Shinya Nakayama, aiming to stretch his winning streak to six. His teammates gave
him firm support to help him get off the hook.

used as => used at

347 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/05(水) 22:45:24.39

03: The Chinese economy is losing steam somewhat and the Chinese government implemented
money tightening measures. As a result, the rich Chinese are taking enormous amount of their
wealth overseas which is safer.

18: Asked about how he felt when he learned of the charity auction, the official says he was so grateful
and cannot find words to express his gratitude.

26: He says Miyagi Prefecture will need 2.1 trillion yen to finance the projects such as moving the
residents to higher ground or inland areas as well as reclaiming the land which suffered severe subsidence
of the ground after the quake.

33: There is a selling item that's been quoted by office workers in their thirties while consumers remain
tight on their purse strings. They are anxious to have their suits tailored. You may associate made-to-
order clothes with something unaffordable. But now a set of tailor-made suits is available for fairly
reasonable prices of around 30 to 50 thousand yen. Suits are said to be fighting gear for company
employees. Businessmen in their thirties known as "the lost generation" for their scepticism over the
established sense of value had to call on one company from another wearing their fighting gear to land
a job in their extremely tight labor market.

348 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/06(木) 22:42:44.11

02: He says his aids' conviction last week has no legal basis and that the judge recognized the evidence
presented based on his suppositions and conclusions. He says it's unprecedented and tantamount to
the death of the judiciary.

37: Why have so many bears been spotted this season? One of the major reasons is believed to be a
poor crop of acorns which are favorite food of bears. Last year's good acorn harvest is also said to be
another reason. Professor Toshio Tsubota of Hokkaido's University Veterinary Department says the
number of cubs increased this year because nutritional conditions were good for bears last year.
He adds that weak bears tend to come down to urban areas as the bear population increases in the

41: Defence Minister Yasuo Ichikawa and Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua have agreed
to promote exchanges of defence personnel between the two countries for the development of a
strategically reciprocal relationship.

349 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/07(金) 22:38:35.26

03: The iPhone has become a worldwide social phenomenon. We asked users why they signed up with
either Japan's two iPhone providers. This man says KDDI has better coverage. It's very improtant that
calls get through. This man says SoftBank probably offers better high-speed data transmission.

12: In Cleveland several hundred people gathered to protest the widening wealth disparity.
"We really fought that, you know. He was, because he's a black man, you know. He's going to do a lot
of things for minorities. He's going to do a lot of things for, you know, the trampled population.
He didn't do that."

23: Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii says the government should revoke its former tax reduction
policies including corporate tax reduction for large companies and securities transaction tax reduction
for wealthy investors.

24: Former Democratic Party leader Ichiro Ozawa has been diagnosed with a ureteral calculus. He was
taken to a hospital by ambulance last night.

39: A group of high school students visited Kesennuma on a school trip earlier this week. They became
the first group to visit the port town for a school excursion after the disaster. Students saw the badly
damaged town. The student says the situation was much worse than expected. Another student says
actually seen the scene rendered him speechless.

350 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/08(土) 19:59:08.74

02: Since Maehara's announcement, no substantial progress has been made. Sumio Mabuchi
became Land Minister a year ago. He decided to temporarily shelve the decision of Maehara and
make a final decision within a year whether or not the dam will be built.

04: Maeda says some of what the gavernment has said may be correct. He says the government
needs now to responsibly carry through the projects already decided on.

21: Japanese pop culture has a deeply rooted popularity in Asian countries. But compared to rival
South Korea, Japan has been slow in making it sales pitch. It's also been slow in taking counter
measures against piracy and so far hasn't been very succcesful businesswise.

25: This afternoon a fire broke out at a brewery in Fukuoka City. No one was hurt. The two-story
wooden building in Hakata Ward was built in the 1870s and was registered as a tangible cultural asset.

351 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/09(日) 20:18:53.73

00: A centuries-old sacred dance performance that was on the brink of disappearing due to the March
disaster has been revived.

02: A doctor is examining children's thyroid glands by ultrasounds for tumors or other normalities.
Doctor says the white area shows a thyroid gland and that a tumor will register as black.

15: In the old lunar calender morning dew cold around this time of year people can feel the autumnal air
and expect winter is coming soon.

21: Back in September Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said that once the stress tests are complete
and the host communities give their consent, the government will give the greenlight to operations.

352 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/09(日) 20:22:43.96
I wonder whether #647 at a certain thread saw my response and trial translation: I'm the 862,957&996.
It would be better the last line to be as follows:

...And a Korean claims it originated in his motherland!!

353 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/10(月) 22:40:17.84

02: Residents of Sumida Ward are attending a briefing on a draft city ordinance to protect the city
landscape. Tokyo Sky Tree is set to open in May next year. The ward office hopes to instate a zoning
code restricting the types of buildings that can be constructed in the tower's vicinity. The ordinance
would ban advertisements and signs that are not related to the area. The height and building ratio of
all structures are restricted. And sex establishments would be prohibited.

27: In addition Noda visited a firming corporation that has achieved large scale farming by amalgamating
several smaller firms.

46: Saito says he should thank to Brewers Manager for sending him to the pithcer's mound in such a
crucial time. After allowing a hit, Saito faced the tough spot with runners on first and third. Cardinals
slugger Albert Pujols stepped up to the plate.

354 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/11(火) 22:40:06.38

00: People can bring their own foods to this shop in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, to test
them themselves for radiation. Consumers flooded to the shop just after its open today.
The company in the city opened the shop in the commercial area near the station.
There are six dosimeters here that people can use to test foods that they bring with themselves.

05: Pension benefits are an important source of imcome for retirees. However, the eligible age
to receive pension payments may have to increase in the future.

25: This resident was involved in the planning. He says the plan should be implemented promptly
to give residents the strength to overcome the predicament.

35: Akimoto says he disposed of the crops on the zone in the presence of a prefectual official
except one kilogram of rice for radiation tests. He says he's sorry about the rise on which he
lavished so much care for so many months. Akimoto says someone had to pave the way for the
farmers in this remote village to hold on to rice farming.

355 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/12(水) 22:39:29.22

03: An expert told Setagaya Ward that rainwater gathered at the spot in question raised the
radiation level.

08: He says he is worried that unfounded rumors may hurt sales.

10: This man says the situation may be worse than the aftermath of the March 11th disaster in Japan.

11: Jetro's senior official in charge of Asia-Pacific region says As was known from the March 11th
disaster, makers cannot complete production when even one part is not available.

27: Until now, car makers have focused their efforts on producing plug-in electric vehicles as the
key to make them appealing to the general public. Now the companies are shifting their attention to
producing models that supply powers to households by discharging electricity.

356 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/13(木) 22:30:50.02

00: Seiji Maehara says he cannnot help but feel concerned about the prospect of Japan losing its
competitiveness. Why is the Democratic Party policy chief expressing such strong concern?

33: The Himalayan country with the population of only 700,000 is known for its unique idea of
Gross National Happiness, or GNH, which emphasizes people's well-being.

36: Butan is facing an uncontrolled wave of modernization. The ban on televison and internet was
lifted in 1999. Information obtained from these communication networks prompted young people to
seek material well-being.

38: Many youths cannot find jobs while a number of well-off who own automobiles thanks to the
nation's modernization on the rise.

48: The main reason why he has not won any tournaments so far is his drive which he has been
very good at.

357 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/14(金) 22:36:19.42

00: Gohara says he is frankly flabbergasted by the report produced by Kyushu Electric. He says the
utility has cherry-picked their findings and made it appear it is willing to act on their recommendations.

09: (In the booklet made last year) only two pages are dedicated to explaining radiation and they say
little about the effect of radiation to the human body. The new book is different. It explains that
exposure to massive radiation can cause burns or cancer and that is important to minimize exposure
to radiation. The book include tips on evacuation and readiness in case of an accident at a nuclear
power plant.

19: On the tape the prosecutor says it depends on the extenuating circumstances. Ishikawa says
he will say what he has to say and leave the matter to the judges.

358 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/15(土) 10:18:28.62
It's not bad sometimes to apply vocablaries and sentence structures I learned from those news
contents to my English writing.

...φ(゚∀゚ )
Nothing can extenuate what you did. You cherry-picked from theses of others and it is only plagiarism.

The main reason why people fear radiation hysterically is that it is invisible and they cannot find
its effect on the human body until noticeable symptoms appear.

I am flabbergasted to see you flabbergasted at the alteration. As is well known, the revised
specifications went open to the public last year, so you could have found the point in question
with adequate attention.

359 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/15(土) 19:57:29.60

00: The U.S. government is set to urge Japan to take specific steps to relocate U.S. Futenma air
station in Okinawa. NHK has learned that Washington will soon ask Japan to seek Okinawa's
permission by June next year to reclaim waters off Nago City where the bases due to be moved.

03: The more time it takes to transfer the troops, the more it will cost. The U.S. Government
Accountability Office estimates that the U.S. cost burden has already trippled to some one trillion yen.

06: Earthquake experts are questioning why the March erthquake could not be predicted. The
Seismological Society of Japan is holding a symposium in Shizuoka City where they review their
past research and their role in the nation's disaster management. Nagoya University Professor
Takeshi Sagiya says the Magnitude 9 quake was beyond any of their expectations. He says they
must identify the problems that led to their failure to predict it and invites candid opinions from

360 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/16(日) 20:05:52.09

00: Paper product and diaper maker Daio Paper Corporation is filing a criminal lawsuit against the
former chairman who allegedly failed to repay his personal loans from the group companies.
The former chairman who borrowed more than eight billion yen, also allegedly failed to explain how
he spent the money. A special squad from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has begun
investigating the case and asked the company to voluntarily release documents on the case.

07: The Thai government in a whirl is trying to help stem flood-related damage. About 500 ships
have been positioned in many spots on the river and their propellers activated to send river water
into the ocean.

19: In Iwate Prefecture about thirty people walked along the tracks of Sanriku Railway. Most of
the company's lines have been stopped since the quake and tsunami hit the Sanriku coast.
The crowd walked the 2.5 kilometers stretch, writing prayers and messages of encouragement
on sleepers and stones along the tracks.

361 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/17(月) 22:24:20.85

04: One of Japan's best-known home appliance brand has been bought by a leading Chinese
electronics firm as part of its marketing strategy for Asia.
Now that Chinese shopping sprees have extended to buying up a well-known Japanese electronics

11: The heart of the problem is not on what the governor said or did not say but is about the
collusive relations between electric companys and the government.

28: Hamada says there are over 5,000 hazardous sites on manmade reclaimed land where no measures
have been taken to counter liquefaction.

362 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/18(火) 22:34:36.88

00: The police launched a crackdown on illegal cyclists in Tokyo's Nakano Ward today. The traffic
light has turned red but cyclists don't pay any attention. They've been stopped for ignoring the
red light.

21: Newborn babys' antibodies passed from their mothers protect them from infectious diceases
such as measles. The immune system can work against infections until babies turn around six months.
In the case of the RS virus, it is difficult for people to have antibodies even after they become
infective with the virus. For that reason the amount of antibodies to be passed from mothers to
babies is small, causing serious infections in babies under age one and some cases.

26: Let's look at how the money was illegally withdrawn. The method that was used involved
infiltrating personal computers with spyware to steal IDs and passwrords unbeknown to bank account
holders. A computer virus is often attached to e-mails disguised as a letter from a bank. If you
access to the bank's web page and input your ID and password on the infected computer, your ID and
password are sent to the perpetrator.

56: Seibu won 4-3. Seibu ended the season in the third place, clinching a slot in the playoffs.

363 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/19(水) 22:31:32.91

16: So how can we protect ourselves from those viruses? First, you should download applications
from reliable sites run by mobile phone carriers where virus checks are conducted. Second, use
a virus scanning security software. And conduct frequent updates of basic softwares of your

30: Forty-four local authorities are eligible for government grants that are provided to places
that host or are looking at hosting nuclear facilities. The grant scheme has been a financial bonanza
for local authorities.

50: Ochiai felt the usually cool-headed pitcher was slightly ruffled, so he approached the mound.

Ochiai says that pitchers sometimes send signs to the bench, saying they want help. He says you
have to look closely or you won't notice it. Ochiai urges people to watch baseball with this in mind.
It will be interesting because each player has particular quirks.

364 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/21(金) 22:41:39.85

09: The plan aims to reorganize Osaka City and Sakai City in special autonomous districts with
population of 300,000 to 500,000. It calls for reorganizing Osaka Prefecture and the cities in the
prefecture to create Metropolis of Osaka governed by metropolitan governor of Osaka who'd be the
only official exercising command.

42: It is government to come to the rescue when problems take place of banks. So if the cisis of
banks becomes more accute then that will exacerbate state finances. This is a mutual negative
chain reaction between the government and the banks making it difficult to resolve the problem.

365 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/22(土) 19:58:16.97

03: Many cameras are manufactured in Thailand. The yearend and newyear shopping season will
no doubt be affected. Sony, for example, was forced to delay the launch of a new product because
of flooding damage. Other manufacturers have also reported delays in the shipment of some
products with some taking up two weeks insted of three days to reach store shelves.

06: More than seven months have past since the March earthquake. Today people participated in
the events to pray the souls of victims in the disaster and remember their hometowns devastated
by the quake and tsunami. The national championships of poetry recitation in the form of a boxing
match were held in Tokyo today. The participants cited their original poems in the ring.

15: Amid the growing cases of illegal withdrawals of money from online bank accounts a new scam to
steal personal identification numbers has been discovered. This shows a table of random numbers
distributed to the depositors which is common in Japan. The use of random numbers has been
provided for internet customers to identify them as depositors. But cases are growing in which the
whole table of random numbers has been stolen.

366 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/24(月) 22:33:57.57

00: The taxi ran through a fence and fell onto the rail tracks and the train that came into contact
is still remaining there.
The passengers are still waiting in the train cars. There are no reports of injuries to them.
JR Yokosuka Line remains inoperable between Tokyo and Kurihama on both inbound and outbound

06: But he says relocating it to Henoko will be prolonged and will be nealy impossible and this
could lead to a mud-slinging match

42: An increasing number of people suffer from depresson triggered by stress from work.The Health,
Labor and Welfare Ministry plans to oblige companies to take measures including stresschecks
to maintain the mental health of their employees.
The number of workers who applied for worker's compensation due to depression or other illnesses
caused by stress from their work hit a record high of 1,181 in the twelve months through March 31.
That was about six times the number ten years ago.

367 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/25(火) 22:36:09.88

11: Some of the land is at sea level. Such low-lying areas extend deep in land. This geographical
feature makes it difficult for floodwater to flow smoothly into the sea.

18: The territorial dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands is an everyday issue
for the residents of the Yaeyama District. an Unprecedented situation is underway in the district
over the selection of civics textbooks to be used next year by junior high schools in the district.

It has been screened by the Education Ministrory. But there are differences in the way they write.
For example, on the Senkaku Islands, the currently used textbook says the Senkaku Islands are
Japanese territory, but China is also asserting their position. And the new textbook some of the
board of education are trying to take up says that the Senkaku Islands, though China is asserting
the ownership of them, are inherent territory of Japan historically and due to international law.

41: NHK will also beef up backup power sources of broadcasting facilities to insure continued
service during prolonged blackouts. Secondly, NHK aims to create world-class high quality news
and other programs and to introduce new services that represent a symbiosis between television
and internet.

368 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/27(木) 22:31:48.86
13: Market investors say the latest EU package doesn't mean that credit concerns are gone for
good. For Japan, which is trying to recover from the march disaster, the situation remains dire.

15: Until now, the central bank has been using a war chest of 15 trillion yen to purchase government
and corporate debts and investment trusts in financial markets. The aim was to provid ample
liquidity so that financial institutions would lend more money to companies which would in turn
stimulate the economy.

By putting more money into circulation the BOJ is also hoping to dampen the value of the yen.
However, experts say the move didn't halt the yen's rise today because the government did not
intervene in the market simultaneously. Barkleys Capital Chief Economist Kyohei Morita says
Monetary easing wasn't coupled with market intervention. He says that ironically this reinsures
investors that they can keep on buying the yen.

369 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/28(金) 22:33:13.94

03: Mori sincerely wants to go on farming as his forfathers did. At the same time he doesn't want
Japan's manufactureing industry to crumble. So he wavers between the pros and the cons.

07: Yamada says Tariffs on lumber were abolished before, and Japanese cypress lumber has come
to be sold at the same price as horseradish, two hundred yen a piece.

14: Sources say most of the withdrawn money was remitted to a bank account with ties to overseas
casinos. The withdrawal was made from seven subsidiaries of Daio Paper. The investigator panel says
Ikawa had the subsidiaries remit designated amounts to his own bank account or an account held
under the name of a Japanese unit of a firm that operates casinos.

30: People are still seeking redress for the leaking one year ago of purported secret intelligent files
amassed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police concerning international terrorist threats. Many people
named in the documents say their privacy was violated or that statements in the files are false or

370 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/29(土) 20:03:27.15

15: The operator of this outlet says winter bedding is selling very well with sales having nearly
tripled over the last year. This supermarket official says people seemed to be accustomed to leading
a life without relying much on electricity. He says in light of this he thinks the current trade will

16: The committee says the auditing firm is said to have already identified his borrowing last year
but it did not ask him about it during a meeting in August of this year.

371 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/30(日) 19:52:00.05

00: An early snorstorm has struck the U.S. East Coast, leaving three people dead and two million
hoseholds without power. The center of New York City had about three centimeters of snow.
That's the heaviest snowfall at this time of year since weather observation started in1869.

18: This is Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo drawn in the Edo period. For 400 years it has prospered as the
starting point of five main roads including the Tokaido. And this is the present-day Nihonbashi, the
twentieth in four centuries. Today a festival marked the centennial of the completion of the current

26: Kodaira later said that she still had gas in a tank at the end. Her pace did not slow down. Kodaira
didn't allow takagi to catch up and won the race.

372 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/10/31(月) 22:36:22.98

07: The key factor that is pushing up the yen's value is foreign rather than domestic.
But the government and the Bank of Japan went ahead and intervened again. Asked whether
the effects of the intervention will be limited, Finance Minister Jun Azumi says although he isn't
in a positon to comment on what the market think the intervention, we'll continue until the
government is satisfied.

44: In its ruling the Osaka District Court said it is clear that the defendant was fully capable of
being held responsible for what he did. The court said it is debatble whether hanging is the best
method of execution, but it concluded after hearing the lay judges' opinions as well that hanging
does not violate the constitution. The court sentenced Takami to death.

52: His skillful mix of fast balls and curve balls kept the batters off balance.

373 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/01(火) 22:38:38.11

00: Land prices are adjusted following major natural disasters and the new rates will apply to people
who acquire lands through inheritance or donation with the aim of reducing their financial burden.
Minus step was taken for the first time following the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake. The maximum
assessed land price drop was 25 percent. Urayasu City saw its assessed land prices fall as much as
40 percent. This reflected damage caused by liquefaction.

09: The representatives of these regions said that Japan's participation in the TPP would bring about
devastating results. Toshiaki Matsuzaki of Kagoshima Prefecture's agricultural cooperative says
sugar cane is growing to protect other crops from typhoons or other disasters. He says if no tariff is
levied the sugar cane willl disappear.

36: The disaster threw Sato into severe depression. He was totally apathetic and unable to think
about anything, even photographs. He says he felt guilty about persueing his hobby while everyone
else was working hard to help rebuild the community.

374 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/02(水) 22:40:15.59

01: It is estimated that the quake and tsunami left behind 23 million tons of debris in Iwate, Miyagi
and Fukushima Prefectures. It is impossible to dispose of all this waste within the region. According
to a survay by the Environment Ministry in April, 572 waste disposal bodies including municipalities
and local cooperatives in 42 prefectures said they would accepte disaster debris. But a recent
survey showed that the number of candidates had declined to 54 in 11 prefectures. The number
dropped to about 10 percent because many local residents fear possible radioactive contamination.

The Tokyo government has received 800 complaints by email and telephone. But the government is
sticking to its decision. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara says people should help each other and
he believes Tokyo should help people in the disaster-hit areas.

25: Metropolitan Police say the robbery was masterminded by the defendant Hideto Ozawa. He is
believed to have hand-selected the actual perpetrators of the crime, funded the getaway and
provided a getaway car. Each person had set a role on the robbery. One of the most important parts
of the plan was the informants. Mastermind Ozawa gained access to inside information. His first
source was a complete stranger, a hair salon manager.

26: Tomatsu's conversation with two of his clients is said to have eventually leaked to the criminal
syndicate tipster Ozawa.
Tomatsu was believed to have confided in his hair salon customers.

375 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/03(木) 22:41:51.33

09: Japan's fiscal problems came to the front late last week. The outstanding balance of national
debt was estimated to reach 1,024 trillion yen by the end of the current fiscal year, topping the
1,000 trillion mark for the first time ever. Sovereign debt has triggered a crisis in Greece, thus
spreading concern in other EU nations. Many of these nations are settled with central or local
government debt reaching over 100 percent of their GDPs. In other words, they are borrowing more
than what their economy is worth.

10: Why is Japan, despite its colossal debt, escaping the type of crisis that is hampering Greece?
Analyst Tetsuya Matsunaga of Mizuho Securities says fiscal sustainability is judged by nation's ability
to raise funds. He says the markets believe Japan still has leeway to raise money by hiking the
consumption tax, whose rate of 5 percent is deemed quite low. He says that's why long-term rates
are stable in Japan.

44: You can find clouds of various shapes this season. These ones are called floccus clouds.

*floccus: a tuft of wool or similar clump of fibres. [COD]

376 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/05(土) 20:00:50.95

11: Old bridges are becoming a serious problem for the nation. Because they are degraded, some are
closed or traffic is restricted.
And degradation will become a serious issue for the country.

This is Shinnaka Bridge in Tochigi Prefecture. Cracks have developed on the piers and concrete is
coming away.
Steel girders have become rusty and corroded.

14: The government hasn't earmarked the budget for massive renovation projects.

24: This woman won the contest. She says she is learning a bamboo artwork at a vocational school
in Kyoto.

377 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/06(日) 19:58:40.65

02: Police said the burnt building was more than 30 years old. There are 26 apartments in this
two-story building. Reports suggest 23 people are living in 22 households there. Many of the
residents are elderly citizens living on welfare.

06: He removed materials from storage. He then clean mud from the files one by one.
Suzuki says they are important documents for the town to carry out legitimate elections.
He says it will take time but he must clean them all.

15: President Barak Obama won the previous election by pledgeing economic recovery. But the
U.S. economy has remained sluggish. With the next presidential race just one year away, voter
frustration is mounting.

21: In men's tennis, Japan's Kei Nishikori pulled off an amazing upset at the Swiss indoor event,
defeating world No.1 Novak Djokovic.

378 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/12(土) 19:51:21.66

26: SoftBank leading one-nothing. But in the seventh inning, Chunichi's veteran Kazuhiro Wada
was called on as a pinch hitter. He's a fifteen-year veteran. Tsuyoshi Wada, the SoftBank starter,
hadn't given up a hit at this point. But Wada goes deep, tied the game.

379 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/13(日) 20:05:56.45

04: The opposition Liberal Democratic Party Leader Sadakazu Tanigaki says Noda claims that the
TPP will help Japan draw on the power of growth of the Asia-Pacific region, but he doubts that view.
He says it will be very risky for Noda what to decide to join the TPP negotiations just to support
President Obama's reelection.

06: Prime Minister Noda hopes that by responding to President Obama's expectations he could
patch up the bilateral relationship and eventually solidify his own power base.

16: Hiramatsu says he wants to work with people who love Osaka City and help expand the small
activities of such people into bigger movements. He says a black-and-white political stance or
branding those who disagree with U.S.(?) enemies will never brighten people's hearts.

22: At around four-thirty p.m. today, Keihin-Tohoku line train bound for Omiya hit five bicycles
that were on railway near Kaminakazato station. No passenger was hurt. The site was not accessible
to general public.

380 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/14(月) 22:23:56.90

12: Participation by Canada and Mexico will supply a tail wind to Obama who tries to expand TPP
in the Asia-Pacific region.

42: A list of the contemporary master craftsmen for 2011 has been announced. They include
craftsmen from around Japan who have outstanding skills. On the list is Seietsu Ishine, an engineer
who oversaw the assembly of the asteroid probe Hayabusa, which returned after seven-year jaourney,
bringing dust samples from an asteroid 300 million kilometers from Earth.

51: At initial charge Goeido tries to duck in low, but Kotoshogiku doesn't let him do this. He crashes
out Goeido from the front just as he planned. Kotoshogiku says he's going to step hard on a gas pedal
tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament.

381 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/15(火) 22:31:32.26

00: It's five AM. The police suddenly started clearing the park of demonstrators earlier this morning.
Officers were seen holding down young people by their arms and legs. Some of the young people
were roughly hundled by police offecers as they were bundled into vehicles.

04: Japan's position of starting consultations with member countries to join the TPP talks has left
room for various interpretations.

09: The communication gap between the United States and Japan came to the surface already.
Why should this happen? It's because the Japanese government has been so vague in presenting its
policy. Ambiguous expressions used by Noda only work among those who can tolerate it. The United
States and other countries involved in the TPP negotiations as well as those who oppose to it in
Japan will not accept such vagueness.

24: Preparations for the onset of winter are also underway at the temporary housing area in
Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Insulation has been installed to ward off the cold weather.

382 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/16(水) 22:29:26.48

30: Tokyo Station was completed in 1914. It's made from state-of-the-art steel and reinforced
bricks used in that period. It was designed by Kingo Tatsuno, pioneer of modern architecture. He's
remembered for creating buildings that suited to Japanese environment. He put efforts in making
Tokyo Station earthquake-resistant. Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 destroyed much of Tokyo.
Tokyo Station withstood the huge jolt. So what was the technology behind its steadiness?

This photo was taken during renovation work. Tokyo Station was supported by pine. Ten thousand
piles made of pine were hammered into the ground to supoo35 the building which extends 335 meters
North to South.

34: A surveillance camera shows the Vietnamese shoplifting group making off with merchandise.
Many Vietnamese theft rings of this type have been apprehended throughout Japan.

383 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/17(木) 22:42:56.11

00: Under the happy young king, Bhutan has been building a nation that prioritizes the well-being
of its people over economic growth.

12: Japan's decision to start consultation with countries involved in negotiations for the TPP
showed consideration for the United States. But this time Noda is expected to tell leaders in
Indonesia that Japan wants to promote economic ties within the ASEAN plus three framework
as well. How will Japanese diplomatic policies navigate the differences between China and the
United States?

37: The technology tempers concrete with seawater. It was considered to be unworkable. The salt
in seawater was thought to be concrete's greatest enemy. Gravel and other particles in concrete
tend to swell when they react with salt. As a result, concrete easily develops cracks and breaks apart.
But after conducting experiment the construcion firm discovered that mixing cement made with
less alkaline components with special agent can control the reaction caused by salt. The company
also found the use of seawater can increase the strength of concrete.

But when using seawater, rust on reinforcing rods becomes a problem. It could happen that as rust
develops the reinforcing rods will swell and the concrete will break apart. Researchere tried to cover
the rods with special resin.

384 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/18(金) 22:30:40.39

00: At four-thirty this afternoon, Giants President Tsunekazu Momoi held a news conference and
said the Giants removed the 61-year-old director from his post effective today. He said it would
become apparent that Kiyotake is not fit to serve as a director. Kiyotake set up a stir by abruptly
holding a news conference last week. Kiyotake then says the Giants chairman Tsuneo Watanabe
told him that he would pick former Giants pitcher Suguru Egawa as new head coach and the current
head coach would be demoted. He says Watanabe also told him negotiations with Egawa were already
underway. Kiyotake says this runs counter to the club's internal control and compliance. Kiyotake
said Watanabe tried to reverse the team's decision on a personnel issue although he is not authorized
to do so.

Later that day, the Giants president Momoi also held a news conference, criticizing Kiyotake. Momoi
says Kiyotake held the news conference withoug informing him and this is unacceptable for the
viewpoint of corporate compliance and internal control. Watanabe said in a statement that the
accusation made by Kiyotake lacks commonsense and is a malicious lie. He said Kiyotake defamed him.

385 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/19(土) 19:58:33.13

14: Next, we look at the topic related to iPS cells, or induced pluripotent stem cells, which can
potentially develop into all types of tissues and organs in the body. Speaking at a symposium today,
Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University said he and his colleagues are aiming to start clinical
tests for treating diabetes and other ailments with the cells within ten years. Yamanaka is the
first to successfully create human iPS cells.

20: The priest says he was honestly surprised when the king kindly held up his umbrella for him and
thought the king must be a kind person. He says the king told him war is always going on somewhere
in the world and he wishes the power of Buddhism could end this. Says the priest responded by telling
him he totally agrees with him.

21: And today the king and queen visited a place where Buddha images are on display. Vocational
school students are making the images to pray for reconstruction of the disaster-hit region.
The students are using pine trees from Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, devastated by the
tsunami to create statues. King Wangchuck carefully cut into a Buddha image with a chisel. And the
queen followed suit.

This student says she was touched to see the king and queen treat their handy work with so much

386 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/20(日) 20:03:25.31

01: The difference between the current screening and the previous one is the type of issues up for
discussion. Previous screening covered individual projects conducted by ministries and agencies.
This time government policy and systems are being scrutinized. Previously the targets were projects
conducted by ministries and agencies as well as indipendent administrative corporations and those
funded by special accounts. After discussions panel members determined if a specific project was
really necessary or not. They also decided if it should be continued or discontinued. This time the
panel is discussing the goverment's basic policies on nuclear, social security and other issues.
It will examine problems and present proposals on how to fix them.

13: The residents will actually be heading towards the troubled nuclear plant and at one point halfway
across the bridge they enter the ten kilometer zone from the plant. If an evacuation order is issued
for the ten kilometer zone, the bridge could be closed. Residents question the route, too. This person
says it doesn't make sense to go the other side when that's where the accident is taking place.
He says it's like getting from the frying pan into the fire.

387 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/21(月) 22:29:42.68

02: Why did young people with advanced degrees and expert knowledge blindly follow Aum founder
Shoko Asahara, whose real name was Chizuo Matsumoto, and commit crimes? The tials are over,
but the mystery remains.

How much became clear in the trials that lasted 16 years? Former Aum senior member Seiichi Endo
was given a final death sentence today. He made the sarin used in the 1995 Tokyo subway attacks.
Endo was doing research on AIDS at Kyoto University's graduate school. He joined the Aum cult
attracted by mystical experiences. NHK obtained a confidential tape recording of conversation within
the cult.

The cult founder Matsumoto praised and flattered his followers. Endo who wanted to be right by the
leader is delighted. The tape recording also has parts in which Matsumoto who tells his followers off
using harsh words.

Matsumoto praised and told off his followers skillfully, manipulating their minds.

32: Some critics worry the participating the TPP may have a negative impact on employment.
Noda says Japan's GDP will increase by 2.7 trillion yen in real terms and it will be a positive impact on

388 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/22(火) 22:29:16.67

05: Handreds of thousands of housewives around the country have failed to change their pension
status after their husbands quit their jobs and became self-employed. The government today
anounced measures to resolve the pending issue of housewives' pension payments, putting an end
to a year-long debate. Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Yoko Komiyama says the cabinet today
approved a long awaited bill to revise the National Pension Law.

Housewives are required to notify the authorities when their salaried husbands leave their employees
pension programs after quitting their jobs and start paying their own contributions to the nation's
basic pension system. If they fail to change their status, their pension contribution records thereafter
are categorized as not paid. This means they will receive less pension payments for the portions they
missed to pay.

37: During five-and-a-half months aboard the international space station, Furukawa carried out
various medical experiments. Among them was a test to produce protein crystals using the Japanese
experimental module Kibou. There are hopes that the research will help in a development of medicine
for intractable diseases.

389 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/23(水) 22:30:58.42

00: Popular rakugo storyteller Tatekawa Danshi has died of throat cancer at the age of 75. He arranged
traditional stories for contemporary audiences. Free spirited life also won the hearts of many people.

01: Danshi's public image was someone who rebelled against convention. But his autobiography reveals
another face. In the book Danshi said he would have dropped out of the society if he had not found
rakugo. He said traditional storytelling saved him. Danshi was born in 1936 in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward.
When he was 16 he became an apprentice of rakugo performer Yanagiya Kosan V. He became a master
at the age of 27 and assumed the stage name Tatekawa Danshi. He started to appear on TV early on
his career. He was the first MC of Shoten, a long-running TV program featuring rakugo performance.

Danshi's specialty was classical rakugo stories. He was considered a leading storyteller along with
Kokontei Shincho and two others. But Danshi left the association of rakugo performers in 1983 because
he opposed the group's promotion system and established his own troop.

04: Danshi's remarks and actions sometimes caused commotion. But his main focus was rakugo, which it
describes is an art that tolerates all sorts of emotions and actions.

22: Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day. The flower arrangement in the studio is the work of ikebana artist
Hiroki Maeno. The red and white tones represen Japan.

390 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/24(木) 22:49:40.49
l.9 => along with the late Kokontei Shincho
l.12 => which he describes


03: People in Okinawa have had to live with a bilateral agreement on the status of U.S. forces in
Japan. It was revealed today that Japan and the United States have agreed to punch a hole in this
long-standing wall. Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba says this has been important progress in the
crminal sphere of the Satus-of-Forces Agreement, adding that Japan will exercise jurisdiction over
traffic accidents caused by American civilians associated with U.S. military bases in Japan while they
are on duty.

27: News of a rare phenomenon discovered by a high school girl in Ibaraki Prefecture was carried in
at an America's science Journal. The student just stumbled upon the phenomenon during her
ordinary daily routine. The reporter was in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The group of students at a
prefectural high school say they made the discovery by chance.

In the well-known Belousov-Zhabotinsky or BZ reaction, a mixture of several chemicals with distinct
qualities changes color as it oxidizes and deoxidizes in a seemingly interminable cycle.

391 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/25(金) 22:31:52.37

00: Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura made the following remarks at the news conference
this morning. He says it's true that there is an urgent issue regarding the activities of the Imperial
Family. And what was he referring to as an urgent issue? Currently the Imperial Family consists of
the Emperor and 22 family members. 15 of them or about two thirds are women. Fujimura says
female members of the Imperial Family are approaching the marrying age.

So what concerns does this situation pause? The Imperial succession is stipulated in the Imperial
Household Law. Article 12 says female members of the Imperial Family abandon their status when they
marry someone other than the Emperor or members of the Imperial Family.

If female members of the Imperial Family leave the Imperial household by marriage one after another,
It may not be possible to maintain the current level of activity.

05: Fujimura says the debate must take into account the various opinions of the Japanese people of
different backgrounds. He says he is aware the government cannot afford to leave the issue untouched
but neither should it hold a hasty debate. He feels now is not the time to say whether it will take
certain number of months or years.

392 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/25(金) 22:33:42.97
l.6 pause => pose

393 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/26(土) 11:17:31.44

44: It's 11:28 a.m., the time that the sun rises to the highest point in Tokyo this time of the year.
But it seems the sunlight is not coming from directly above. It's coming from an angle. Famous
tenth to eleventh century Japanese poet Seishonagon wrote the dusk is the best time in autumn.

How do people see autume these days? This man says each day sun that shines into his house
recedes little by little. This is it seems like the sun inches across the tatami mats. This woman says
she feels more rush just as the days get shorter. She feels like she must go home in a hurry, cook
dinner in a hurry and go to bed right away.

There is a reason why people feel the days are getting quite short around this time of the year.
Here is the hours of sunrise and sunset in Tokyo. Today the sun sets at 4:30 p.m., which is earlier
than on the winter solstice when the day is the shortest. The sun sets earlier from late November to
mid-Dicember than in midwinter.

Why does this happen? The sun is supposed to be the highest at noon if the earth's axis is not tilted.
However, the axis on which the earth rotates that connects the north and the south pole is slunted
and the earth's orbit around the sun is not a circle but an oval. Because of this, the sun comes to the
highest spot in the sky a little before noon at this season. On the midwinter day the sun rises later
than now but it also reaches the highest point later. This is why the sun sets earlier at this time of
the year than around midwinter.

394 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/26(土) 19:59:00.18

07: Do you have any idea what tamakon, saikon and abikon mean? They are versions of gokon,
a group which is dating or partying that have been set up in Tokyo's Tama City, Saitama City and
Chiba's Abiko City. Gokon on this scale are called Machikon, meaning town dating or partying
because they involve people in the entire town and have become fairly popular among young people.

17: Nishimoto was called a great manager with bad luck. That's because he never managed to lead
his team to claim the Japan Series title. One game that many people remember is the final game
between Kintetsu and Hiroshima in the Japan Series in 1979. In the ninth inning Kintetsu had a
chance to turn the game around with the bases loaded with one out. Sticking to his principle of
staying on the offensive, Nishimoto signaled batter Shigeru Ishiwatari to go for squeeze. Hiroshima
pitcher Yutaka Enatsu sensed the move and deliberately threw a high pitch. So Nishimoto's Kintetsu
blew the opportunity to become Japan's No.1 team.

395 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/27(日) 20:17:27.24

01: Like a fingerprint, the pattern on a human palm remains unchanged for a lifetime. Police have
many thousands of palm prints on their computer database. The system allows them to quickly
match prints taken from crime scenes with those of ex-criminals. But it has come to light that a
palm print was falsely registered.

10: The United States launched its most advanceed Mars probe yet on saturday. The 900 kilogram
vessel dubbed Curiosity is about the size of a small passenger car, three meters long and two meters
wide. The probe is a mobile laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for analysis.
Its mission is to seek clues of life on Mars, the fourth planet from the sun in our solor system.

26: Hakuho needed one more win to achieve a perfect record in this tournament.

Hakuho says he wants to aplogize to fans. He says he may have been some reaxed over the last
cupple of days because the championship was decided on the thirteenth day of this tournament.

396 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/27(日) 20:19:40.81
=> some relaxed over the couple of days

397 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/28(月) 22:36:19.63

00: Hashimoto has been calling for strong leadership. In June he described it as a dictatorship.
Hashimoto says the most important thing in politics today is dictatorship. He says the thing that is
demanded most of Japanese politics now is enough authority to be called a dictator. Hashimoto's
supporters passed out flyers. The incoming mayor has gained the approval of over 100 members of
the local assembly who joined his party Osaka Ishinno Kai.

05: Hashimoto's approach to promote reforms often considered high-anded and he draws wide range
of opinion. Hashimoto says he's set on achieving the goal of Osaka becoming a metropolis.
Hashimoto's plan for Osaka as a metropolis will not be easy to achieve since it will entail changes for
the relevant laws. Memeber of both the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party are
unwilling to move forward hastily to revise the laws. Hashimoto says at least fifty lawmakers are
needed to submit a bill to the Diet. He says if his group cannot get enough lawmakers to support his
Osaka metropolis plan by the end of March, his political party Oska Ishinno Kai may have to feed its
own candidates for Diet seats.

398 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/11/29(火) 09:14:05.93


sbj (ディストゥ or ディス to) say 〜


399 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/29(火) 22:36:11.99

22: Crime organizations are barred from bidding for construction projects whose orders come from
the state or local autonomies. Those projects can be assigned to subcontractors from successful
contractors. And those subcontractors can assign their work to sub-subcontractors. Crime
organizations target those sub-sub or sub-sub-subcontractors. To conceal their identities they ask
a katagi, an average citizen, meaning a non-gang member, to become the president of their
companies. They can win contracts without revealing their true identities. They've been making
unlawful entry into reconstruction businesses, taking advantage of confusion in disaster-hit regions
where secrity clearance tends to be loose and insufficient.

41: Fukubukuro lucky bags have long been a popular new year tradition in Japan. Every year long lines
form at major department stores long befor opening hours on their first business day of the year.
Customers rushing into stores and jostling to grab a lucky bag have long been a common new year
sight. This woman says she buys one every year. Another person says the fact that the contents
are intended to be a surprise gives them the extra allure. The contents make headlines every year.

400 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/29(火) 22:37:26.59
I suppose you mean "had this to say."

401 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/11/30(水) 00:47:22.34
I'm much obliged for your kindness.

Lloyd George had this to say after meeting Hitler at Berchtesgaden in 1936, after commending Hitler for reoccuping the Rhineland.

sbj had this to say 〜 


402 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/30(水) 22:32:56.26

09: An outlet of leading DVD rental shop chain Tsutaya will be admonished by the Tokyo government
for failing to report an alleged shoplifting scheme to the police. The outlet is accused of buying
from a group of high school students more than a hundred and thirty CDs and other items that
it knew had been stolen.

Shop manager Isamu Sasazawa says dime stores like his operate a narrow profit margin and depend
on a large sales volume. He says they need to sell about twenty items to recover the cost of one
stolen article.

403 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/11/30(水) 22:34:35.97

07: There are many different types of analyses, maybe analyses three to four. Due to dangerous
conditions, it will not be possible to look directly inside of the facility. So it will become necessary to
review many different analyses results. If they are able to achive a cold shutdown, it will take much
longer, thirty years, in order to decommission the reactor. They will need to use robotic arms to
remove the molten fuel. It is crucial to understand accurately what is happening inside the reactor.

10: At first prosecutors refused to tell the attorneys whether there is undisclosed evidence at all.
Five years after Meakawa began his campaign for another hearing, judges urged the prosecutors
office to submit the undisclosed evidence. This came about because the introduction of thelay judge
system, which was accompanied by new disclosure obligations. The public prosecutors office desclosed
99 pieces of evidence some of which were detrimental to the prosecutors' auguments.

58: In the seventieth minute, Leonessa's Ji So-Yun breaks through to score a goal. But eight
minutes later the Arsenal ladies work around the Leonessa's defense to score.

404 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/01(木) 22:32:40.49

22: Erika yamase is a junior at university in Hyogo Prefecture. She hopes to land a job at a midium-
sized trading house specializing in food products. Yamase says she's not too concerned about the
company's scale and is focusing more on corporate culture and fields in which young people can be
active. She says she wants to enter the food industry because she believes women's sense can be
useful. But she encountered an unexpected obstacle. Her mother Masami was not happy with the
company name that she heard for the first time. Erika Yamase's mother says when her daughter
mentioned the company name she was take aback because she never heard of it before. She says
she says she could not flatly tell that to her daughter so she searched on a computer. She says
her daughter studies at university and she'll be happier if her child enter a bigger company with a lot
of capital.

405 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/02(金) 22:50:26.63

22: The top selling book in Japan this year is a detective story. Tokuya Higashigawa's Nazotoki wa
Dinner no Atode, or We'll Solove This Mystery after Dinner. It's a story about a wealthy young woman
turned detective who pursues a number of defficult cases with the help of her butler. This woman
says it was an easy but great read with flushes of humor in it, a great detective novel.

And other four best-selling titles; No.2 and 3 are low-calorie recipe books produced by Tanita
Corporation, manufacturer of scales, body fat gauges and other health-related equipment. The books
give the recipes of low-calorie meals that are served in the company's cafeteria. This woman says
the books give teriffic tips on how to cut calories. She hasn't actually tried out any of the recipes
but it's the great read about them.

37: Tomono says that when the number of inspection routines and regulation increases businesses
think only about the need to clear those items. He says the businesses might have the false
impression that they are safe as long as they clear the checks and that this becomes their job while
securing over our safety on their own becomes secondary.

40: Analysts say TEPCO was looking at trees, not the forest. They say the company was blinded by
the safety myth.

406 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/03(土) 11:58:00.42
44: The list of the ten most popular words for 2011 in Japan was announced today. The top buzzword
was Nadeshiko Japan, the nickname for the women's soccer team. The screening panel said winning
the World Cup title gave Japan hope and courage and that expectations are high throughout Japan
that the Nadeshiko squad's energy will flower further.

23: Fourth on the list is Kokoro wo Totonoeru, or Maintaining Peace of Mind, by the professional
soccer player Makoto Hasebe. He shares says that's on what it takes to achieve personal goals.
This was Hasebe being interviewed on News Watch 9 in July last year. Hasebe says he realized that
Japan would never be world champions unless the players did more to cultivate their individual talents.
Many people were impressed by Hasebe's cool demeanor during last year's World Cup finals in South

407 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/03(土) 20:07:50.47

09: The rice cakes were made of rice flour. They were made in Sendai when electricity and gas
stopped. No heat is required. They were able to preserve the rice cakes for a long period as a staple.
This person who invented the mathod says the food is made only with water as no boiled water or fire
was available.

Let's take a look at this food. Soy bean paste which is a Sendai specialty is mixed with garlic, ginger
and yuzu fruit. This special soy bean paste was made in an evacuation center in Sendai City's Taihaku
district. At the center only rice had been stored in case of an emergency and the main food people
had were rice balls without any ingredients or flavor added.

11: One person recalled his experiences during the second world war. This curry was served with
flour dumplings instead of rice. Jin Hashimoto had to stay home for three days after the quake as he
suffered from low back pain and was unable to move to an evacuation center. A kerosine heater was
the only equipment available for cooking.

12: Kashiwa returned to the first division this season. It wanted to become the first team to win the
league title in the same season after being promoted to J1.

28: Sunshine will return to the Pacific coast but the winds will be strong, creating a wind chill effect.

408 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/04(日) 20:00:29.60
20: The survey first asked people if they feel friendly toward the United States. 41.4 percent said yes
and 40.5 percent said they are more inclined to say yes than no. 82 percent of the people polled
made positive responses up about 2 percentage points from last year to hit the highest ever number.

The Foreign Ministry said many people must have felt close ties with the United States when they
watched American soldiers help the Japanese people in the areas devastated by the quake and
tsunami on March 11.

Now let's take a look at China. When asked about their sense of closeness with China, the percentage
of positive answers was up by 6 percentage points from last year to 26.3 percent, while negative
answers dropped by about 6 points to 71.4 percent

The Foreign Ministry said the collision between the Chinise fishing boat and Japan Coast Guard ships
near the Senkaku Islands in September last year aggravated the Japanese people's feelings against
China but the tension between the countries has eased since then and Japanese people are beginning
to feel more positive about China.

409 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/04(日) 20:01:58.25

07: The russian constitution bans the president from running for office for third straight term. Putin
has now announced he will run again for the presidential race early next year, while having Medvedev
assume the prime minister's post. He also used his party's parliamentary majority to run through a
constitutional amendment extending the presidential term to six years. This has paved ways for Putin
to hold power until 2024 if elected. But this election has put Putin in an upheld battle.

At a combat sport event his speech was interrupted by boos from the audience. Songs critical of Putin
were performed at this concert in Siberia. The group say everything is such a big deal, they don't
understand at all. Damn heads support for Putin, damn heads love Putin. This man says he wants
government officials to hear the song. In Moscow, this person says people no longer appreciate or trust
the United Russia Party. This person says It's high time the government became aware of its
unpopularity and changed its ways.

410 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/05(月) 22:38:15.48
22: The investigation so far has found that sports car aficionados in around twenty vehicles which
were traveling from Kyushu to Hiroshima. The accident occurred in a part of the expressway with
the series of mild uphill curves. A sign just before the crash site warns a 400 meter curve to the left.

today's nw9...φ(。。)

19: Some members of the ruling bloc remain wary of raising the comsumption tax, citing the possible
ill effects on the economy. The public is similarly devided over the matter. This woman says the
consumption tax increase may be inevitable to ease the fears over pensions in the aging of society.
This woman is against the idea. She says across the board tax hike in everyday items would be hard
on the family budget. This woman says she understands. She would have to pay more if you want to
pedal social welfare programs for her child. This man says the government appears rushing to raise
taxes before making visible efforts to cut wasteful spending.

411 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/05(月) 23:04:30.66
pedal => pay the

412 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/06(火) 22:36:24.48

00: A junior high school girl was attacked last month on this straight section of road in Misato City,
Saitama Prefecture. Although a seemingly unlikely crime scene, this may have been the ideal place
for the perpetrator. A suspect has reportedly told police that he wanted to kill pedestrians. During
questioning the police found a machete and a knife in this suspect's pocket and bag.

05: The arrest of an Olympic gold medalist is sending shock waves across Japan. Two-time gold
medalist Masato Uchishiba is suspected of getting a minor female judoist intoxicated and then raping
her. But Uchishiba, denying the charge, says the act was consensual. This person says he was
surprised to hear that an Olympic gold medalist had been arrested. He says it is shame because he was
a role model for young judoists.

All Japan Judo Federation chairman Haruki Uemura says rape is an indecent act for a human being,
let alone for a judoist. He says he feels as though he has been splashed with cold water just as his
judoists are gearing up for the London Olympic games.

13: If the opposition-dominant Upper House passes the censure motion and leads to the resignation
of a minister, there is a concern that this precedent may trigger a domino effect of resignations.

413 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/07(水) 22:53:28.86

26: A ministerial meeting of the UN Climate Conference has opened in Durban, South Africa. The
key issue was whether to extend the Kyoto Protocol, which expires at the end of next year. The
protocol has major problems. China has no obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions even
though it is the largest emiter of such gasses in the world. And the United States, which is the
second largest emitter, is not even taking part in the framework. Japan, the European Union and
other countries required to reduce emissions together account for only 26 percent of the global
output. Japan, which opposes the extending of protocol ..., finds itself increasingly isolated.

35: Hot pot dishes are popular winter treat in Japan. Shoppers may have noticed that this year the
price of ingredients for these dishes fluctuates. Oysters are more expensive while Chinese cabbage
and other vegetables are cheaper. The supply of seafood and vegetables is susceptible to the weather
and other environmental conditions. Their prices reflect the influence of nature.

414 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/08(木) 22:36:29.81
which opposes the extending of protocol ...
=> which opposes extending the protocol as it is


17: This is a vocational school for child care providers. The number of job offers in child care is
doubled compared with two years ago. But the number of applicants to these vocational schools has
not kept pace with the rising demand. Teacher in charge of job placements of the vocational school
says there's been a spike in demand for child care providers, but there are not enough students
graduating. It's serious imbalance between demand and supply.

34: A depopulated town and an IT business are an unlikely pair but apparently have a good chemistry.
And we'll connect the dots for you.

37: The decision brought an unexpected by-product. The circuits are now being used for the internet.
Reactions from the employees; fast! It's really fast, getting goose bumps. The sound quality is super-

415 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/09(金) 22:46:26.80

16: In the midst of deflation, there is a strong opposition against increasing the consumption tax rate
because it may badly affect the economy. Why does the gavernment want to implement a tax hike?
Perhaps they have sense of crisis. They feel they have to do it before it becomes too late. Japan is
experiencing an unprecedented speed of aging. Its social security spending is growing year by year.
And they cannot continue covering it with deficit-covering bonds. And the European financial crisis
may lower the rating of Japanese national bonds. So they are engaged in a sort of a hand-to-mouth
operation. They want to relax the tension of such an operation.

37: The Health Ministry says it's considering easing the restrictions because Japan's safety standards
for beef imports are stricter than those of other countries. The ministry also says the number of
BSE cases has dropped sharply around the globe. In the United States no BSE cases have been
reported for four years. Just like Japan, the U.S. has been listed as a country with controled risk.
It is allowed to export beef if high-risk body parts including brains and spinal cords are removed.

416 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/10(土) 19:56:06.02

22: This is live footage of full moon in Shibuya, Tokyo. Four hours from now, the moon will past
behind the earth, so the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon. A total eclipse of the
moon could be seen in some areas last year and earlier this year. But for the first time in eleven
years people will be able to see the entire sequence of the lunar eclipse from anywhere in Japan.
Conditions are likely to be very good this evening for observing the eclipse.

Eleven years ago a total eclipse could be seen in many places across Japan. The eclipse occurs only
when the sun, earth and moon are lined exactly with the earth in the middle. The dark moon can be
seen slightly colored by solar rays reflected in the earth's atmosphere.

This chart shows the timing of the lunar eclipse tonight. The National Astronomical Observatory says
the eclipse will begin at 9:45p.m. The moon will be covered by the earth's shadow for about 50 minutes
from 11:05 to 11:58p.m. The darkness and color will be determined by atmospheric conditions at that
time. Then the moon will move out from the earth's shadow and become a full moon again shorly
after 1a.m. People will be able to see the total eclipse in any place in the country.

417 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/11(日) 19:58:55.21

14: Ken Shimizu, a student at university in Tokyo, for example, got two transplanted front teeth
after losing their originals in a snowboarding accident two years ago. The year before the accident,
he had back teeth removed to make room for braces. The molars were then frozen to preserve them.
Those back teeth were later transplanted to replace the two that went lost. Shimizu can now eat
normally again.

15: Here is how it works. Between teeth and their sockets is a tissue called the periodontal membrane
which has a spring-like function. Before freezing, a removed tooth with the membrane attached is
soaked in a preservative. The tooth is then stored in a special refrigerator at the temperature of
minus 140 degrees Celsius to keep the tissues alive. The frozen tooth will be available for transplants
if necessary. Researchers say the process revives the membrane which enables the patient to have
the same sense as before when the upper and lower teeth come into contact.

418 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/12(月) 22:32:58.52

42: This footage is from Akita. A big catch of sail-fin sandfish was landed at the port of Kitaura in
the city of Oga. The sandfish comes close to the coast during the winter when the temperature
goes down. The sandfish fishng takes advantage of this habbit. At one point, sandfish fishing was
banned because the number of fish dwindled. Today sandfish is something that people in Akita do not
miss in winter. This man says that this is a great catch. This woman says that thecatch makes her
busy and happy as well.

25: The seventeenth poll had a record 490,000 applications. 6,000 recommended the character
kizuna, or bond, which came in first place. Most of the top 20 were related to the March disaster.
They include the characters for disaster, tremor, waves, help and recovery. Another selection of kanji
characters wes held at this Confucian shrine in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward.

419 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/13(火) 00:08:02.37

「なべ」(鍋物)ってhot pot dishって言うのも最近見たNHKニュースの副音声で知りました。


420 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/13(火) 20:46:13.90
TThank you for your encouraging words. I have got into a habit of doing dictation everyday,
like toothbrushing or taking a bath. So I don't feel it is a sincere effort.

By the way, I have hardly been able to make a live thread for the English news broadcast on
the [NHK LIVE] board in recent days because of a tightened regulation on thread creation.
Would you mind if I asked you to try to make a new one on that board? I will give you a notice
here on this thread when I need your help. It is OK only when you have time.
Could you give me a hand?

421 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/13(火) 22:34:07.42

12: In addition to the disposal of radioactive debris, many municipalities are also struggling with an
increasing amout of radioactive ash from incinerated garbage. It's been about a half year since this
problem first arose, but the central government still hasn't come up with any effective measures
to resolve the issue. The amout of ash is increasing by the day.

13: The issue of radioactive ash from incinerated residential garbage came to light in June this year
at an incineration plant in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward. If radiation levels are high, the ward is not allowed to
dispose incinerated ash at a landfill site. According to guidelines issued by the Environment Ministry
at the end of August, if the radiation level is more than 8,000 becquerels but below 100,000 becquerels
per kilo, the ash can be buried after being fixed in concrete. But Matsudo City doesn't have a facility
to fix redioacitive ash in concrete. It can't do anything but store the ash.

19: The headlines in South Korea's newspapers this morning included wording such as low and insulting
diplomacy. The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo carried an article saying that South Korea cannot
forcefully approach China over the illegal behavior of Chinese fishing boats. It says this is because the
government often asks China for cooperation on issues such as defectors from North Korea.

422 :419:2011/12/13(火) 23:25:57.15
振り返ってみると、スレたてたこと一度もないな、そういえばw そもそもどうやってスレたてるんだろ?w 

423 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/13(火) 23:46:24.13
They say the "THREAD TATESUGI" limit was raised upward, though I don't understand much about it.
I know I can create threads as many as I want by buying "●"(an authorized tool for creating
new threads and viewing past ones), but it is a waste of money only to make live threads.
Thank you for a quick response. Good night!

424 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/14(水) 22:37:34.73

13: Some companies have already started taking steps to make full use of old employees. This is a
temp staff agency in Tokyo. Most of the forty employees at Tokyo headquarters are over sixty years
old. This person says he's marketing development manager. Another person says he also has the
same title. Asked what the titles are, they all say they are division managers. Everyone at the
headquarters says the title of divisional manager. This person says he's comfortable with his job as he
has the same title as before retirement. He says it's nice to have a title on his namecard. Another
person says it makes business easier if he visits his clients with the namecard with a title rather
than without one. The employees all receive the same basis salary but the company tries to boost
their incentive with bonuses that reward business results.

32: The oyster season has arrived. But this winter is an unusual year for producers and consumers
alike. Most farming rafts were swept away along the coast of Miyagi and Iwate, major producers of
oysters. Oyster shipments plummeted to about 10% of a normal year. Another major oyster producer,
Hiroshima, is taking steps to make up for the shortfall. Hiroshima is anxious to help its rival producers
on the Sanriku Coast.

425 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/15(木) 22:47:53.72

31: Many people attempted to flee coastal areas when tsunami warnings were issued at the time of
the March earthquake. But there's evidence that railroad crossings along the coastal regions
prevented people from fleeing.

33: Why did the gate remain closed? Railroad crossings are programed to close automatically when
detecting approaching trains. But when there is a power failure and the system becomes unable to
detect trains, emergency power activates, closing down most gates for safety reasons.

34: The JR Joban Line runs across Tsurishi district along the coastal region when the biggest damage
from tsunami was reported. The then designated shelter was a building adjacent to the city office.
But in order to get there, people needed to cross the railroad.

426 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/16(金) 00:20:14.50

427 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/16(金) 02:45:07.12
con artistだと思う

428 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/16(金) 22:49:17.90

30: But experts say just wearing a mask is not enough. One doctor says people need to change the
way they behave when they sneeze. It's not enought just to cover you mouth with your hand. When
you do that, the virus just escapes between your fingers and spreads out. And there are large
amounts of the virus still on your hand. Professor Intetsu Kobayashi of Toyo University Medical
Departoment demonstrates. He says that if people use an item of clothing they can stop all of the
virus when they sneeze. He says that's one example of good manners that people should observe.
But what'll that virus be on the out of the clothing? Kobayashi says the germs will be on the clothing,
but the clothes are less likely to come into contact with places that other people touch.

429 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/17(土) 12:41:09.23

Thanks a lot

430 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/18(日) 20:12:00.36

13: Fresh revelations shine more light on Olympus's cover-up of over 100 billion yen in investment
losses. People close to the company's management say that former security firm employees were
paid about 15 billion yen in commissions and rewards for teaching the management accounting tricks.
Tokyo Procecuters are preparing to search the offices of those implicated.

It has been revealed that the cover-up losses are over 100 billion yen. Olympus's former auditor
Hideo Yamada and vice president Hisashi Mori helped defer the posting of investment losses from
1998. The sources say that three former security firm employees taught the Olympus executives
how to defer posting losses. The three are said to have advised Yamada and other Olympus executives
to set up funds abroad to accept investment losses. Those three men also took part in covering up
the losses. Two of them brokered Olympus's acquisition of a British company. They raised 63.2 billion
yen disguised as commissions. The other suggested padding the cost of acquiring three firms in Japan
in order to raise 71.6 billion yen. The funds were used to make up the losses incurred by Olympus.

18: To address the safety concerned, the tower's owner announced measures to reduce the amount of
snow and ice falling from the tower. Panel heaters have been installed inside the walls of the observation
deck to melt the ice. Aluminium boards have been installed on the roof of the observation deck to
contain falling snow and ice. Twenty cameras have been installed to monitor the snow. When there is
a chance that snow may fall from the tower, the owner will fax the information to local schools and
neighborhood associations. The company will also send security guards to warn people. The tower's
operator promised local neighborhood associations that it will assume responsibility for injuries or damage
caused by the falling ice.

431 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/18(日) 20:32:09.15
l.13 safety concerned => safety concerns

432 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/19(月) 22:55:31.74

03: Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi held talks with Kim Jong-il in 2002 and 2004 on the
abduction and other issues. Koizumi says he was disappointed as he'd been hoping the missile issue
and other problems could be resolved while Kim was still the contry's leader and paved the way for
normalizing bilateral deplomatic ties.

11: There were increased reports on his movements as if to give the impression that he was well.
Radio Press which analyses reports from North Korea says North Korean media reported on Kim's
activities a record 161 times last year. This year visits he made of factories, military units and other
locations were reported on 157 occasions. The most recent occasion was last Thursday. The
announcer quotes Kim Jong-il as saying that efforts should be made to make sure essential items
should reach every citizen. He was shown visiting a supermarket in Pyongyang along with his successor
Kim Jong-un. Not long after that, report he died suddenly. The announcer says he experienced a
severe heart attack while traveling by train and died at 8:30am.

71: Sugiuchi says that frankly speaking it was not easy to finalize the decision, but he feels good now
that he's made up his mind. Sugiuchi has decided to put on the Giants uniform. Sugiuchi says in a
telephone conversation with his hero Shigeo Nagashima told him to help make the Giants an even
stronger team. He says he wasted no time, saying yes to the honorary manager.

433 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/19(月) 23:56:10.89

surface XXXX inside not liking


434 :アサンジ:2011/12/20(火) 01:47:06.05
pretending to obey but secretly betraying (someone)

435 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/20(火) 20:51:40.58
Here is my dictation (I don't assume this is correct) :
"Hashimoto says he doesn't care if people obeyed on the surface but defied inside or if they don't like him."

436 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/20(火) 22:26:50.85
I cannot thank you enough.

437 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/20(火) 22:38:40.39

55: Swimmers who wore high-tech rubber gear developed by a British maker marked unbelievably fast
times. In Beijin these swimmers grabbed one gold medal after another. In an international swimming
competition that followed the next year, 43 new world records were set. The International Swimming
Federation took notice of the fact that the swimsuits had a huge impact on the athletes' performance.
The federation said new standards for makers developing swimwear. "Definitely, the material will
constitute only by textile fabric." The new models must be made from woven fabric and can reach only
as high as the knees. Makers faced an uphill struggle.

This maker came up with three types of swimming gear. Some parts of the fabric are woven tight to
another parts and different patterns have been developed to cater the different styles of swimming.
Another maker uses two different kinds of fabrics. One is more elastic than the other. The tighter
fabric is used on the back side. The idea behind this is it will help the athlete's kick with more force
because the stretched fabric of the back will try to return to its former shape. This designer says
developing new gear under the strict rules was by no means easy. He says without doubt all the
swimmers will face difficulty in clocking fast times.

438 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/20(火) 22:39:50.61

439 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/20(火) 23:34:12.63
after another→one after another 

440 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/21(水) 20:47:37.34
Please read carefully what was written. You can see "one gold medal after another."

Here are some other examples;

"drag one foot after another" [Genius English Dictionary]

"Throughout the evening one guest after another complimented her on the fine fare and
gay atmosphere of the party." [The Dictionary of English Collocations, Kenkyusha]

441 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/21(水) 20:50:05.32
Would you enter "sage" into the e-mail address field except when you post a question?

442 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/21(水) 22:42:21.41

30: Film Director Yoshimitsu Morita has died of acute liver failure. Often dubbed as a genius, his most
famous works included the Family Games and Paradise Lost. He was 61 years old.

His works sensibly reflected the atmosphere of modern society. He here explains one of the concepts
of his films. Morita says that one's life is short. Its difficult to meet with many different kinds of people.
But he says if you go to the movie theater, you'll be able to see all kinds of people, bad, good and
amazing people.

Morita came to fame by the film Kazoku Game or the Family Game, which featured Yusaku Matsuda
in lead role. Unique style of the work shocked and delighted movie fans. The film dipicted dysfunction
of modern family. In one symbolic scene they are seated at the table side by side, taking the meal
without looking one another.

32: Morita was from Tokyo. He was devoted to filmmaking style in his college years when he worked with
8mm film. He played the main character in the college film titled Movie. Morita made his professional
debut in 1981. He released a string of movies that drew much public attention.

443 :436 & 439:2011/12/22(木) 00:17:38.64
I am extremely sorry for my rude behavior with you.
I will accept your offer.

444 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/22(木) 20:50:29.46
You don't need to apologize.
I appreciate your cooperation.

445 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/22(木) 22:41:20.76

09: This is not the first time the DPJ government had to renegue on a pledge in the election
manifesto. In 2009 the party said it would abolish the temporary tax on gasoline. Then Prime Minister
Yukio Hatoyama says the government decided to maintain the current tax rate. He says he has to
apologize for keeping the tax instead abolishing it. The Democrats also promised to pay families
26,000 yen per month for each child up to fifteen years of age. The plan is to be withdrawn before
that full amount ever being paid. The manifesto also said the DPJ will eliminate all expressway tolls.
No expenditures to achieve this goal will be included in next year's budget. And now, the Yamba Dam.

26: Japanese people traditionally celebrate New Year's Day at home. Recently many people traveled
during the new year's holidays but there is a reverse trend in the tourism industry this year. Major
travel agency surveyed people who have planned to travel during the holidays. The percentage of
people who planned to visit their home towns and stay at their parents' home has increased by 4.4
percentage points.

54: Chono says he must work hard in next year so this season's result is not regarded as a fluke.

446 :419:2011/12/22(木) 23:31:59.85
They don't do anything they promised at the election, at all. 


447 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/23(金) 22:46:36.56

35: On December 24th, 2008, popular TV personallity Ai Iijima was found dead in her apartment. But
her blog site still lives on. Though Iijima is no longer able to update her blog, her fans who sympathize
have visited the site everyday and commented over the last three years. They posted total of 67,500
comments. The world is full of cheers in happiness on Christmas Eve. But three years ago, a woman
was found dead, alone in her room in central Tokyo on the night before Christmas.

TV personality Ai Iijima had been dead for about a week when her body was discovered. Iijima had been
posting entries on her blog until about ten days before her death. She used to write candidly about her
everday life. In the last three years the site has seen increased number of comments by women who
write notes as if they are talking to Iijima in person. The total number of comments is close to 68,000.
This person says she's found a lover and asks Iijima to cheer for her love affair. This person says she
cannot but come to the site because she wants to see Iijima.

Why are so many women still attracted to Ai Iijim even though She is passed away. Some write that
they have trouble withing their personal relationships at work. Others say they stressed out bringing
up children. Here's others confess they are anxious because they cannot find a job. We wrote to a
hundred and seventy people, asking them to give us an interview, but few people replied. One of the few
who wrote back said the blog is a place where she can be her true self.

448 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/23(金) 22:51:12.74
I usually watch a television screen during the English news broadcasts, but I try not to see
Japanese captions. They often become obstacles rather than helps to listen to English
because there are some gaps of meanings and timing between Japanese subtitles and
English voices.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

449 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/23(金) 23:07:33.86
Why are so many...passed away. => ...passed away?

Others say they stressed out => they are stressed out

450 :419:2011/12/23(金) 23:20:11.11




451 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/25(日) 20:49:09.54

18: For the last fifty years, the most common cause of death of children aged between one and
fourteen years of age has been freak accidents. Many of these deaths occurred when children fell
off apartment buildings or into swimming pools, or swallowed toys. What can be done to prevent
these kinds of accidents? Doctors have started to address the issue.

Today as part of the effort to unravel the causes of children's deaths, doctors issued or rather
discussed the issue in a meeting held by the Japan Pediatrics Society. Pediatrician Tatsuhiro Yamanaka
took part in the meeting. He's long been looking for ways to prevent children frombeing involved in
freak accidents. But he's always been frustrated. He says there is little information about the root
causes of deaths. Here in Japan, doctors' death certificates must include information about the cause
of death as well as the situation in which the person died. Doctors are allowed to enter up to four items
to describe the cause of death in a certificate.

24: Favorite Orfevre has won the Arima Kinen Grand Prix Horse Race. Orfevre, the seventh racing
horse in history to chalk up all three major titles in Japan, was the focus of the attension. The
champion started slowly, keeping behind the leading group in the first half. Jocky Kenichi Ikezoe says
Orfevre showed what he can do, giving a wonderful Christmas gift to those who have extended warm

452 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/25(日) 20:51:56.07
I frequently access BBC sites, but rarely visit CNN. VOA and NPR (National Public Radio)
are my favorite U.S. media. The reason why I like these media is because I used to listen
to English programs on the radio. BBC and VOA were broadcasting on shortwave.
And I was able to enjoy some NPR programs on AFN (American Forces Network).
I can say I prefer educational media to journalistic ones.

453 :419:2011/12/25(日) 23:25:35.26
NPRは私も好きでよく聴いてますよ。特にAll Things Consideredとか。


454 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/26(月) 22:49:23.45

55: Major League Baseball: Nippon Ham Pitcher Yu Darvish and many other Japanese players are
aimed to join the Major Leagues next season. But Japanese fielders are not as well recognized as
pitchers. Why?

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! Year, who wouldn't love to have Yu Darvish, right?" "Well. I like him. Ah, big, strong
hard thrower. That's gonna be an expensive deal right there." Pitcher Yu Darvish is at the center
of baseball news in Japan and the United States. The Texas Rangers who paid for bid 51.7 million
dollars won the right to negotiate with him. According to the U.S. media reports, its cost to obtain
Darvish including a multibillion contract will be 125 million dollars, or 10 billion yen. Another Japanese
Pitcher, SoftBank's Takeshi Wada who won more than ten games two seasons in a row signed a
contract with the Baltimore Orioles. His two-year contract is reportedly worth 630 million yen, almost
as same as what he earned with SoftBank.

57: "Because of the past experience of Kazuo Matsui, Fukudome, and players like that, ah, Nishioka."
Fielders, especially infielders in the Major Leagues are expected to have outstanding fielding capabilities.
Rafael Furcal of St. Louis Cardinals who became the World Champion this season bats only two-thirty.
But he signed a two-year contract for 1.1 billion yen for his strong fielding performance.

455 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/27(火) 22:38:05.37

13: The death of the North Korean leader is of the utmost importance from a security prospective
because it could potentially lead to social instability in the North's military action and in exodus of
refugees. But a serious lapse has been revealed in the information gathering and response capabilities
of the Prime Minister's office. According to media reports, Kim died two days before the
announcement. But the rest of the world had been kept in the dark. Asked if he had prior knowledge,
the South Korean Defence Minister says he found out through news reports. A lawmaker says how is
the government going to handle the Korean Peninsula situation with no analytical ability whatsoever.

And in Japan, the Chief Cabinet Secretary says the information was confirmed through the spceial
noon broadcast of Korean Central Television. But there had actually been a clue to the announcement.
North Korean state-run TV had announced two hours beforehand that there would be a spcial
broadcast at noon. Had the Prime Minister's office been made aware of this. The government gave an

16: But at 11:59, just a munute before the new-scheduled special broadcast, Noda left his office after
instructing his aids to inform him of the contents of the special broadcast and respond accordingly.

almost as same as => almost the same as

456 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/28(水) 22:39:52.85

23: This is the last business day of the year for many people. The year end looks quite different from
an ordinary day to people in Tohoku hit by the March 11th disaster. People offered a moment's
silence for disaster victims in the ceremony to mark their last business day. Employees of Naraha
Town, Fukushima Prefecture, wrapped up their business for the year at the makeshift office of the
relocation site. Most of the town is in the evacuation zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear
Plant. The Deputy Town Mayor says he feels frustrated in powerless for a while due to the slow
progress in rebuilding. And he wants to return to Naraha with everyone.

49: Former golf champion Teruo Sugihara, whose professional career spanned more than 50 years,
has died of cancer. He was 74 years old. Sugihara says he can't give up. He says everyone should
pursue their aspirations. Sugihara became a pro in 1957. He won 63 times and had been a leading
player in men's golf. Sugihara was diagnosed with cancer when he was 60, but refused an operation
and battled cancer through chemotherapy.

59: And that ends News Watch 9 for 2011.

457 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2011/12/29(木) 20:05:39.56

19: Elderly people tend to suffer heat shock due to sudden changes in blood pressure while taking
a hot bath. In the worst case, this results in death. About 3,500 elderly people are believed to die
from heat shock each year. So what measure should be taken to prevent this from happening?

Doctor Ryutaro Takahashi is being engaged in researching activities for elderly people to maintain
their health. He recently visited an old woman to check the bathroom of her house in Tokyo.
Doctor Takahashi says the floor tiles make people feel cold. He also says fresh air goes into the
bathroom through the window, so temperatures do not rise so quickly. Taking a hot bath is the time
most people feel relaxed. But bathing carries high risks for elderly people.

Their blood pressure goes up when they take off clothes in a cold room before the hot bath. Blood
vessels expand while soaking in a tub, pushing blood pressure back down. Sudden changes in blood
pressure impose a heavy burden on a heart, causing a state of shock. This is called heat shock and
can result in death. So how can the heat shock be avoided?

One measure Doctor Takahashi recommends is running a hot shower to warm up the bathroom before
taking a bath. He says it's important to raise the temperature in the bathroom. For example, by running
hot water from a shower to fill the room with steam. He also reccomends setting up a heater in the
changing room to reduce the difference in temperature between the dressingroom and the bathroom.

458 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2011/12/31(土) 14:13:17.01

459 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2012/01/01(日) 20:15:59.71

00: Happy New Year. This is News 7 for Sunday, January 1st.

08: A happy New Year for everyone. It's Twenty Twelve, or Heisei Twenty Four in the Japanese
calendar. Let's see how people across Japan celebrated this new year.

It's the first sunrise of 2012. Poeple boarded a ship in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, to view the
first sunrise of the year. The area was devastated by the March 11th earthquake. This woman says
the sun has given her and others a lot of energy and strength to rebuild their communities. She says
she hopes to stay strong.

Many people visited shrines and temples nationwide. This family says they wished for health and
happiness for everyone in the family. This man says he prayed for peace and relaxing life. His wife says
they hope the future will be even brighter.

This is the beach in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, overlooking Mt. Fuji. Each year on New Year's
Day the city stages the polar bear swim. This woman says she feels lucky to have such a good start
to the year. This is the only sento, or public bathhouse, in the quake-stricken Ishinomaki City, Miyagi
Prefecture. The bathhouse was seriously damaged by tsunami and remained closed for the rest of the
year. The volunteers pitched in to repair the building, and it finally reopened today. This guest says it's
such a nice gift to have the public bath back. This man says their community will soon be as lively as it
once was.

460 : ◆BONZAKOt7U :2012/01/01(日) 20:20:20.26
Continued from >459:

In Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, Tsutomo Oikawa received the special New Year's greeting card.
One greeting card in particular stood out. It was from his wife Setsu. Oikawa reads the message aloud:
"Thank you so much for everything you do and have done for the family. Please take good care of
yourself and stay healthy. Your wife." Setsu lost many of her relatives to the March 11th disaster.
She wasn't planning to send any greeting this year, but she decided to write just one card for her husband.

** It's about time to wrap up my dictation work. I have been able to get used to NHK news English. **

461 :436 & 439:2012/01/14(土) 01:01:12.12

I am convinced that you will continue to make effort by sincere attitude.
Thank you very much.
God bless you!

462 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/14(火) 19:01:58.53

463 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/14(火) 19:51:27.36

464 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/16(木) 03:42:00.41

465 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/16(木) 19:02:18.00
自慢してるだけやんw カスだな

466 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/16(木) 23:17:00.06
いいじゃん自慢でも その時は苦労して日本語参照したり大変だったんだ
色んなレベルの人間が居るんだよ 誰も最初から上級者でもないだろ
それだけ時間かけて努力して報われなかったら悲惨だよ それと最初に
思い入れもあるし まさかスレッドが立つなんて思って無くてうれしくてさ
これで自信つけてからABC とか CNNに進んだんだぁ


467 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/02/20(月) 09:47:19.33

468 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/03/29(木) 20:51:57.81


469 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/03/31(土) 11:33:03.25
内定辞退強要 退職休職強要 賄賂接待 社員経歴偽造
偽装派遣 パワハラ 顧客情報流出 高卒執行役員

470 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/08(日) 19:29:40.67

471 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/08(日) 20:12:52.00

472 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/09(月) 00:07:27.92

473 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/15(日) 09:51:43.74
The new hiring will be cut down by 56 percent from the 2009 level to a maximum of 3,780 people.

この文を文法的に解析するとどのようになるのでしょうか toがいきなり出てきてどことくっつくかわかりません

474 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/15(日) 19:08:15.20

475 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/16(月) 05:13:34.87

単純な from A to B「AからBへ」 の構文だと考えれば良いのでは?

476 :473:2012/04/16(月) 10:41:03.18

a 56パーセントまで削減し、最大限で3,780人となる
b 56パーセント削減し、上限が3,780人となる
c 上限で56パーセントまで、3,780人の削減となる

477 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/16(月) 19:53:40.85

increase by 50%「50%の増加」とかで見る奴。

478 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/17(火) 22:17:47.27

479 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/18(水) 12:26:48.95

480 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/19(木) 20:41:01.79


481 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/21(土) 22:31:04.12

482 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/21(土) 22:37:33.64

483 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/22(日) 00:17:12.48



484 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/22(日) 11:27:01.52

485 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/26(木) 17:05:26.77
go before
1) (弁明などのために)…前に出頭する; 〈問題などが〉…に提出される.
Ishihara says the proposal will go before the metropolitan assembly,
and that the aim is to wrap up the Senkaku purchase by the end of
the year.

486 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/26(木) 17:09:21.36
He says China's getting tougher in the way it approaches its claim
to the Senkakus, and that the islands are at risk.


用例 We should approach this matter with great care.

487 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/26(木) 21:09:23.04
in the way のところがよくわからない

488 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/26(木) 23:01:34.45
〈場所・家などから〉立ち退く; 〈人などを
避難[退避]させる 〔from〕 〔to〕.

用例 We were evacuated from the war zone. 私たちは戦闘地帯

489 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/26(木) 23:04:17.64

用例 lift a siege 包囲を解く.
lift a tariff 関税を廃止する.

490 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/27(金) 17:12:11.31
Entry rules vary depending on the level of radiation exposure.

491 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/27(金) 17:56:28.63
Eleven municipalities covered by the zones were, or are, under evacuation orders or advisories.

492 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/27(金) 18:01:44.49

493 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/27(金) 18:02:37.62


494 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 00:33:03.01
The Security Council agreed (on Monday) to issue a presidential statement

495 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 00:34:58.71
issued a statement

496 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 00:36:32.82
disguised as a satellite launch.

497 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 00:40:49.28
It also says North Korea is now able to take retaliatory steps, but does not give any details.

498 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 00:43:32.84
Political analysts say the measures could include more uranium enrichment, a nuclear test or other provocative acts

499 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 01:02:08.63
(resolution)、議長声明(presidential statement)、報道機関向け
の声明(press statement)の順です。「決議」には法的拘束力があっ

500 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 01:04:28.33
issueは「発行する」「発表する」。issue a statementは「声明を発表する」です。
of its ownは「それ自身の」「独自の」です

501 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 01:13:56.25
be bound by ...は「〜(合意・ルールなど)に拘束される」

502 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 01:16:49.39
retaliatory stepは「報復措置」です。retaliatoryは「報復的な」「報復の」で、動詞retaliateは「仕返しをする」「報復する」です。stepは、目的に向かっての「一歩」ということから「手段」「措置」を意味します。

503 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 13:36:35.97
maiden voyage

504 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 13:41:18.26

505 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 13:43:17.78
markは、大事な出来事を「祝う、記念する」ことです。a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of ...「〜の10周年を記念する式典」のように使います。

506 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 13:47:43.30
On a Voyage 〜旅の途中〜

507 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:02:23.78
pay tribute to someoneの形で覚えておきましょう。人(しばしば故人)に向けて、敬意・賞賛を示すことです。

508 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:12:44.07
It collided with an iceberg on the night of April 14th.
解 説
「夜に」はat nightですが、「○月○日の夜に」というように
日付を伴うときは、on the night of ...の形で使います。

509 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:19:18.80
cruise shipは「巡航船」「遊覧客船」です

510 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:21:24.03

511 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:38:30.67
a moment of silenceは「黙とう」です

512 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 14:42:12.99

513 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 15:06:24.82
「象さん」は dumbo

514 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 22:03:49.60
Bank of America Senior Economist Michelle Meyer

515 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/28(土) 22:13:44.71

516 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/29(日) 02:16:45.45
The UN Security Council has voted unanimously in favor of a
resolution to send observers as soon as possible to monitor
the UN-mediated ceasefire in Syria.

517 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/30(月) 21:32:06.77

518 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/30(月) 23:06:43.82

519 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/04/30(月) 23:22:59.75

520 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/01(火) 06:18:00.70


521 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/02(水) 11:53:53.00



522 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/12(土) 14:58:34.94
ギリシャの財務大臣エバンゲロス・ベニゼロス(Evangelos Venizelos)

523 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/13(日) 14:59:25.71

524 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/14(月) 03:43:34.09
countries coordinated their effortsは「各国が努力を調和させた」、つまり「各国が協調した」という意味です

525 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/14(月) 03:50:15.37
prior to ...は「〜より前に」という意味で、beforeとほぼ同意です

526 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/14(月) 03:57:25.68
in the course of the proceedings(議事が進行していく過程で)は、要するに「会議の中で」「会議中に」です

527 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/14(月) 09:30:29.08

528 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:07:29.18
awarenessは「気付き、意識」などです。growing public awarenessは、人々の意識、関心、認識が高まっているということです。

529 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:08:30.70
conserveは「節約して使う」、electricityは「電力」ですので、conserve electricityは「節電する」という意味です

530 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:11:49.35
いわゆるpower semiconductor「パワー半導体」とは、電圧を上下することでpower(電力)の消費を制御する半導体です。モーターに流れる電気をきめ細かく制御し、消費電力を抑える機能を果たすもので、エアコンや産業用の機械など、さまざまな製品に使われています。
power usageは「電力使用」です。

531 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:16:28.75
electric applianceは「電化製品」

532 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:17:55.58
expand [A] by ...は「Aを〜だけ拡大する」ということです。byに後続する数字は、拡大した差や程度を示します。

533 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:20:03.28
output capacityは「生産能力」です

534 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 17:23:57.46
increase [A] by [B] は「AをBだけ増やす」ということで、ここではセンテンス6のexpand [A] by [B] と同じ意味です。byに後続する数字は、増えた差や程度を示します。

535 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 20:29:51.55
The new worker hatched a brilliant plan that will save the company millions of dollars a year.
〔+目+目〕〈人に〉〈金銭・時間・労力などを〉省かせる 《★【用法】 この文型に対応する 〔+目+前+(代)名〕の型はない》.
用例 That will save me 3000 yen. それで 3 千円助かる[浮く].

536 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 20:44:17.25
The confirmation of wild crested ibis chicks is the first in 36 years.

537 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 20:53:06.29
be in good shapeは「体調がよい」です。

538 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 20:54:28.84
extinctは、ここでは生物の種族が「絶滅している」状態を指します。go extinctで「絶滅する」です。

539 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:22:51.85
of its kindは「その(この)類い(種)の」です。the first of its kindの形でよく使われます。This school is the first of its kind in Tokyo.「この種の学校は東京では初めてです」のように応用してみてください

540 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:24:59.70
「俳句ポストを設置した」という行為を指して、the moveとしています。チェスで駒を動かすこともmoveですが、moveは何らかの目的達成に向けて起こす行動、進展や達成を意図した動きを言います。
日本語でよく「○○活動の一環」という表現を使いますが、それに相当する英語として、... is part of efforts to ...を覚えておきましょう。
cultural exchangeは「文化交流」です。本文のように、cultural exchangesと複数形にして使うことも多いフレーズです。

541 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:27:34.12

542 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:32:56.05

543 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:35:25.41
「俳句ポストを設置した」という行為を指して、the moveとしています。チェスで駒を動かすこともmoveですが、moveは何らかの目的達成に向けて起こす行動、進展や達成を意図した動きを言います。
日本語でよく「○○活動の一環」という表現を使いますが、それに相当する英語として、... is part of efforts to ...を覚えておきましょう。
cultural exchangeは「文化交流」です。本文のように、cultural exchangesと複数形にして使うことも多いフレーズです。

544 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/18(金) 21:36:18.03
help ...は「〜を助ける」「〜を容易にする」という意味の動詞ですが
、直後に目的語を付ける場合(例:He helped me organize the party.
helped organize the party.)、to+動詞を置く場合(例:He helped
to organize the party.)など、何通りかの使い方があります。

545 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/19(土) 19:00:13.08
おまいらは、NHK国際の期待の新人kogure daisukeを知っているか?

546 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/19(土) 21:12:57.04
凄いな。kogure daisuke 。成長を見守りたい。。。

547 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:13:07.36

548 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:15:41.15
power outputは「出力」です

549 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:18:01.33
across the countryは「全国の」という意味です。ここでは、across Japanと言い換えることもできます

550 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:20:00.49

551 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:22:27.62

552 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:22:58.60
government officialは「政府の役人」「政府関係者」という意味です

553 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:25:36.15

554 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 12:29:46.47
「ガヴァメンのフィショウ」 と発音するとネイティブになります。

555 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 13:25:01.32
>>554 何処の土着の人になるというのか?

556 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 13:41:41.31


557 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 14:45:44.34
diplomatic row アウと発音する時は意味が異なる

558 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 14:54:16.02
Many online comments advised against arriving without a reservation.

559 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 15:09:55.57
advise against
〔+目+前+(代)名〕〈人に〉〔…について〕忠告する 〔on〕; 〈人に〉〔…しないように〕忠告する

560 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 15:31:32.86
diplomatic rowは「外交的騒動」「外交上の論争」という意味です。

561 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 15:56:01.12
a U.S. university「ある一つのアメリカの大学」とは、次のセンテンスに出てくる「ニューヨーク大学」のことを指します

562 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 16:01:33.32
house arrestは「自宅軟禁」という意味です。

563 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 16:02:03.35
seek refugeで「避難する」という意味です

564 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 16:14:33.01
travel permits

565 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/20(日) 17:36:49.36
From my experience, communicating in person conveys ten times as much information as communicating by e-mail.

566 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:34:10.21

567 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:34:33.47
field of visionは「視界、視野」のことです。

568 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:35:22.69
It's exactly in front of the driver's eyes

569 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:38:17.24
take their eyes off the roadは、車の運転者が「道路から目を離す」という意味です。

570 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:41:27.91

571 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:42:17.94
it's printedは、道路情報などがレーザー光線で(印字されたように)映し出される様子を説明しています。

572 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/05/22(火) 03:46:27.25
The firm plans to launch the system in July.

573 :Communists caused the Japan-China War and Pacific War:2012/05/26(土) 09:22:42.23
Communists caused the Greater East Asia War (the Japan-China War + Pacific War).

The Japanese "militarism" from 1930s to 1945 was the socialization with the Imperial
Army system and was "the communism revolution from the top".
The then Japanese politics and media were taken over secretly by communism.
At first we must criticize socialism (communism) that became the basis of the Greater
East Asia War.
The true purpose of the Greater East Asia War was a revolution to the communist states
in Japan and East Asia countries.
Asia became independent from European and American colonial rule as a by-product of
the Greater East Asia War.

Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America (John Earl Haynes)

KGB: The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev (Christopher Andrew)

War and communism [Greater East Asia War and plots of Stalin] (Takeo Mitamura)

World War II and Triple Alliance among Japan, Germany and Italy
- from a viewpoint of the navy and the Comintern (Youichi Hirama)

574 :[New cold war] Comintern reconsideration [communism crime]:2012/05/26(土) 09:27:27.72
Comintern [abbreviation of communist international]

Founder Vladimir Lenin [The Russian Communist Party(Bol'sheviki)]
Founded March 2, 1919

The Comintern aimed at the world revolution by the violence and started the Communist Party
in each country. They justified terrorism, a riot, murder, the crime for revolutions.
The Comintern was "General Staff Office of the world revolution".

Lenin and Stalin led the Comintern and aimed at the world rule by the Russian communism.
In Japan, GRU spy Sorge, Comintern member Hotsumi Ozaki acted seretly.
-Mantetsu Chousa Bu (Iron research department of Manchurian railroad)
-Kikakuin (a plan House)
-Showa Kenkyuu Kai (meeting for the study of the Showa era)
In U.S.A., the Comintern penetrated around F.D.R. (President Roosevelt).
The United States and Japan were forced war on by plots of the Icebreaker theory,
the World Revolution, revolution by violence of Lenin.
And Japan faced the crisis of the defeat revolution.

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression [Stephane Courtois]
The number of people whom the communism slaughtered is near to 100 million people.

575 :The risk and similarity of the Japan-U.S. Democratic Party:2012/05/26(土) 09:34:44.65
Similarity and the risk of the Japan-U.S. Democratic Party (the left-winger Administration)

Contents of the manifesto of the radicals gathering around Obama (Glenn Beck 07 28 10)

Japan and the American Democratic Party are the left wing, and there is the common risk.

The current political situation is similar to before World War II.
Japan before World War II was ruled over by a left-winger, and they were dressed in a
nationalist under the pretense of "reformists = Kakushin-Ha".

"Anti-communism" is the most important for the current crisis.
An enemy is Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, left-wingers.

576 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/06/03(日) 05:26:05.99
【トヨタ潔白】 「私の娘もトヨタ車を買ったよ。私も『買うべきだ』と言った」…米運輸長官、会見で★2
3.- It is not difficult to prove, because the most of these names are now PUBLIC; you will be able to see
False complaints against Toyota // Falsas quejas en contra de Toyota
how more than half of the complaints were made by S.Korean people in the US.
If we take the huge Anti Japanese brainwashing in S.Korea into consideration and how corrupt is the government and hyundai,
I'm pretty sure,
hyundai (the first car maker to appear on tv bashing Toyota) is behind those complaints.
And now, check the serious defects of HYUNDAI, by its government.
Now, sad to see the last bad results of a decent, humble, reliable, honest and GOOD car maker (Toyota) because of third parties,
because of dishonest, dirty people.
The worst is, those S.Koreans (not the whole S.Korean population at all) are involving good S.Korean people.


577 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/06/13(水) 09:24:10.61



578 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/09/24(月) 16:58:44.54

579 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/09/29(土) 19:49:55.78
Dokuto of Korea, known as Takeshima in Japanとか言ってた件

580 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/01(月) 21:21:32.41

581 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/04(木) 16:33:22.95

582 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/12(金) 16:51:40.19

583 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/13(土) 01:09:59.65

584 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/13(土) 09:49:12.92

585 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/29(月) 23:00:08.25


586 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/10/31(水) 20:34:50.05

587 :sage:2012/11/27(火) 01:09:32.35
She said "I will protect him,come what may."

588 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/12/15(土) 08:48:06.54

589 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2012/12/15(土) 10:59:59.62

590 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/02/13(水) 08:26:52.19

591 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/02/17(日) 00:42:13.49



592 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/02/17(日) 01:04:12.94


593 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/03/12(火) 01:49:18.68
Some people are suffering because they have no hope for the future.
People from Tomioka town all had to leave their homes following the nuclear crisis.
The town has set up a meeting place in Iwaki city, also in Fukushima prefecture, where Tomioka residents can gather.
On this day a meeting was arranged people could read out their poems.
This poem says, “Since that day everything has been lost and both the past and the future have come to a stop.”
This resident says, “She want to go back to Tomioka, but they can’t, and that’s really hard.”

594 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/03/12(火) 23:50:11.14

595 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/03/13(水) 02:30:14.44
ルールルルッル ルールルルー♩


596 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/03/25(月) 09:55:45.56

597 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/04/27(土) 21:53:00.49

598 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/05/03(金) 11:55:22.45
総合スレで出てるけど StreamTransportでDLしてるよ

599 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/05/06(月) 20:14:31.06
Moo0 ボイス録音器で録音してる

600 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/05/20(月) 14:42:15.86
It calls the Arctic " the last frantia" の冒頭

601 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/05/20(月) 14:42:53.05

602 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/10/23(水) 03:24:00.59

603 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/05(木) 10:33:12.79

604 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/05(木) 21:13:29.27


605 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/08(日) 14:08:33.27
だよ( ̄□ ̄;)( ̄ー ̄)!

606 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/08(日) 14:16:13.94


607 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/09(月) 01:10:45.81

608 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/14(土) 14:22:25.45

609 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2013/12/19(木) 17:12:14.74
ユーチューブ お笑い英会話

610 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/01/13(月) 15:38:23.88

611 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/01/13(月) 21:03:04.19


612 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/03/08(土) 23:39:14.35

613 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/05/24(土) 02:32:33.07 ID:o+n68VMT

614 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/05/27(火) 23:07:20.11 ID:N2FjjIGU

615 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/05/28(水) 01:32:16.46 ID:3Dc7+u7Q

616 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/05/29(木) 19:20:25.01 ID:cWu9iFav


617 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/18(水) 13:43:44.74 ID:LzCFcN48

618 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/19(木) 06:26:16.65 ID:ATaBKeam

619 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/22(日) 22:15:56.88 ID:9XjvGiWV
英語 三日坊主

620 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/23(月) 18:49:03.17 ID:KPEIm7AL

621 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/24(火) 16:46:36.11 ID:BGJtU1bG

622 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/24(火) 19:54:21.20 ID:CW+WI5b4

623 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/26(木) 14:12:34.56 ID:fUt+5hW8

624 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/06/26(木) 23:05:38.03 ID:ZejNKqMR

625 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/01(火) 12:57:41.27 ID:En+keRFu

626 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/06(日) 23:14:59.64 ID:TL2ew0rv

627 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/07(月) 01:30:53.57 ID:fdbqqTrj

628 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/08(火) 01:51:14.36 ID:YQ4vp9Rn




629 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/08(火) 05:38:31.49 ID:K2ke75eO

630 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/10(木) 20:20:09.37 ID:tx0e0S/d
英会話 三日坊主

631 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/15(火) 15:30:01.42 ID:iwGJQFpJ

632 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/20(日) 17:44:17.12 ID:x6LQjl9e

633 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/22(火) 12:44:38.03 ID:pXWWIbLE

634 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/22(火) 23:23:25.20 ID:4iIohVaD



635 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/23(水) 23:52:51.17 ID:UTw6LOIk

636 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2014/07/24(木) 05:41:04.72 ID:QT94FiBM

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